Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quiet Diet

Weird stuff is continuing.

The other week I decided to change my diet a little to become a little healthier. For two weeks I ate the following:-

Breakfast - Cereal, cup of tea.
Lunch - Sandwiches (Wholemeal bread), glass of water.
Dinner - Soup, glass of water.
Excercise - One 12mile cycle, walk 50mins/day (work and back, twice)

I also strictly avoided alcohol. (strictly for all but two nights).

For those two weeks I felt absolutely shagged out, I was sleeping a ridiculous amount, I constantly felt fat and I didn't have energy to even talk to people. Last weekend I finally ended that nonsense in true style, no less that three barbeques stuffed me until I was immobile. Friday was a quiet night in the quiet village pub, I rolled in at 4am. Saturday was a huge piss-up and Sunday was a session to finish any remaining beers.

Monday rolled around and I felt absolutely amazing, it was easy to stay up until 1am, get up at 7:30am and drive all the way to Swansea for work. I've also been to the pub for a couple of beers the last two evenings, got back home - eaten a bagel and sat in the garden for a while before going to bed.

So the current diet:-

Breakfast - Nothing but a cup of tea or an Orange Juice.
Lunch - Sandwiches, Crisps, glass water
Dinner - Sandwich, A bagel, cup of tea.
Snacks - Anything ranging from a peanut to a bowl of cereal. Hot chocolate at night.
Excercise - 30min walk/day.

I feel great. I've never been one to care about what I ate before, but it's intriguing to find that I feel better and have more energy (physically & mentally) now that I'm eating less healthy food in smaller quantities.

Very interestingly I felt the best I've ever felt, and lost the most weight, on this general menu:-

Breakfast - Slice of toast or Nothing
Lunch - Sandwich/Baguette
Dinner - Alcohol, Alcohol, Pub Meal/Takeaway, Alcohol, Alcohol.
Excercise - Walking to the bus stop (10mins), walking back from the pub (10mins) per day.

I expect there's some science in there, but I can't figure it out.


At 3:01 am, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

Maybe it was withdrawal?

At 10:45 am, Blogger NiolK thought it was best to say...

If Quiet Riot changed their name to Quiet Diet I would buy their stuff.

While you're on a feel good healthy tip you should try this: 3 times a day(ie. Mornin, Afternoon & evening or whatever the fuck you want) take ten breaths with a ratio of 1:4:2 (Eg. Breath in over seven, Hold for 28, Breath out over 14 or any number you want once it's at that ratio) and you should notice a big change in your energy levels.

At 11:56 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Teri - It probably is.

Noilk - That looks like loads of fun to do, but I keep bloody forgetting. Promise I'll do it soon.


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