Monday, October 02, 2006

Periscope Depth

Like a stealth submarine lurking at the bottom of a deep ocean on a not-very-important mission, I'm rising to periscope depth to broadcast a brief message back to mission control. Aware that I'm making myself visible to enemy ships, I'll just have to risk it and hope I avoid detection. While I'm up here, I'll write a short post too.

  • Riga was absolutely kick-ass. The buildings are beautiful, the women are beautiful and the beach at nearby Majori is beautiful. I only took three photos the entire trip as we didn't have a camera, and I'd forgotten that my phone could actually take pictures (albeit crappy ones).
  • I'm currently spending a few days in Taunton (Somerset). It's work related, but I'll still be checking out the local scenery (pubs).
  • I'm back to the folks house in the hills on the weekend, for the literally village-wide famous Apple Day. I've only ever been to one Apple Day, I'm not entirely sure what happens there. My Mam once won the 'longest apple peel' competition and my Dad usually goes into a frenzy as he's forgotten to collect the home-made apple juice again.
  • Next week, I'm re-locating from Wales' Second city to our first and finest. I've been living away from Cardiff for over two years now and my amazing ability to be a little bit lucky (or, a bastard, according to some mates) has enabled me to move back and get stuck into the city once again.
  • I'm also going to Hamburg for a couple of days at the end of next week. Germany is one of my favorite countries, I've not been back for a number of years and this is shaping up to be a nice little trip.
  • Also sorry for not visiting your blonks much recently, I'm a little gutted I missed the 'Guess what Teri looks like' competition. I'll try and squeeze in a few visits over the next couple of weeks.
*Update - Lovely crappy pics*

So, I actually had four pictures from Latvia, I'd forgotten about my favourite one.

The Beach at Marjori - The Russians apparently built a road direct from Moscow to Marjori so they could all go on holiday there.

Loving the Port-a-loo. The Baltic sea was surprisingly warm, as was the weather.

Sud and a fellow explorer (un)lucky enough to join us for the 30min train ride trip to the beach. The trains are amazingly good fun in Latvia, if not a little scary.

My favourite pic from Latvia. This Pie shop was one of the first shops we came across in Riga. I instantly loved it.

And finally, a sunset in Somerset. How nice.


At 1:12 am, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

And what farewell revenge act can the Fat Kid expect?

At 11:56 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It's hard holding myself back from doing anything actually.

Fatkid has grown increasingly annoying as time has passed. I'm considering leaving a note listing everything I don't like about him, but that would probably snap him and I don't want to be resposible for depressing the Kid any further.

He left a bin-bag just outside the front door while I was away (which isn't where the bin-men collect them). I discovered it when I got back from Latvia, I say discovered - you could smell it from halfway down the street. It kind of smelt like someone had just thrown up on a pile of fresh dog-shit then chucked some rotten fish on top. I knew it was him because the stinky liquid that'd leaked out of the bag had left a trail from his room to the front door.

Probably my worst house-mate ever.

At 8:55 pm, Blogger Crystal thought it was best to say...

you sunk my battleship!

At 5:55 pm, Blogger Clearlykels thought it was best to say...

Your trip sounds amazing. I cannot believe that you only took three photos. Disappointing. I am glad you had a great time.

At 12:49 am, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

Your description of Latvia is precisely why I want to go to Eastern Europe.

At 3:42 am, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

People are still guessing - I'm thinking they think I was lying. Or it's time for a new post.

At 2:04 am, Blogger mona thought it was best to say...

hope u have a good move into the city- I hear it's GREAT :)

At 5:13 pm, Blogger Léonie thought it was best to say...

Pie has it's uses. But some of those things they want to replace with pie would just get messy. I'm not sure. Not sure at all.

At 5:13 pm, Blogger Léonie thought it was best to say...

I mean 'pie has its uses' without the apostrophe. Of course.

At 9:17 pm, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

Seems like this is the season for changes.


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