Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The smallest bananas I've ever seen in my life.....!

Two little bananas next to a regular-sized AA battery.

One little banana going into an over-sized gob.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What's an acceptable length of time that you can make a pun or a joke about something that another person has just said?


Person no. 1 : My dad is an avid gardener, the other day he was outside painting his new fence green. He tripped over a rake, fell over and as he tried to break his fall he stuck his hand straight in the tin of paint!

Person no.2 : I suppose you could say that your Dad really does have Greenfingers then!

Say it quick enough, and you'll get a chuckle... but leave it until a few seconds later and people will invariably laugh at you for taking so bloody long, no matter how funny it might have been.

If I know that there's a joke somewhere, my internal 'Punnernator' (?) goes into overdrive and for a few seconds my mind will be completely occupied with trying to crack a joke - sometimes I time it right and I'll get a laugh, other times I just know that I'm too late and I'll shut up (unless I'm drunk, when I'll tell you whether you like it or not).

Your thoughts please.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blonky meet up vol.III for Curly.

Hello everyone, apologies for not posting recently,I've been ├╝ber busy running around and generally not playing on the Playstation.

There's been a hark back to the old days here in Cardiff as I have actually spent many of my weekends outside of the city itself ... mainly in Southampton, but I've also been on trips to Oxford and to Reading amongst other places.

I'm sure I'll update properly sometime this year, but to tide you over - here's a picture from last weekend in London with Afe, Mrs.Afe, Huw, Monica, Deanne and Will. I didn't have a camera, so this is the best representation of what actually went on...

(Obviously, I'm not in the pic as it was taken from my perspective)

This is the third time that I've gone to London to meet strange people from the interweb, and it was another fine success after the other two that Huw had organised.

The next day, I took a walk from Kentish Town, through Camden and all the way to Warren Street. I made every effort to avoid the tube. On previous visits to London Village I'd used the underground system to get around and as a result missed everything that was going on above ground. In doing that, I discovered a great way to get around London without bumping into the millions of other people...

Walk along the canals in massive rainstorms, with lightning, thunder and all that good stuff! Anyone that you do come across either offers you drugs or is running for the cover of the next bridge. Just bring an umbrella, and some money for marijuana.

I made another amazing discovery that day, how to survive a 3 hour bus journey with a hangover... Ensure that you know loads of people who will recognise you, offer you a seat, tell you jokes, lend you their shades and keep you hydrated with their water!

The best, worst bus journey of my life so far!

Laters kids.