Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"On Monday, I woke up..."

It's another "Here's what I did on the weekend" post folks, I'm extremely chilled out at the moment and haven't got a single thing to whinge about.

Friday night was very good fun indeed. The Copes hosted what turned out to be a cracking Thanksgiving dinner at their place. Chris' carving of the Turkey was a little off - large, American sized portions of meat were being torn off but I wasn't one to complain as I was going to thoroughly enjoy eating it. The rest of the food was equally outstanding, so outstanding that I couldn't actually fit in any of the dessert. I got to meet a couple of other bloggers too, so that was all grand stuff. A big Thank-you goes out to all that attended and of course to both Copes for doing such a great job! I caught the train back to Central Cardiff with one of the other Thanks-givers (?), who mentioned that he was going to an engagement party nearby - I joined in and proceeded to get well oiled. I didn't know anyone else at the party (bar one girl I used to go to school with) so left to find my mates in town, they were warming up for the rugby in the morning.

The Saturday was the last of our Autumn Internationals, we took on the mighty New Zealand in what turned out to be a bit of a shit game (on our part). Lots of great things happened the rest of the day though, and I've put the day into collage format because I can't be arsed to type it all out.

We had an absolutely fantastic time though! The Kiwis were, as expected, great fun to be around. As a country they have a knowledge and a passion for rugby that only Wales can rival and that makes our two little nations get on very well indeed. We met a bunch of apprehensive-looking Kiwis in our favourite rugby bar at about 1pm, and straight away hit it off with them. We chatted, sang and laughed the whole day then went along to the game - where I met a whole other bunch - and did the same. We met them for lunch the next day and did it some more, although there was less singing as we were all pretty haggard. They didn't have a single bad word to say about their short experience of Wales and that made us extremely proud indeed!

Sunday, other than lunch with the Kiwis was very chilled out, and that's how it's remained since.

Last night I had planned to go and see Brakes, who Mair had recommended, but as gig-time rolled around I realised I just didn't want to stop relaxing.

Saturday coming - I'm off for a blonk-meet. Monica has details on this post. Are you coming too?

Oh yeah, I've put some more pics up over on the old photo-site. Here is a party I went to and here is us on a trip around Mid-Wales. Lovely.


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