Friday, September 28, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Yeah, it's been around for ages but here's the video for the Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip track titled "Though Shalt Not Kill" just in case you haven't heard it yet. It's ace.

I went to see them last night and they were pretty outstanding, the crowd was going nuts - helped in no small way by the simply wonderful Anomalies, I haven't danced and laughed so much at a gig in my life! If you see that they're swinging by, pop along and have a look - it's well worth it!

I had considered not going along after seeing Blood Red Shoes (She's a hottie) the night before and then having to move house between work and the first act - but a (world record?) 45min house-moving exercise gave me enough of an adrenalin boost to get my arse along to the gig.... I was incredibly glad that I made it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bullets = Lazy

This week I have been mostly:-
  • Listening to Kate Nash on repeat. Knowing full well what happens when I start listening to female pop acts on repeat (past experiences with Nelly Furtado), I desperately tried to force her out of my head with way-too-loud listens to Anti-Flag, Billy Talent and Rocket from the Crpyt - but it all sounded a bit too uncouth. Switching to Tanita Tikaram, Fionn Regan and Kasey Chambers sorted me out for a little while before I got bored of the slow pace of the music.. I livened it up a little with some Hello Saferide and Regina Spektor, the latter sounding remarkably familiar... guess who she reminded me of? None other than the person I'd tried to get rid of, Kate Nash, and my fondness for her has now grown into a massive crush. I've been running around asking everyone to tell me their Kate Nash stories, if they have any of course. If they didn't I've asked a couple of people to make them up so I can sit there and say "Wow, I'm so jealous!", then go slightly doe-eyed a lot. The best Kate Nash story so far has been from my friend Laura who told me with great pride that she'd seen her four times in the last year - I almost fell off my chair at the thought of seeing her that many times (Nash, not Laura).
  • Watching rugby, this still hasn't abated from my last couple of heavily sports-orientated posts. I won't bother boring you with how everyone is doing, but all you need to know is that we're all having a whale of a time watching all the games and then talking about them for hours afterwards.
  • Looking for a new house. I'm moving in under a week, I don't have a new place to live yet. My itchy feet and the ants in my pants have combined to decide that I have to try somewhere new, my head however has decided that I should stay in Cardiff - for the moment at least.
  • Watching heaps of movies, my favourite of which has been Black Sheep - here's the trailer, it's awesome!
  • Listening to drunk students walk past my window at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am etc. One of Cardiff's two universities has fired up this week, causing the number of drunk people to increase dramatically since the weekend. It's nice watching them all make new friends, get excited about walking up the road with a slab of beer each, talking about the new clothes they've just bought with their student loans and then getting plastered with the thousands of others that are doing exactly the same thing. I've deliberately not shaved for a while so I don't get mistaken for a fresher and get quizzed about what course I'm doing or which halls I'm staying in. The main Uni starts on Monday (24th) and that's when the real fun begins.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rugby, innit?

Last weekend went exactly as I planned, I arrived at my friend Eirian's house at 6pm when we sat down, switched on the 52" TV and opened a beer. I remained there all weekend (bar a party on Saturday night and a 40mins period of feeling immenesly rough on Sunday) and watched wall to wall rugby. Once the rugby was finished, we talked about the rugby. People came and went during the weekend, bringing in supplies of beer and snacks. Eirian's girlfriend cooked us fried breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning and we generally had a cracking time!

Highlights from the weekend included:
Argentina upsetting France
New Zealand thrashing Italy and putting 30 points on them in a ridiculous amount of time (15mins if I remember)
USA putting in an admirable effort against England, despite finally losing.
Canada scaring Wales by winning at half time, Wales demolished them after the break.

Some people are of the opinion that nine games of rugby over a three day period was too much, but I disagree and I made the trek to Swansea on Tuesday night to watch my beloved Scarlets beat our bitter rivals, the Ospreys. It was a crap game but there we go, you've got to see the bad ones to appreciate the good ones, right?

One of my favourite fixtures is approaching this Saturday - Wales v Australia. Other than being in a World Cup, this match has the added bonus of being played in Cardiff. I really like having all the Aussies in town, they mill around with an air of arrogance but once the result has been decided they're usually happy to get as drunk as the rest of us and have a party afterwards!

It's going to be another long weekend...

