Monday, December 04, 2006

Another Cracker

I am thoroughly amazed at how good the last few weekends have been, there hasn't always been alcohol involved in the goodness, but it's contributed to a fair amount.

This weekend didn't let the side down (if days have sides) by any means. Saturday was the bl*gmeet that Huw had kindly organised. I got home early from work Friday to make a nice meal and go to bed early to ensure that I was at my very best for meeting a bunch of strangers. A quick phonecall from Bledd changed my plans completely, I wolfed down a honey sandwich, chased it with a XXXX (that sounds slightly pervy...) and bolted out the door to get down to the pub. Gaz, Bledd and Dave arrived soon afterwards and we sat laughing and drinking for a while. A bout of responsibility rushed over me and I stated "I've really got to get back home, I'm going to London tomorrow", to which Gaz responded "What the HELL has happened to you?" - I of course stayed out being as I am, weak willed. We marched into town and there was a lot of Rasberry flavour Sambucca until about 1:30am, when I wobbled home.

I certainly felt it on Saturday. I was in a very sweary mood - not angry you understand - but I just like swearing a lot sometimes. The train seemed to take forever and I arrived in London just in time to miss most of the Scarlets game, the boyos played a pathetic one it turned out so I wasn't too fussed about that in the end. After a couple of Booms I felt my small reserve of energy rapidly depleting and struggled to keep my eyes open. I announced to Sud that I wasn't going to be much fun tonight, but Sud, being the great pal he is, backed me and thrust another beer into my hand. I hauled myself off the chair and headed out to the people-circus that was Oxford Circus.

Oxford Street was jam packed solid with people and buses, part (and parcel) of Christmas shopping. There were tens of wardens armed with megaphones holding people back and ensuring that everyone crossed the road at the right time, but generally just bossing people around. We somehow managed to locate Huw and Astrid in the throng then headed off to find some food. We stumbled upon a nice little Italian place, proceeded to stuff ourselves and drink a little bit more. After the meal we were offered a taste of Italian vodka on the house, I considered the offer but my mind was made up when Sud almost lept out of his chair with excitement at the prospect. One (melon flavoured, which continued to repeat on me throughout the night) vodka later and we were in fine fettle and continued on to meet the rest of the bl*ggers.

Léonie, Monica and Will joined in the fun, which was rapidly turning into a 'see who can finish their drink first' night. It was a highly amusing evening and I was reduced to tears of laughter on more than a couple of occasions. Everyone was just brilliant (I'm not just saying that because they can all read this on the interweb) , Monica - who had claimed to be in bad mood, didn't seem to have such a bad time either. We discussed the merits of hookers carrying A-Z streetmaps, were amazed at Monicas ability to spell 'blood' using her fingers and we complained about Melon-flavoured burps. There was one pretty funny moment where I brought the table to silence by mentioning the word 'Bl*g' whilst talking to Will, I quickly changed the subject again and everyone carried on as normal... phew! After reaching a level of drunken-ness labelled 'charging', we headed to a club named 'Thirst' - apt. It was pretty rammed and the music was pretty shitty but that was soon forgotten, as was the £5 entry for the pleasure of being there. Things got hazy from that point onwards, Will disappeared and I started flaking. At some point in the early hours we caught the bus back to Huws to finally sleep. Lovely.

Sunday brought with it an even better hangover than saturday but that was temporoarily remedied by a meal in the Agriculture near Angel tube. We watched Astrid try her first hot toddy, listed our top three favourite vegetables (Mine were something along the lines of Potato, Lettuce and sweetcorn - but I'd forgotten that I actually loved Avocado) and I asked Huw to re-tell some stories as I'd been too drunk to listen the night before. Getting up and travelling to the train station to get home again was a struggle, my abused body not keen to do anything but melt into a pile of useless-ness. Astrid entertained me until she had to alight at her stop, and for the rest of the journey I was left alone, tortured as I couldn't get a single bit of sleep - that was all I needed to do.

I got home at about 7pm and almost immediately received another phonecall from Bledd.... "Mate, we're going down the pub..."

I feel surprisingly okay today. There are pictures. I will put them up soon.

*Great - the pictures have arrived, marvel at them here*


At 8:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

tis okay, Avocado is fruit!

At 9:52 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

Thanks for kindly coming; I'd have looked a right fool if no-one had.

Sorry I slipped into that coma in the Agriculture.

At 10:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

Ohhh... I want to go to a South Wales blog-meet.

At 10:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

Oops, that was me.

At 9:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

Uh sorry, they were both from me.

I'm having trouble staying logged into beta.

At 12:54 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Monica - That's just fine then, I didn't know that. It just tastes like a vegetable!

Huw - I think we were all in comas, except that As, Sud and Chris all still talk constantly while in one.

Annie (x3) - I'd love it if you came to a South Wales blog meet, we'll organise one next time you're home - it can be your first trip to Cardiff!

At 12:58 am, Blogger mona thought it was best to say...

I second the 1st Annie...!


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