Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Giver, not a taker

As Christmas begins to rear its head again, most of us are probably thinking about what gifts to buy our family and friends, perhaps you’ll even purchase a gift for the postman? The streets of Cardiff are getting busier, more women with pushchairs are getting in the way and the street performers appear where there were none earlier on in the year – especially those ones that paint themselves silver and stand still until you steal money from right in front of them. Like many of us, I’m not a fan of all this Christmas-in-November malarkey, in fact I’m not hugely impressed by Christmas at all, but that’s another matter. What bothers me about Christmas, birthdays or any other ‘major’ celebrations, are presents - specifically ones that I’m receiving.

I enjoy buying gifts for people and I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they get them. Christmas is such a great time because people get free stuff, for free! What a great concept! However, when my turn comes around to unwrap a present, I’m just not comfortable at all. Most of the time, I’ll blush a ridiculous amount and bashfully give my thanks but on occasions it gets so bad I’ll just go to pieces and fumble every word I utter (Wow, a Fresh Prince lyric..! How good!). It’s just plain odd, I’m not a word-fumbler normally, unless I’m hungover (and today I’m extremely hungover – loving it today!), but that’s due to the maximum effort my brain is putting into concentrating on not staring at that hot blonde on the other side of the road while you’re speaking to me.

I’ve pretty much figured out the Christmas side of things, I don’t often communicate with any of my family other than Mam, Dad and siblings. I just can’t accept a gift from a random relative that I’ve not seen for a number of years, who barely knows who I am. I’m happy with everything I’ve got at the momemt, I don’t particularly want for anything – this of course means that the majority of Christmas/birthday presents are going to be un-wanted or just not relevant to who I am or what I do. It’s a shame really!

Still, I’ve got to go out and brave the insanity of Christmas shopping sometime before the big day. I might just get everything from the corner store near my house this year, two litre bottles of pop, 99p pizzas, rizzlas, manky cheese and porn mags – something for everyone!


At 5:04 pm, Blogger Cleavers thought it was best to say...

See, I'm a complete Christmasphile - although November is still a little early. Just think though of all the re-gifting you can do with those unwanted prezzies!

At 6:48 pm, Blogger mona thought it was best to say...

oh god-is it already almost christmas? I haven't seen any decorations round here yet..
the good thing about being a student is that things like christmas have no place in your train of thoughts as it usually coincides with exam period...so stress and studying take over any happy thoughts or present thoughts-
I'm like you though- I always feel weird when I get a present ..unless it's from someone I really care about- and then no matter what I'm always giddy.
oh and while you;re at the shop can you please get me a Snickers?

At 9:32 pm, Blogger Clearlykels thought it was best to say...

I am right there with you. I had a housewarming and they wanted me to open all of my presents in front of everyone. I put it off until the absolute last moment. I just hate it. However, I appreciate all of the thought but it is not necessary.

At 1:23 am, Blogger Always on the Move thought it was best to say...

WOW...You don't meet a lot of people like you. Most people I know are super greedy, and are all full of the "I WANT/NEED!" I'm also not like that. If I want it, hell, I'll go buy it. And, I LOVE Shopping, so I'm all excited as well when it comes to shopping for other people. But yeah, when it also comes to me opening gifts, I'm never too sure what to say, or what facial expression to put on, especially when you're SO not excited about it, but yet, you don't want to say "I don't like it, so..."
I heard that one of our corner stores in my City sells La Senza gift cards, as well as electronic gift cards and stuff. So we could all do our shopping at a corner store as well...no more shopping malls!
Oh, there is one think I'd like though...to see my relatives who live in England! Can I come visit you over Christmas and surprise them?!?!

At 2:41 am, Blogger Afe thought it was best to say...

Not me! I'm all over Christmas like a rash. My shopping is DONE, baby.

At 4:27 am, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

I don't shop, unitl, like, the day before Christmas. Unless I do it online.

At 4:39 pm, Blogger Ev thought it was best to say...

don't forget the rubber fist!!

At 5:31 pm, Blogger Annie Rhiannon thought it was best to say...

Last year I made compilation CDs for all my friends and family. Which seems rather cheap on the face of it, but when you consider the hours upon hours that I put into the cover design, and what my freelance design fee is, they actually cost me a bloody fortune.

At 4:54 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Cleavers - A Christmasphile?! You're the only one I know!! Also re-gifting is one of my favourire Christmast pastimes!

Mona - You're one of the lucky ones if you've not seen any decorations yet. There's a 30 foot tall grotto not too far away from my office. I've got the snickers for you, it's kind of melty though...

Kels - You've got it, thought-apprectiation is very high with me too. Opening presents in front of people is the WORST!

AONTM - I'm special. You're welcome to come and visit, just don't bring presents.

Afe - You've just bought opals for everyone again, haven't you?

Teri - That's amazing, not many people can do that. Xmas eve is pretty busy here, but there's usually a one-day lull on either the 22nd or 23rd, that's when I get mine!

Ev - I've ordered a box-full, the corner store doesn't sell them. The closest I could get was a rubber glove on a toilet brush.

Annie - That's a nice touch, you should have put a bill inside of each one. Bill them down to the minute! My design work is pretty expensive too, but isn't something you'd give as a present - infact, people would be pretty upset if you got them one.

At 8:11 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

My Granny is the hardest to buy for. What do you get the woman who hasn't left home for 5 years and is scared of all that is new and modern.

Soap, I generally find...

At 2:11 pm, Blogger Will thought it was best to say...

While you're at the corner shop, make sure you get a Cornish pasty. It's what every kid is hoping for this year.


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