Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday I had a spot, on my face!!

I'd previously never had a proper spot before and I became overly excited when I saw it in the mirror yesterday morning. My mind flashed back to all those Oxy adverts in which the girls or boys with spots suddenly became instantly attractive to the opposite sex once Oxy was applied. I often wished that I had spots too so I could apply this magical potion, go to a disco and receive loads of comments about how clear my skin was. But no, I had to have crappy non-spotty skin didn't I? Oh, how it made me bitter.

Back to yesterday, the spot was in such a position on my forehead that I knew would receive lots of Hinduism comments. That didn't bother me too much, I'd thought of that joke first so I'd be immune to it if anyone else made the same one later in the day. I happily ate my breakfast and made my way to work, sat down at my desk and waited for someone to make the first comment. I waited longer. I waited until it was time for lunch and until I couldn't bear it any more - was everyone just being polite or was the spot bigger in my mind that it was in real life? A trip to the bathroom uncovered the problem, the spot had gone - completely. My first ever real spot had lasted no longer than five hours. My first thought was that perhaps I should sell whatever secretes from my skin to the company that makes Oxy, my second was 'Oh well, let's hope I never have another'.


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