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Some countries appear to produce more bl*ggers than others, America for example produces more than Zambia (I have no figures to back this up, but I'm pretty safe I think). In the same vein, some cities seem to crop up more than others whilst I'm surfing around on the interweb - none more so than Toronto (Canadia) and the surrounding area.

I was trying to figure out why there apepars to have been such an explosion of 'Personal' bl*gs originating from TO, I couldn't conjour up any answers.

Like a good sandwich filling, my favourite reads are spread out fairly evenly*....

Wales (4) , Australia, Iceland, Canada (4), USA (3), Ireland (2) , England (6), France, Antarctica, Estonia, and Romania.

Of the Canadia based gang - Eano, Paige, Captain Bee and Cleavers can all be found somewhere between Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. Now, Windsor is approximately 363km from Toronto which by North American standards, or giants standards, isn't far at all - before you kick up a fuss and start complaining.

But that's only four, Curly. What the hell are you talking about?

Closer inspection of the Canucks bl*grolls (Cleavers leaves us at this point, because she's a Brit) will show you that most of the sites they visit are also located in the same area. In the case of Eano & Paige, both products of the University of Western Ontario**, they actually know more bl*ggers personally than I know 'virtually'. It goes further, the people they link to also know a different set of local bl*ggers and so on.

It may be that I've just stumbled across one of many cities where everyone seems to have a bl*g, but I'm increasingly getting the feeling that Southern Ontario is actually the ONLY place where this many people maintain and regularly write personal online journals.

London, the real one, has a fair few people rattling away at their keyboards but I've yet to stumble across an Eano or Paige equivalent. In Wales, the number of Welsh language bl*ggers seems to out number the English speaking bunch - and Cope seems to have met a large number of them. Britblog reports that there are 356 bl*gs in London alone and 187 in Wales. Unfortunately, I can't get a breakdown of 'Personal Blog ' numbers.

I've met several people through this bl*g, but the only ones I can actually claim to know well are Owzy O, Po, Oz and Charlie Phaelon. Owzy O and Po got me going on this whole malarky, Owzy lost his internet connection a while ago whilst Po decided that life had got too boring on his return from a round-the-world trip. Oz and Charlie stuttered and ultimately failed to really start.

I'm also led to believe that Toronto is soon to be installing a city-wide Wi-fi network...

So, what is the reason for all this Canadian online comraderie?

Are the Ontario schools encouraging the kids to start up journals?
Are they just able to speak more freely than everyone else?
Is Canada leading the way in internet communication by actually enabling everyone to use the internet?
Is there nothing else to do?
Has Britain just not caught on yet?
Are they all just a big bunch of attention seekers?

* (please don't actually double check this - I haven't done so myself)
** (I haven't checked this either)


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Will thought it was best to say...

You're definitely onto something Curly. I think perhaps the Canadians manage a healthy British cynicism, but without being overly-esoteric in terms of subject matter. Plus they have none of the mawkish overexcitement Americans tend towards.

PS The Pipettes are great aren't they.

At 9:55 pm, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

Mawkish overexcitement? Humph!

As for why Toronto produces so many bloggers? Maybe it's because it's a fairly large city, and the number of bloggers per 1000 people isn't so different than anywhere else that has reliable internet access, it's just that the people are all clumped together?

At 11:51 pm, Blogger NiolK thought it was best to say...

You've given this entirely too much thought. You're a Welsh lad aren't you? shouldn't you just be posting videos of you and your mates stapling your nads to the wall and shit? Oh You're not all like the Dirty Sanchez lads. Fucking liar.

At 12:14 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Will - Perhaps the Yanks do tend to lean towards being over-esoteric but then so do I. I'm not sure it's a nationwide problem. The Canadians though, just seem to be there in huge numbers.

Teri - I thought that it may be the size of the place too, but it's population is about 2 million I think, that's pretty normal for North America - isn't it? New York has 8 million, I don't bump into too many bl*ggers from there?

Niolk - You're right, I should stop thinking and just get back to rubbing sandpaper on my arse until it bleeds with my vinegar wielding friends. As long as you get back to bleedin riverdancing and crying as you sing along to the ever-happy Sinead.

At 1:08 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

According to David Crystal, Canadians make up 5.8% of the world's population with English as a first language. Canadian computers make up 6.4% of the amount of hits my bl*g gets.

This has little to nothing to do with your questions, but I thought the figures were so satisfying that I would share them with you.

At 4:04 pm, Blogger Annie Rhiannon thought it was best to say...

All Icelandic people have a blog but they have this privacy system so you need a password to access them. Boring. I much prefer hanging my dirty laundry up in public, thanks.

At 10:29 pm, Blogger Cleavers thought it was best to say...

2, 3 and 5 for me

Particularly 5. Coz it's all about me

I got a few of my Canadian friends onto blogging, so not sure if that throws a spanner into the works or not.

they are like the Brits though - they complain about the weather all the time as well!


At 4:04 am, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

This is very scientific. Have you ever considered doing research in the last continent? On a seperate note: WHOO-HOO, we're tied with Estonia!

At 8:13 am, Blogger Captain Bee thought it was best to say...

Now that you point it out, yeah, we do have a disproportionate amount of bloggers here.

I don't know why this is, really. Maybe Toronto is just such a 'cool' city. Maybe not. I know Windsor has VERY little bloggers. You're definitely on to something.

At 7:40 pm, Blogger mona thought it was best to say...

um the french one better be me! thats all I'm saying mmm'k


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