Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of Office

Hey how ya doin', sorry ya can't get through. Why don't you leave your name, and your number,and I'll get back to you.

I'm copying Afe and going here, here and here. I'm not going to get fired though.

Here's a lush map for those of you that didn't pay attention in flag-identifying class:-

See ya soon!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gaz & Charlie

Two of my friends, "Gay" isn't the word for it. "Really Gay" is.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Sometimes I wish that she'd stop being so damn sexy, and I wish she'd stop releasing such ridiculously good tracks. Sometimes I wish she'd stop making me dance and stop me pressing repeat on the mp3 player. Sometimes I wish she'd stop me going off on massive rants about how good she is.

Sometimes.....most of the time though, I don't.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another post about not posting.

My T-shirt is deceptive

One worry that I've always had about having a bl*g is that some things which I consider too personal will spill over onto the internet. I've previously broken a couple of my own rules and written about things that I'm not entirely comfortable about divulging, but at least this had the effect of emptying the box a little. There are still enough thoughts, doubts and opinions swirling around in my head that I'm not sure I'm ready to let out.

I bring this up now because every single time I've clicked on the 'New post' button recently, I've been very close to writing down pretty much every damn thing that's occupying my mind at the moment. I'm a pretty guarded person by nature and that sort of behaviour would go against my character that has existed for the previous 25 years. Instead of writing, I've logged out again and left bl*gger well alone for a couple of days.

So, if I don't tell the interweb, who do I tell? I'm not religious, I'm not incredibly close to my family and I don't talk to myself (often), so that leaves me with the option of talking to my friends. There's a line from a Manics song which sums up the relationship between me and my male friends, "We don't talk about love, we only want to get drunk". Despite love not being the only topic, that's ruled them out too. Female friends, I'm severely lacking in. Only two I consider close enough to chat about anything, they both live in England. They also both visited on the weekend, which was great as I was able to get some things off my chest.

I'm worried that the next person I get close to will have all of my thoughts etc. dumped on them, I don't want to do that to anyone.

Perhaps I should just get a dog.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Smoking Please

April 2nd (Or April 1st, I wasn't really paying attention) saw a new law applied in Wales, which has banned smoking in:-
  • ALL enclosed and substantially enclosed public places. These include licensed premises; bingo halls; betting shops; cafes; and amusement centres. Smoke Free premises must remain smoke free outside of opening hours.
  • If you use your home for business, any areas where members of the public may enter, must be smoke free.
  • All public transport - including taxis and all Company Vehicles.
  • Private vehicles during work times, if using to transport clients or colleagues.
Now, this law doesn't yet apply to England. As you ALL know, we're not the same place - we have a National Assembly that pretty much does eff all (Only joking Assembly, you do build nice buildings for yourself) but this has been one of their great achievements so far.

Wandering into my local pub yesterday evening, the air was noticeably cleaner. The pub seemed brighter, you could see the ceiling clearly and no-one looked too edgy after not getting their nicotine fix. I inhaled deeply, I inhaled nothing but fresh air - it was excellent!

We then wandered down to the Barfly to check out People in Planes, the Cardiff Barfly is a dark and dingy little place. The walls are almost black and there's usually a thick smog in there from all the indie-kids puffing away. We kept repeating "Oh wow, it's so nice there's no smoke in here anymore". Halfway through the (impressive) gig, I decided to take a big, deep breath of fresh air again... This time, I didn't react in the same way, I coughed and spluttered as my nasal passages filled with an overwhelming amount of BO and a particularly nasty fart which someone had decided to release into the room, just that instant.

I'm not quite sure where I stand on the ban now.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just stop.

Could whoever is controlling all these odd events please just stop it.

It's been a week where two friends fathers have died, three mates have split up with their girlfriends, Southampton thrashed Wolverhampton 6-0, Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-1, Manchester Utd beat Blackburn 4-1, Biarritz lost to Northampton 6-7, Scarlets nailed Munster 24-15, the weather has ranged from 'warm summers day' to thunderstorms, strong winds and rain - and then back again in 15min intervals, I've had to sit in the office on a warm Sunday which was perfect for sitting in a beer-garden, heaps of people running round screaming because they have Glastonbury tickets, and my mood has ranged from frustrated to wildly ecstatic, to lonely to popular, from angry to happy and then just nothing - several times.

Despite all the goings-on, I can't think of anything to write on here. Last year, at a similar time - I decided that I needed a break from the bl*g. Perhaps it's just the spring weather keeping me out and about.

How are you?