Friday, September 07, 2007


I love rugby. Everyone in Wales loves rugby. To quote Hugh Pugh "In fact, if you're Welsh and don't like rugby, you're considered to have a mental disease" and are sent to the Fishguard Mental hospital.

Every week I become excited (and often nervous) watching the Scarlets play in either the Celtic League, the Anglo-Welsh cup or the European trophy.

Every February, early summer and autumn I get even more excited (and even more nervous) watching Wales compete in the Six Nations, their summer tour and the autumn series.

Once every four years, there's an event which gets the whole nation going.... Tonight (Friday) the sixth Rugby World Cup kicks off in France. I am a bundle of excitement (and nerves). I will remain in that state for the next five weeks, punctuated by the occasional plummet into depths of despair as Wales do something incomprehensibly awful. There are twenty teams taking part. If you're Argentinian, English, Welsh, Canadian, Georgian, Namibian, Romanian, Tongan, Irish, Fijian, Italian, Kiwi, Samoan, American, Scottish, Australian, French, Japanese, Portuguese or South African then you'll all have someone to cheer for.

This lot will probably win it, but I had a dream last night which involved their coach, Graham Henry, in tears after losing in the final to France - who have a very good chance of winning the whole event themselves.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stupid things I say to girls!

Introducing a special new (soon to be permanently linked) section to my bl*g...

Stupid Things I Say to Girls!

With such a gleaming accolade as (and I quote my pal Sud) "The best starter that I know...", I regularly find myself in entertaining conversations with attractive women, conversations which other guys would be too scared to get themselves into. Unfortunately, Sud's quote doesn't end there, it concludes..."But you're also the worst fucking finisher". Sud is politely pointing out that I somehow end up in the 'friend zone' after mere minutes, which I've been told isn't the aim of the game. Heavily contributing to this super-hero like ability to make friends with hot girls is the fact that I come out with some really stupid stuff. This post will be dedicated to those special moments in my life where I fall flat on my face, I hope you enjoy them.

I'll update as they come out, but I'll also include a few choice quotes from the past as and when I remember them (and once I've finished cringing).

Here's one to start from last night:-
Curly: So...what's your name?
Hot Dutch Girl: Well, most people call me Bambi.
Curly: Why? Did your mother get shot?
HDG: No, I'm just really clumsy
Curly: Oh, okay. *cringe cringe cringe*
Hot South African girl: Lollercoaster - Top marks for originality at least.
Curly & HDG: Lolling

A discussion with Léonie about the best way for me to get home on the London tube:-
Curly: Right, so I want to go on the Northern Line...
Léonie: Uh-huh
Curly: Then I want to go up the Brown line... whoops, sorry....
Léonie: Well excuse me...! It's called the Bakerloo line, the Bakerloo.
Curly: Yes, it is. Thanks. Lollerskates *cringe cringe*

To a hot Latvian girl in Bournemouth:-
Curly: We're going to a club, do you want to come along? We're getting a burger along the way.
Hot Latvian Girl: Yes, I will come. I love burgers!
Curly: ha ha, say that again!
HLG: I love Burgers..?
Curly: Wow - hey boys, listen to her say 'burgers', that's the best thing I've heard in ages!
HLG: Burgers
The boys: lolling
Curly: Say it again...
Curly in the morning: Shit, I made her say burgers too many times didn't I?
The boys: Yes.

To the same Latvian, running out of things to talk about at 5am walking along Bournemouth Beach.
Curly: Hey, look at this!! A shower by the beach!
HLG: That's cool.
Curly: I wonder if it works? I'll try.
HLG: I think it does...
*Curly gets very wet*
Curly: Yeah.... crap.

I froze for the next hour as I walked to the police station to ask where I could find the house I was staying in.

Talking to a hot German girl in Stockholm at 4am:-
Hot German Girl: I'm going to go and have a look at the 4am sunrise, I've heard it's really nice here.
Curly: Oh cool, I'll come and see it with you.
HGG: No, I think I'll see it on my own.
Curly: I'm not trying it on with you, I really want to see the sunrise.
HGG: I'm going on my own.
Curly: Okay, well I'm going to see it anyway.
I went to see the sunrise on my own - it was really nice, as HGG had said it would be.

I approached a girl sat with her friends in a Cardiff bar, she was wearing boots with stars all over them, I thought they looked cool.

