Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I've been crap at this recently, I'll get back into reading all your wonderful bl*gs again soon.

I don't usually like apologising for things that I do (or don't do in this case), as my life would end up as one massively long apology. Sorry I was late, sorry I can't think of anything to say, sorry I woke you up by jumping up and down on your bed, drunk, wearing only my small pants last night, you get the idea.

We lost the rugby, but I wasn't really aware of that until Sunday morning. I don't think we reached 22 pints, but there was a 90% proof spirit at some point and I had a very bad head the next day.

Anyway, the good news is - I'm still alive, and Wales hasn't been conquered - although there was a moment of panic when the thousands of kiss-ball hooligans from London arrived for the weekend. Luckily we were as far West as we could get without getting wet in the Irish sea.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Want a country?

Got a small army? Actually a couple of mates with some sharp knives will do.

I can suggest Wales, it'd be just ripe for invading at about 9:40pm on Saturday night. The residents won't put up much of a fight, a large percentage of the population, you see, will be completely plastered.

It's the third round of the Six Nations. Some clever bastard has put the game involving Wales on at 8pm.

Scotland take on Italy at 3pm. The pub opens at 12pm, say that's two pints an hour (a reasonable pace) until the game starts. 6 pints. One half of rugby is 40mins, you'll finish another two. Half-time, grab another one. Then there's the second half to get through. 11 pints.

Ireland play England at half five. Five pints during the game. 16 pints.

France v Wales is then finally aired at 8pm. Very few people are going to remember it, but Wales are playing - the adrenalin is pumping and you're not even watching the pace of your drinking anymore, it's probably fast. Six more drinks, that's brought our total to 22 pints.

We're going to a party in West Wales, after watching the rugby. We might die, and there'll be no-one left to conquer.

If I don't ever update this again, there's your reason.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cardiff Music Extravaganza!

Perhaps a little over the top with the title there, but I'd just like to take a minute or two of your time to tell you how great the alternative music scene is here in Cardiff.

The release of the 2006 compilation 'This town ain't big enough for the 22 of us' highlighted how deliciously varied and how wonderfully alive the sounds coming out of our small city were in that particular year. 2007 sounds as though it's going to be even better.

Last night we popped out to see retro-pop nutters Attack + Defend, who were celebrating the release of their single, Garibaldi. The three brothers sounded great, this (I believe) was their first major gig since the loss of band member and all round nice guy Mase (the bass). Mase actually made a brief appearance on stage and joined in on a couple of tracks, which was great to see and excellent to hear. How many bands do you know 'play' a computer keyboard as an instrument? Check them out.

Attack + Defend, nutters.

Supporting A+D, and attracting a fair bit of attention themselves, were Heck. Remnants of two former Cardiff-based bands have joined forces to produce some wonderful numbers. I can't find anything about them on the net as this was their first gig, instead I'll link you to lead singer and former Sammo Hung member - Jemma Roper. Maybe she'll mention the band there.

To underline the thriving-ness of the scene, spotted in the crowd were members of the disturbing Gindrinker, the excellent Vibration White Finger, the extremely talented Eugene Francis Jnr, the new and noisy Space in the 50's and the relaxing Leave the Capital - all on their way to wherever the musical gods think they should be.

One band who are almost certain to achieve great things this year, described as "The best Cardiff band who aren't actually from Cardiff" and "Indie Power Rangers" amongst other things, are the wonderful Los Campesinos! If you don't check out any of the other bands mentioned here, please listen to this one - you might even like it. I heard their latest song, 'We throw parties, you throw knives' on the radio shortly before heading out last night - it did more than get me in the mood. I danced around my room with the volume turned up pretty darn high then stopped because the curtains were open and the girl in the house opposite was looking at me funny, curtains closed - I carried on dancing and I even caught myself singing along. Smashing.

Los Campesinos!, Twee.

