Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Get cracking

Somewhere in between crashing (90% asleep) into bed at my parents house on 20th December and the walk to work this morning, Christmas 2007 happened. In 2006, the run-up to Christmas was an uncontrollable party-fest with people to see and places to be, this year I took a far more relaxed approach. So relaxed in fact, that I slept far more than I'd ever slept in my life. Breakfast at 2pm, lunch at 6pm and snacking before bed at 10pm was a schedule I stuck to rigidly until the 26th December.

Boxing Day
The 26th December is one of the biggest days out of the year in West Wales - I have no idea why. As usual, we all ended up ridiculously drunk and falling about in the quality event venue that is St.Davids rugby club. The days drinking came to a halt at 2am and the next half an hour was spent looking for our clothes (some literally), our friends and finally the exit. My good friend Bledd, who I was due to stay with, had disappeared which meant that two of us had to find our own way back. The walk home at 2:30am on a cold December night was actually nicer than it sounds, a cold, dry wind blew hard from the Irish sea and the moon lit the countryside enough for us to avoid any ditches at the side of the road. Our beer coats were more than adequate protection from the elements.

I'd originally intended to head back to Cardiff, but a (pretty harsh) Christmas day traffic offence committed meant I had to go back to my house in the hills to pick up all the insurance details etc for the Po-lice.

I waited on a cold, wet, windswept and - apart from myself - deserted train station in the morning to catch a train which travelled at a speed which would ensure a 2nd place finish in a race against a glacier. The time was passed constructively, by sleeping the whole way - I may have been snoring/farting, by the time we arrived in Cardiff the train was packed apart from the seat next to me - happy days. A few hours dicking around in Cardiff went quickly and I hopped onto another train to get down to London. I was greeted by some friends, and five shots of vodka. Not wanting to drink somewhere we'd been before, we turned out attention to Caledonian Road - the local cab driver later told us that not even he would have gone into any of the pubs on that street, because they were 'dodgy'. We laughed it off and told him to try going to a bar in Estonia and incurring the wrath of some angry, drunk Russians before calling a pub 'dodgy'.

I've never caught a flight without a hangover, the 29th of December was no exception. The 18:45 from London to Berlin was a little bit painful but with the help of a bottle of water and a complicated book I made it through. I rocked up to an apartment in East Berlin fully recovered from the night before and joined in the warm up for new years with a bunch of Swedes, Germans, French, Danes and a Finish guy named Jari.

30th Dec - 2nd Jan
Without doubt, this was the best New Years I've ever had. Displaying the full extent of my vocabulary, I would describe Berlin as a 'Kick-ass' city. We raced around the sights, drank lots of Gl├╝hwein, behaved like complete tourists despite having a local to show us around and talked about how great we thought Germany was. It was my fifth time in the country, it just keeps getting better! New Years involved a huge party and a trip to a railway bridge near Ostkreuz for midnight to see the 'firework display' - we quickly found out that it was a 'Let's see who can avoid getting killed or badly burnt display'. Thankfully health & safety laws don't seem to have reached Berlin, thousands of people armed with rockets and fireworks gathered on the bridge and just set them off whenever the heck they felt like it. Initially the sights and sounds had us fearing for our lives but after we'd figured out how to spot a firework being lit (tens of people run really quickly in opposite directions) we started to enjoy ourselves. Our drunken little faces were plastered with huge grins and the occasional scream from one of the girls made everyone around us burst out laughing. I have no idea how long we stood on the bridge, but dwindling supplies of beer, the arrival of a number of ambulances and the strange fact that no-one was bothering to run away from fireworks anymore signalled that it was time to take the party back to the apartment.

Jari and Guillaime attempt to scale the wall, no fears of getting shot - except by my camera.

The most insane Fireworks Display I've been involved in.

Rockets, fireworks and sparks flew in absolutely direction

A huge circle of people forms as a firework is surprisingly lit amongst them

New Years snow on a Berlin railway

After a cracking party, 2008 was very kind to our sore heads and it decided to snow - which was deeply refreshing on one hand and it made us act like 6 year old kids on the other (even the Swedes and the Finn who saw snow for a few months a year acted as though they'd never seen it before). We continued to eat and drink throughout new years day - German breakfasts are the way forward I'm telling you.

2nd Jan
Sorry to leave Germany, I reluctantly climbed onto a plane and instantly fell asleep. The trip home was marred by it taking longer to get from London to Cardiff than it did from Berlin to London - but that's the British rail system for you.

So, I'm refreshed, fed and watered - bring on whatever you've got 2008.


At 5:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

Ok, so I stumbled across your blog last year sometime and have read it off and on. I haven't read it for quite awhile though, which makes this confession I'm about to make even more strange.

I had a sex dream about you. Odd eh? It was definitely you, and we were in this training seminar together, and you were licking some kind of inanimate object in a really sexy way until I couldn't...oh, nevermind. I won't embarass you further.

I couldn't see a link to email you, so I put it here instead. Because hey, it's always flattering when a perfect stranger has a sex dream about you, don't you think?

At 7:01 am, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

I had something to say, but... well, I don't think I can follow that.

At 10:36 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Anon - It was probably a stapler, I lick staplers all the time. That's some top-drawer commenting there, and it's also given me an idea for a post - thanks! It's all the more interesting because I've had a spate of sex dreams in the last two weeks which all have me in them too (plus one or more girls).

Any future reports of me turning up in dreams can be mailed to my account, in front of that, put 'shaggybeast' (but you already knew that).

Huw - Tough act to follow, huh?

At 1:59 pm, Blogger Monica thought it was best to say...

Is it the chocolate sprinkles they put on all their breakfast food that did it for you? All I remember is chocolate sprinkles and the densest bread I've ever seen.

At 9:36 am, Blogger moonchadz thought it was best to say...

sex dreams huh,
curly curly curly is the man!
you have convinced me to definitely got o Berlin :)

At 4:21 pm, Blogger Clearlykels thought it was best to say...

That sounds like a fabulous holiday season.

Uh-oh sex dreams and licking staplers, oh the craziness that could ensue.

At 10:07 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Monica - I didn't see a single chocolate sprinkle!! I'd associate them more with the Dutch, Astrid has supplied me with some 'Hagel Slag' recently. The bread, meat and cheese.... simply brilliant!

Moonchadz - haha, you SHOULD go to Berlin, it's ace.

Kels - Licking staplers is dangerous, you should always be supervised by a trained proffesional.

At 9:49 pm, Blogger Crystal thought it was best to say...

how do you have time to have so much fun?

i am jealous.

At 4:02 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Crystal - A complete lack of responsibility. :)


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