Curly: Hello. I've just spent five minutes trying to think of a chat up line relating to the boots you're wearing, but I couldn't think of one.
Star Boots Girl: Lol, what had you come up with?
Curly: I was going along the lines of "I like the stars on your boots" then something do with the stars in a galaxy and your eyes.... I don't really know.
SBG: Lollerskates. At least you tried huh? I'm *** (told me her name)
Curly: I'm Curly, so...... er.. do you come here oft--- fuck!
SBG: lol!! GO ON, say it!!
Curly: Often... fuck, that's really embarrassing - I can't believe I said that.
SBG: That's awesome.
Curly: I'm mortified, I'm going - it was nice to meet you and your boots.
SBG: (Grinning) Pleasure, see you around!
To a Posh girl at Henley Regatta:-
Curly: That's a lovely dress you're wearing!
Posh Girl: *blushes* Thank you!
Curly: Did you make it yourself? It looks as though it's made of tissue paper
Posh Girl: *unsure of what to say back, she turns around. I walk off*

Not so much talking to a girl, but sitting on a train and the seat next to me becomes vacant-
Curly: Sud! Come and sit over here.
Sud: Why?
Curly: I don't want anyone else sitting next to me, do I?
Sud: *Sits next to me* You'll regret saying that if a hot girl comes in here looking for a seat.
Curly: Well that's not going to happen is it?
*Hot Girl walks past, looking for a seat and smiling to herself*
Curly: Fuck my life. lollercoaster.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Two Things (Maybe three)

I've not had much to say recently, but here's a couple of things (maybe three) that I was thinking about as I wandered to work this morning. In a departure from standard practice, I'm going to put the second one first and then go on to tell you that they're listed in no particular order. I seem to enjoy over-complicating things. The third item (should I think of one) will probably go at the end.

2) I'm running very low on energy at the moment. I'm unable to find a reason for this but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to wake up in the morning, stay awake during the day and then stay awake in the early evening. My eyes are constantly heavy, I've started walking into things and becoming startled by not-particularly-loud noises. This could be contributed to my diet, the fact that there's nothing that has particularly grabbed my interest in the last few months, or my becoming a vampire at some point. The only time I do actually have energy is late at night and the early hours of the morning, which is ideal for partying (or hunting for fresh blood) but not convenient when I'm trying to recharge myself for work in the morning.

1) At the beginning of the summer I was worried that the social side of things here in Cardiff would take a nose-dive as the universities closed for the summer and a few mates moved back west to recuperate for a couple of months. These events actually had the reverse effect as I got into contact with friends from three or four years ago and partied with them, even harder than before (I hadn't seen them for ages - what did you expect?!). The thing is, we're almost back up to a full complement again (Mates have moved back down, Uni starts again in a couple of weeks) but invites to social gatherings have dropped remarkably - I think this is related to my second point about tiredness (see above). I've declined invites on a few occasions recently and stuck to soft drinks on others, saying things like "I'm too tired" or "I can't be fucked" (depending on how tired I am, tiredness also induces swearing) and I reckon that I'm just not being asked to go out any more. Although slightly disappointed, It's probably for the best*.

3) After much deliberation I'm going to go ahead with the third point. This is a very, very negative thing to say (most unlike me) and is probably a combination of the above two points (sort of). Outside of my friends, I haven't met anyone that interests me for AGES**. In the last couple of months I can recall three 'new' people with whom I've had a conversation that has really inspired me:-
  • A conversation about musical tastes with Afe in a pub in London.
  • A conversation about the merits of living in Cardiff and the state of stand-up comedy with a 64 year old Scot and his wife in a pub in St.Davids.
  • A conversation about horses with a girl named Ellie in a pub in Cardiff.
  • There was also a conversation with a horse while I was completely out of my tree, somewhere near a beach in West Wales at 2am - but I don't think that counts.
This is completely out of the ordinary, usually I'm all about getting to know people and talking to them non-stop until it's time for one of us to go. Instead I've just been losing interest, making my excuses and walking off. I think I'm becoming more fussy about who I talk to, which can't be a good thing.

*It's sentences like that that make me think I should go and buy a pipe and sit in front of an open fire with a hot drink for the evening.

** Excluding Afe and his other half, who made me laugh and then take a bath with a giraffe. Zany.