Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Same again?

Monday morning.

The alarm on my phone was telling me that 7:45am had come around, I greeted the news with open arms and a giant smile... okay I didn't, it was more of a "For FUCKS sakes" followed by a groan. I'd only got to bed a couple of hours earlier. My mouth felt dusty and dry like the inside of a 3000 year old sarcophagus, which of course had been opened and I was now cursed to feel like a blundering idiot for the day. I slid out of bed, spent a couple of minutes locating my socks and then walked straight out of the door (after walking into it). It was a quick walk to Cardiff central station, where I sat and collapsed onto a bench to wait for the train. I had a quick glance around to see if I could locate my random Monday morning friend, Claire, but she wasn't around to talk to so I just drifted into a coma-like state and continued to wait.

Finally the train arrived, I hopped aboard after whispering any swear words I could think of at the people that were in my way. It's not that I was in a rush to climb aboard, but people on the train at that time in the morning always seem to be five minutes behind where they wanted to be. They all pile out of the train and push past eachother, trying to be the first outside the station and the first into their office. At the back there's always the small person with the biggest suitcase, struggling to get it out of the door, no-one offers to help of course, they just shake their heads disapprovingly.

On the train, I located my favourite seat and fell onto it. It's a seat right in the corner of the carriage, it's the darkest area and there's zero risk of someone resembling King Kong climbing into the seat behind and kicking it every two seconds. Within a couple of minutes I was asleep, I'd soon be back in Swansea and everything will have calmed down again.

This is the usual Monday morning routine when I've spent time in Cardiff. Only hours earlier I was tucking into the rarest of steaks, there was blood everywhere - I was eating it because I was drunk and I was hungry. We'd had another bbq, Steve was the host this time again, it was pretty busy and a whole load of George staff were already there chatting away. Charlie , Oz, Mads and myself went along but were later joined by Dave and Simon who'd been off gallivanting somewhere else. As usual with this bunch of people, the laughs kept on rolling throughout the evening. My favourite line of the night was from Dave, who suddenly came over all serious...

Dave: Steve?
Steve: Yeah?
D: Can I ask you a question?
S: Okay.
D: I want you to answer seriously.
S: Right.
D: Seriously okay? It's a personal question.

At this point everyone had tuned in, eager to hear Steve bare all.

S: Go on then.
D: Now, a lot of people say 'no' to this... but I want the truth.
S: Uh huh (looking slightly worried)
D: Okay. Steve..... Do you own a hover-board?

The room went silent for all of two seconds while everyone tried to process Dave's sentence, then it erupted into a roar of laughter, I was on the floor.. my stomach muscles were as tight as they'd ever been - I was laughing so hard. I think Dave tried to explain his question but no-one was listening anymore, all you could hear in between the laughter was the occasional "What the fuck?". Oz gathered himself together and lit another spliff....

It seemed to be the theme of the weekend again, randomness, beer and stupid jokes. Great. Saturday saw the boy wonder, Sud, come up to Swansea. We sat in the sun, drank beer all day then walked the five miles to the Mumbles where we met Huw, Tom the Swan and the lovely Lanette (who is visiting from Texas - the sixth bl*gger I've met in person now!). Sud and I were quite well on our way when we found everyone, but it was a pretty fun night all the same. I was in full-on party mode and talked like there was no tomorrow, followed by walking down the street greeting all the girls that walked past with a swift palm to the arse - they all pretended to be annoyed but secretly enjoyed it I'm sure...

I don't know how much later we left but we'd lost Huw, Lanette and Tom so Sud and I decided to walk home after getting a curry. We walked back along the beach, or at least what I thought was beach. I'd wandered onto the mudflats so my trousers had become caked in mud, then when I found my way onto the dry sand, it of course stuck to the wet mud... leaving a nice sandy paste behind. This mixed with some of the earlier curry meant that my jeans were in a little bit of a state when I came round in the morning... nevermind, eh? It's all in the name of good fun.

Same again next weekend it sounds. Wales also play Argentina so I'm pretty excited about that with all the young players going on tour. It should be a good one.


At 12:22 pm, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

I love how your stories contrast the difference between Monday mornings and the weekend that led up to them.

At 3:06 pm, Blogger Cleavers thought it was best to say...

I hope you didn't leave the house to catch your train in just your socks?

At 2:34 am, Anonymous Cecilia thought it was best to say...

Hi Curly! The last paragraph of this post – yes, sport again - led me to a small investigation and saw that Pumas and Wales are to meet next Sunday in Chubut (Argentina). Here I paste an article which you might find interesting.


I hope you enjoy it!

At 5:02 am, Blogger Captain Bee thought it was best to say...

"okay I didn't, it was more of a "For FUCKS sakes" followed by a groan."

^ You are my twin separated at birth.

At 10:48 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Neal - They are two different worlds, completely.

Cleavers - Reading back, it does sound as though I did. But, I was already wearing the rest of my clothes!

Cecilia - Thanks for the atricle, they're playing in Puerto Madryn so I'm pretty excited about the game due to the Welsh connections with the area. They're also playing again in Buenos Aires on the 17th June.

Bee - Yeah, I've noticed many similarities. Although I've calmed down a bit since I was 21, just a little bit though.

At 2:09 pm, Blogger Chris thought it was best to say...

Godamn I want a hoverboard. Although I'm less keen on being Michael J Fox. Not that he could ride one these days (oooh..too soon?)

At 5:26 pm, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

What? Why were you laughing? That hover-board question was serious!

You set that up perfectly!


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