Saturday, October 27, 2007

A mail to a friend

Hello mate - the party went as expected. I'd been miserable the whole day (significantly caused by ending up talking to that tramp in the pub on Thursday night) and had told Becca that I was just going to stay in, watch rugby and drink cups of tea. It didn't quite go like that...

I didn't finish work until 7pm, I walked home half asleep but decided that I'd actually put some effort into the night. I ate a pasty on the way home for dinner, drank a bottle of wine while I watched the rugby, drank vodka once I'd finished the wine and headed to the pub at about nine. I told Eirian that I didn't have a costume for the party, his suggestion pretty much saved the both of us:-

"We could go as people who have just finished work who like booze, weed and blowjobs!!!!!"

Costume sorted, we had loads of sambuca, I hugged Cat a lot, then hugged James but got some glow in the dark paint on me (he was dressed as a jellyfish I think..) so stopped doing that. I was pretty ratted when I left the pub. I thought I remembered most of the party, the pictures prove otherwise. There were lots of pretty girls there, Kevin Bacon turned up and I turned into the usual social hurricane - doing lots of hugging, drinking, talking shit and running around with bits of the garden stuck in my clothes (no ideas, don't ask). I spent most of the night talking to Cat (or so I thought) about London and singing. I also met a Finnish girl who started talking to me because of my Finnish hoodie - she thoroughly enjoyed twisting my words and by the end of the conversation I had given her the impression that Finland was the most boring country in the world and all the men are gay. I have no ideas what I said to make her think that.... talking shit no doubt. I tried to get out of it but she just laughed even more when I did that.

Not that many people wore costumes but luckily (?) Rob brought a marker pen and drew everyones costumes ON them, Mike did an amazing impression of that cat from Shrek, I was referred to as 'that drunk guy' at least once in the evening, Eirian wasn't far behind, King went out on a date (on his 2nd night in Cardiff for months) and ended up bringing her to the party because he didn't want to miss it, I have the feeling that I promised things to lots of people... but I can't remember what they were.

I lasted the night without doing anything embarrassing, or at least no-one's told me about it yet.

Today - cups of tea, two games of rugby and another party.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Extratit IS a word!

Tuesday night, only half awake I tumbled out of the office - not even a brisk walk home on a cold autumn evening could halt my rapid decline into what felt like an approaching coma-like sleep. I wondered if I was supposed to hibernate over winter, no-one should be this tired. I walked by the local supermarket and thought about wandering in to buy a few supplies, a slow decision making process ensured that I'd walked past before actually deciding what I should do. "It's probably for the best" I thought, only a few days earlier I'd been in the same state and had bumped into Hot South Afrcan Girl who probably thought I was nuts after I rushed through the "Oh how are you!" script and practically passed out in front of her.

After three weeks of getting wound up by the lock on the front door of our new house I'd finally figured out a way of getting in without swearing and I plonked myself down on the couch, not even bothering to turn on the lights. Five minutes of just sitting in the dark seemed to work wonders - I jumped up, made two cups of tea in quick succession, rustled up a cracking meal, discussed whether we should be promoting air travel in Britain, cracked open an ice cold beer and just chilled out for an hour afterwards. We watched a programme about honour killings, which I didn't really take in (I'm not very good at watching tv) - a murder suspect had been caught in Thailand and the police officer in charge of catching him said proudly "If we hadn't found him here, he could have got anywhere in the world" . Ten minutes later I was asked a question by housemate Becca about something that was happening on the screen....

Becca: What's he doing now? Surely he shouldn't be doing that, should he?
Curly: Doing what?
Becca: Are you watching this?
Curly: Yeah, I was just thinking about where in the world I'd run to get away from the police and how I'd go about it.
Becca: He mentioned that about ten minutes ago!
Curly: Yeah, but it took a while to bribe the train driver in India and then find someone that spoke English to translate what I wanted from the family in the hills in China.
Becca: You've really thought this through, haven't you?

*not very good at watching tv*

Realising that the TV was doing me no good whatsoever, Becca suggested a game of scrabble. I hadn't played scrabble for years, what a great idea! Becca's boyfriend, James, set about reading the rules, Becca set about getting a box of wine from the fridge and I set about drinking it. You've probably found that if you play pool with friends, you're often subject to arguments about whose rules are the 'proper' way to play, this particular game of scrabble started in a similar fashion. After an initial bout of cheating by James (keeping a list of two letter words to himself) the game set about at a lively pace and my head ached at the sudden use of my brain. 1am rolled around, much of the wine had gone and my body reminded me that I should have gone to bed hours ago.

In the closing stages of the game I was ahead, followed closely by James (with no small amount of help from his outrageous use of two letter words) and finally Becca. Suddenly I noticed the killer blow, there was a free double letter score and a triple word score lurking in the corner, I had to mould my word around an existing T - it was too hard to resist, I placed my letters down triumphantly.. E X T R A T I T ... and took a smug sip of wine. James erupted into laughter, Becca just looked thoroughly unimpressed..

Becca: That is NOT a word.
Curly: It is, it's a medical condition
Becca: James, check the dictionary.
James: It's a medical condition which causes a tertiary mammary gland on the female body.
Curly: lollerksates
Becca: Shut up, you're both useless.
James: lollercoaster

The word wasn't accepted, I ended up in second place but then had to suffer being told that everyone had points deducted for all their remaining letters at the end of the game, at that point I was in possession of four letters which included a Z and a Q (both 10 points) - I dropped dramatically to third. Smarting from my loss, plus the fact that I didn't know about that rule... I finished my drink and walked zombie-like up to my room, using my last remaining bit of energy I shouted "Extratit IS a word!", closed the door and finally passed out.

Friday, October 05, 2007

London Walk

Feeling completely unimaginative, I'll link to a map I was messing around with a couple of months ago. After eating breakfast with Huw and a massive hangover, I took a walk from Kentish Town down to Warren Street taking in Camden market along the way. I felt calm, alone and peaceful in a city of millions - I'll remember it as one of my favourite days spent in London.

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