Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cardiff Crazyness, Hamburg Hangovers

I've been staying away from writing anything the last few days, mainly because life is hectic right now, but also because I knew the next post would be a "Today, I had a banana for breakfast, then I fell over" kind of posts. I'm trying desperately hard to avoid it but I don't think I'm going to be able to ultimately.

I was initially suspicious of a large group of people from my company heading out to Germany for one night only. The memories of loud, drunk, fight-y and highly annoying stag parties in Riga are still very fresh in my mind. I didn't really meet everyone until the evening when we arrived, on the plane I had constructed a nifty anti-social device (which I'm yet to name) which was made from my jacket wrapped round my head several times until no-one could see me. One girl found this amusing though and I caught her laughing in a "Awww, that's so cute" manner. I wasn't in a cute mood though, images of stag parties and all that. The rest of the trip was really goood fun, we consumed copious amounts of wine (rot und weiss), erdbeer trinken und vielen, vielen pils. Despite assuring my friends that I was going to take it easy and not make a tit of my self one little bit - the night ended with me dancing on a table then falling off a table while it collapsed. I thought that I had 'surfed' down but I was later informed that it was a little less graceful.

The trip home was going well, I had been practicing my German on a bunch of school kids - telling them that their plane had already left. The panic on their faces didn't last long, one piped up "That was a really good German sentence..." and they all laughed their little arses off. I was drinking coke on the plane to keep my energy levels up, but a few beers consumed before had dulled my senses and I didn't notice the vodka that was being constantly poured into my bottle. By the time we landed again, I was in full flight again - jabbering away and chatting up old ladies on the train.

Saturday, I was able to fully appreciate my move back to Cardiff. I had breakfast in the breakfast bar I used to eat in (just for old times sake), then I went to the pub that I always (still) drink in and sat down for an hour. Usually, when I'm in Cardiff on the weekend and I'm feeling too tired to be out and about, I'm persuaded to stay out by my mates. Besides, I don't have a bed to go to. But on Saturday, I realised that I DID have a bed and so I marched back and promptly fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon. How lovely!

I'm living with 5 of my mates (hectic), my new workplace is 20mins walk away in the centre of town, there are plenty of peoples houses to call in on wherever I am in the city and I'm completely happy. Soon, I'll be moving to another place, with new people - I've only been here since Saturday and I've met more people that I would do in a month in Swansea. I love Swansea, but the people in Cardiff really make this a fun city to live in. I hope you'll come and visit one day?!

Not long until November folks - It's a big month. Wales play four games and I'm back living in the city to take full advantage of that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Memories (if only there was a heavy sarcsam font)

Tonight is my last night in my current house.

  • I have been subjected to my last lecture on a secret World War II bomber*.
  • I have gasped for fresh air for the last time after hiking up the hill to the house then getting suffocated by tobacco smoke.
  • The constant, faint (sometimes over-powering) waft of Fatkids' recent toilet deposit will just be a distant memory.
  • I've feigned my final look of interest in a victorian silver nut-cracker (or any other antique).
  • I'm just about to silently retire to my room and wish I was out having fun for the last time in Swansea.
  • Tomorrow - Germany. The weekend and onwards - meeting new people, catching up with old friends, no worries of getting up early Monday morning to travel to another city, the beginning of something new. And beer, lots and lots of beer. Probably some vodka, maybe some cocktails. Almost certainly there'll be drunkeness, laughing at stupid things, then more vodka. Possibly wine if I run out of beer. Then wake up, then go and get some beer to relax with and chat about the drunk-fest the night before. What a release!

*Scrap that. There was another bomber it seems, or perhaps it's the same story - I'm not sure.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Periscope Depth

Like a stealth submarine lurking at the bottom of a deep ocean on a not-very-important mission, I'm rising to periscope depth to broadcast a brief message back to mission control. Aware that I'm making myself visible to enemy ships, I'll just have to risk it and hope I avoid detection. While I'm up here, I'll write a short post too.

  • Riga was absolutely kick-ass. The buildings are beautiful, the women are beautiful and the beach at nearby Majori is beautiful. I only took three photos the entire trip as we didn't have a camera, and I'd forgotten that my phone could actually take pictures (albeit crappy ones).
  • I'm currently spending a few days in Taunton (Somerset). It's work related, but I'll still be checking out the local scenery (pubs).
  • I'm back to the folks house in the hills on the weekend, for the literally village-wide famous Apple Day. I've only ever been to one Apple Day, I'm not entirely sure what happens there. My Mam once won the 'longest apple peel' competition and my Dad usually goes into a frenzy as he's forgotten to collect the home-made apple juice again.
  • Next week, I'm re-locating from Wales' Second city to our first and finest. I've been living away from Cardiff for over two years now and my amazing ability to be a little bit lucky (or, a bastard, according to some mates) has enabled me to move back and get stuck into the city once again.
  • I'm also going to Hamburg for a couple of days at the end of next week. Germany is one of my favorite countries, I've not been back for a number of years and this is shaping up to be a nice little trip.
  • Also sorry for not visiting your blonks much recently, I'm a little gutted I missed the 'Guess what Teri looks like' competition. I'll try and squeeze in a few visits over the next couple of weeks.
*Update - Lovely crappy pics*

So, I actually had four pictures from Latvia, I'd forgotten about my favourite one.

The Beach at Marjori - The Russians apparently built a road direct from Moscow to Marjori so they could all go on holiday there.

Loving the Port-a-loo. The Baltic sea was surprisingly warm, as was the weather.

Sud and a fellow explorer (un)lucky enough to join us for the 30min train ride trip to the beach. The trains are amazingly good fun in Latvia, if not a little scary.

My favourite pic from Latvia. This Pie shop was one of the first shops we came across in Riga. I instantly loved it.

And finally, a sunset in Somerset. How nice.