Monday, August 21, 2006

Not everyone is surfing, we're not in the USA.

My palms are lacerated, I have bruises all over my legs, my shoulders are in agony and I've got some holes in my feet about eight metres deep.

No, it wasn't some kinky sex adventure, but a great weekend spent on the beach with my brother.

I haven't made it down to the beach for a couple of weeks for the simple reason that it's just been too sunny. The summer holidays are still in full swing and that combined with the sun means that South West Wales is jam packed solid with tourists at the weekends. As a grumpy local, I loathe driving at 5mph behind an army of caravans and cars full of crying children. I ensure that all the windows on the car are safely closed, then I shout obscenities at the people quite happily cruising around, completely ignorant of the fact that other people might not be on holiday and don't have the time to be driving this slowly.

This weekend, however, was an absolute treat - it rained, heavily. I awoke early Saturday morning and let out a loud "Woo-hoo!", I ran downstairs in the similar manner to the little boy in 'The Snowman', but then tripped over our blind dog who's sight was miraculously restored just long enough for his snapping teeth to locate my ankle. My brother was milling around as well, he knew what the score was - we grabbed our wetsuits and bolted out to the car. We drove to Whitesands, donned our gear and ran into the sea. There were very few tourists around compared to a normal summer weekend so we had no problems with slow people or sand-hoggers. We decided to clamber around on the cliffs to find good platforms to launch off into the water below - we found some great jumps but the rocks were rather sharp which led to bleeding hands and punctured feet. Jumping from a high cliff into the sea is a great feeling, as long as you land properly, which I didn't on one occasion - I sustained a little whiplash injury, I've had worse.

Saturday night, we hooked up with some of the St.Davids crew and partied away the night. Sunday morning brought with it a cracking headache, but also news of some good surf coming onto the Gower, eighty miles away! The surf in Pembrokeshire was pretty flat so we decided to drive down to the Gower to check it out. I had a new board to try out and was really looking forward to it, but the sea absolutely destroyed us. The surf was pretty big as predicted, but it was so big that we could barely paddle out to even catch a wave. That combined with my aching body from Saturday meant that I had to swim back to shore to catch my breath on more than one occasion. We ran into a couple of my brothers mates down there who had the more sensible idea of bringing kayaks with them. I'm three hundred times more adept with a kayak that I am with a surf board, so I took out one of their boats and had a good surf session. Paddling out in a boat was half as hard as on a board, so the big waves were actually used to ride on rather than drown under. A few hours in the water had cleared up my headache but had physically exhausted us, time to go home.

Monday morning, I'm feeling it even more than yesterday. There's an even bigger swell forecast for Thursday so I'm hoping I can recharge some of my energy by then.


At 3:00 pm, Blogger Clearlykels thought it was best to say...

Oh my goodness! That sounds like quite the experience. When the surf is like that I perfer to sit on the beach in the sand and just watch everyone else. I am glad you had fun. Take some painkillers. Get some sleep and get ready for next weekend!

At 6:08 am, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

Sounds like a wicked weekend to me.


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