Top tip for the weekend:- Don't eat chilli baked-beans, consume several beers and then get a kebab all in the same evening. Belly will hurt. You will smell.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gay* Valentines Post

Yippee, my 3rd favorite day of the year.

(You might want to get a cloth and wipe all that sarcasm from your computer screen).

Ah, fond memories of being encouraged by my primary school teacher to write a little poem in a red card, draw a rose (or perhaps a heart) and secretly send it to one of the girls in the class. The girls in the class avoided me like the plague in Primary school, I was even given one card back once the girl in question found out who had sent it.

Secondary school, the girls were interested in the boys and vice versa. The cards actually began to mean something when they were sent. I sent one valentines card in my entire seven years at Secondary - I managed to obtain some red card and even write a funny poem, I eventually sent it to no-one but the bin.

By the time I'd left school - I'd refused to participate in any kind of valentines activity, I'd go to lengths to ensure I was nowhere near it. It meant absolutely nothing to me and I loved the fact that it had no effect on my life whatsoever.

In recent years, it's caught up with me again. Today is a day when pretty much all of my male friends are busy with their respective ladies. All but two of my mates are in a relationship at the moment. I occasionally catch myself worrying slightly at the fact that I'm now 25 years old and haven't had a girlfriend in that entire period. (The closest I'd previously got was with a girl from Leicestershire who moved to the isles of Scilly shortly after we'd kissed for the first time... you couldn't script it). But happily, the concern is always just a fleeting thought and I revert to my 'I love being single' mode again within no time.

V.Day is a day where Love is pretty much in your face the entire day and I can't help but think - Why the hell don't I have a girlfriend? Do I even want one? It's not to say that I'm shit with women, because I get my fair share. It's not to say that no girls are interested in me, because enough are - I'm just not interested in those ones. It's got to work both ways, right?

In other news:-
  • In an effort to feel more popular than normal, I've joined facebook - I've been playing with it for the last couple of days. I don't understand it and I'm slighty scared by how many people I know on it.
  • I've just had a glass of cool orange juice and stood by the window looking out at the brilliant, warm sunshine, I could almost feel the summer again....
  • I foolishly challenged all the guys at work to beard-growing contest for the month of February. Fourteen days in and I'm the only one left in it, I feel pressured to make it until the end of the month without shaving. As a result of my facial hair, I can't smile without it hurting... people keep asking me what's wrong. I've had loads of "Why aren't you smiling? You ALWAYS smile", or similar comments.

ps. I hadn't aimed for this to come out as a 'Boo-Hoo, poor me' post, but it has. Sorry. Happy Valentines!!

* Are we officially allowed to use 'Gay' to describe something that's crap yet?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes

Quite possibly the most positive title ever to grace a bl*g. Mainly because it's snowing, as Afe had correctly predicted. But also because it's Friday, I've just had a massive fried breakfast and I went to see the (amazing) Bluetones last night. Like a lot of people in the 90's, I was a big fan of the Bluetones, last night I finally got to see them - about 10 years after I first heard of them. They didn't look a day over 25, checking up on wikipedia I find that Mark Moriss, the lead singer, is 35 - amazing stuff. I may have also met a girl, I was enjoying the conversation so much that I missed the Bluetones encore. Doh.

My favourite conversation of the day so far:-

Eirian leans out of the window, half naked, to see Curly standing out in the street....

Eirian - Why does it feel like I've been drinking?
Curly - Because you and me got leathered last night.
Eirian - Oh yeah. Why aren't you in work?
Curly - I'm on my way.
Eirian - But it's half past ten?
Curly - Yeah, I've been going round everyones houses and chucking snowballs at their windows - on my way.
Eirian - OH WOW! It's snowing!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Beer Map

I like Beer.

I like Going places.

I amuse myself with stupid things when I'm bored and have nothing to post.

This is a map of everywhere I've been and consumed alcohol. Open it with Google Earth, it helps if all the other layers are turned off too.