Monday, June 09, 2008

Sweet, sweet sunburn

Finally you've arrived!

I actually love feeling like I'm being slowly cooked as I lie in bed* at night.

I love wincing slightly as I put a t-shirt on in the morning.

I love people calling me Rudolf (not this year suckers, I put extra sun-cream on my nose)

I love my skin not being pale blue/white (It's now normal white with dashings of pink)

I love watching extra freckles appear almost every hour.

I love sunburn - because it means the summer's here - officially. Beer gardens (with beer), evenings lounging in the back yard, weekends on the beach, the smell of barbeques, winter clothing cast aside and best of all... surprise rain showers on cars with their roofs down!

* "Lie in bed" : that part of the sentence just caused an office-wide debate about whether you should be 'laying', 'lying' or just 'lied' in bed. I've never lied in bed - I genuinely did enjoy it.


At 6:58 pm, Blogger Dune thought it was best to say...

Noswaith dda Curly.

Summer is indeed here... I think I even saw a blue sky today. I'm always bemused by the male English (is it the same in Wales?) habit of getting about shirtless as soon as the mercury tops anything above 18 degrees. I'm even more bemused by days of 25 degrees called "heatwaves". But take a care with the skin - sunburn is just skin cancer waiting to happen (and, with that, the Australian government can relax: their campaign of sunscreen terror through my childhood has worked)

At 6:59 pm, Blogger Dune thought it was best to say...

PS it's lying in bed, never laying

At 6:47 pm, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

The cruel reality of living in the southern hemisphere is that as the sun leaves us here, it goes off to play with you in the north. Say hello to my old friend for me, please.

At 11:41 am, Blogger Léonie thought it was best to say...

Neal I wish that were actually the case. London is full of chilly people looking sheepish in shorts.

You should never lie in bed, Curly, it's mean. I can't imagine you ever would, though...

At 12:13 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Dune - Good Welsh there! Nice! It's similar in Wales, the men whip of their tops during the day anyway - they're strange like that. But then the girls take off most of their clothes at night, which is considerably weirder.

Dune2 - Surely 'Laying' is the present tense of 'getting laid'? I've never really thought about it.

Neal - I'll say hello for you, although I find it hard to imagine someone freezing their balls off in antarctica while I'm sipping rum and sunbathing in the back yard.

Léonie - I don't think I could. Saying that, I did once - I pretended I was Canadian for a night. I was a little confused in the morning when this particular girl asked when I was going back to Canada... "Wha..? OOhhh, ya - maybe sometime in the fall..."

I wasn't proud of it, but it still makes me laugh.

At 10:27 pm, Blogger Crystal thought it was best to say...

sunburn smells good too!

and peeling is fun!

At 8:18 pm, Blogger Paige Jennifer thought it was best to say...

Oh my GOD - I'm not the only one who pretends she's 'baking' while lying out under the sun??? Finally I'm normal...or less strange.


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