Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back Story

17th April 2009
Another day at work, I thought. A surprise waited for me as I walked in the door. I was handed a notice telling me that I was no longer required, I could pack my things and leave. "Thanks A LOT" I thought, bitterly. They also handed me a lot of money "Ooohh, thanks a LOT" I then thought, happily.

17th June 2009.
Two months of kicking arond Cardiff looking for jobs was taking its toll. I was already feeling that the well of Cardiff's entertainment had dried up again and I needed pastures new. Bitterness eminating from co-redundantees and from many friends the country over who had also lost their jobs was overwhelming. Britain was not a nice person to be around, kind of like the person at the party who told depressing stories about their financial problems and their dying mother all night while you desperately tried to have a good time.

8th July 2009
I moved out of Cardiff and bought a one way ticket to Italy. I met up with my girlfriend of six months in Rome, spending a couple of days there before heading to a sparkling beach resort-town in the Lazio province. We scorched in the sun for the next few days. Not good at dealing with so much sun and so many people on the beach (The beaches in Wales are rarely busy because it's freezing), I was grumpy and hot the whole time. This wasn't good for my relationship.

17th July 2009
Suffocated by the heat of southern Italy, I headed up to Venice. My girlfriend flew home to Germany to continue university and the supposedly romantic city of Venice hardly felt so. I didn't feel particularly free in a relationship and getting drunk with a Dutch guy and jumping in the canals over a two day period was a whole load more fun than a week on the beach with the girlfriend.

19th-26th July 2009
From Venice I decided to head to Eastern Europe for a look around. Despite the gorgeous places we saw and the fun people we met, I wasn't having a good time. I was feeling trapped and unable to enjoy myself completely, I had to end my relationship. Several days passed and I had travelled as far as Budapest. Over that period I made a few phonecalls to my girlfriend in Germany, the first call began with "We have to split up" and the final call ended with "Okay, I'll move to Germany to be with you". Quite a remarkable turnaround, I thought.

1st August 2009
I had a few drinks with some close friends in London, my flight to Germany was in the morning and I wasn't going to see them for a while. I was excited and a little worried as to whether I was doing the right thing.

2nd August 2009
I woke up with red wine smeared around my lips, a banging headache and an alarm clock that had been on snooze for the previous three hours. I'd missed my flight. The day was delightful and we lazed around on Clapham Common meeting people and then throwing frisbees at them.

3rd August 2009
I tried setting off again and this time avoided absorbing (too much) wine. At 11:45am I arrived in a small corner of Germany to begin a new life.


At 8:53 pm, Blogger Paige Jennifer thought it was best to say...

Yay, yay, YAY!!!!

But, um, this update leaves a year of unknowns.

Welcome back!!!

At 1:34 pm, Blogger Annie thought it was best to say...

Arrghhh! What happened next?!

And yay, you're back!

At 8:58 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Thank you both, lovely to see your faces again!

There are lots of great tales to be told such as...

"The story of the three months trapped in one town because I was so broke"

"The time a Marine* broke my collarbone"

"The tale of becoming a rockstar bartender"

Now, if I can just remember how to fly this thing.

*Could have been a chef, but was definitely American Military.

At 2:16 pm, Blogger LĂ©onie thought it was best to say...

Hurray! So good to read your blogging voice again, it's really cheered me up. Looking forward to hearing all your exciting tales. xx

At 5:26 am, Blogger mo** thought it was best to say...

I echo everything said by these ladies, hurray!!!


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