Monday, April 16, 2012


Ah, Singledom.  I have returned to your shores after a three year round-the-world cruise on a relation-ship.  The weather here is tumultuous, the six weeks back on familiar territory has seen frequent rain showers followed by wildly optimistic sunny spells, the nights have been dark and hazy to say the least.  Today it's still heavily overcast - around 7 Oktas if we're being finicky - but the sun is trying its hardest to penetrate the thick layers of damp, gloomy despondency.  One thinks that it could take a while, but the sun is a pretty powerful celestial body.

People are very nice here, I had lost contact with a few of them since being away and it's warming to see that they still remember who I am, despite the heavily fortified privacy settings on my facebook profile page.  My old friends are enquiring about the voyage and giving me plenty of re-patriation advice.  Everyone now approaches me with a new demeanour, I am considered a whole of a person again rather than the half of another.  A comment from a couple of friends girlfriends mentioning that I am actually "Quite a chill guy" took me aback, I thought I had always been chill, but I guess they had only got to know me when I was away.

After a couple of weeks of Mal de débarquement taking hold, I decided to steady myself by heading to the local drinking establishment on the quayside, still not having ventured too far inland.  I have got to know the pub very well on the weekends. Along with friends just there for the company, the pub was awash with all sort of people from old sea-dogs with wild stories of the high seas to young maidens wanting to take overnight boat tours of the bay.  They seem like attractive opportunities at the time but in the mornings I am glad I didn't take them up, I am nowhere near being able to face the water again, my gaze has instead been fixed on the top of the mountains in the distance.  It'll be a tough old climb to get up there but energy levels are returning as injuries sustained heal sluggishly.  The journey will be exciting.


At 10:35 pm, Blogger GoneToGhana thought it was best to say...

Well, on the bright side at least its spring. That means more potential action! LOL

At 9:45 am, OpenID coffeedrinkingwoman thought it was best to say...

Hey, I hear you're quite a chill guy...

and steer away from those trips that set sail at midnight from the pubs. Nothing good ever comes of that.

At 8:34 am, Blogger Léonie thought it was best to say...

I read this drunk at first and didn't get the metaphor. What does that say about me?

Hope you're doing OK my lovely friend*. xx

*I am not drunk now, just affectionate.

At 4:03 pm, Blogger Christine Akyemeniciyan thought it was best to say...

That's exactly how I felt during my last breakup from a long term relationship. The past two years of singledom has been a great period of self reflection. Enjoy the experiences you encounter on this new journey!

At 9:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

This is such a witty, well written piece. I too have recently disembarked upon the shore of singledom. It has been a long time since I was here and the landscape seems unfamiliar. There are a lot of mountains to climb before I can get a clear view of things. Wishing you smooth sailing in the future. Until then.. make mine a double.


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