Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Brain Drain.

Whilst being 100% hungover on the train this morning, my mind was buzzing with ideas for posts (I've never had that before!). However, I've decided to not post any of them at all because they all require brain-power, I'm low on that at the moment. Plus, I've forgotten them all, remembering stuff is pretty hard too. Yesterday I came up with an AMAZING riff and some pretty good lyrics, but I'd completly forgotten how the song went by the time I got near a guitar. Damn. What I find most annoying is that the majority of my memories have been replaced by the first ten seconds of Guns n Roses' Paradise City, over and over again until it hurts.

There's been an unusual amount of forgetting going on recently and I'm a little concerned about it to be honest with you. Recently I have...

  • Left work and got home before realising that I hadn't brought back any work stuff for the next day.
  • Driven to Ebbw Vale for work, but have forgotten where Ebbw Vale was. I didn't find it for two hours. It's a 25min drive.
  • Forgotten to eat for two days.
  • Forgotten the Kings birthday.
  • Stood outside on my street and not recognised a single thing about it, I couldn't even figure out which city I was in.

None of that has had alcohol involved. Alcohol was heavily involved however, on the weekend in Cardiff. That kind of memory loss is completely normal and once again the shitty phone camera has been in overdrive again. We pretty much spent the entire weekend in Phaelon towers, eating, sleeping and partying. On Sunday evening I'd inadvertantly caused a party... It was 11pm and the pub was closing down, I turned round to Simon and Gaz and said
"Err, boys... I think I've organised a party round your house later.."
"How did that happen?" asked Simon.
"I really don't know... but there's loads of people coming over in about an hour - we'd better get some beer"
"Shit... yeah" Simon nodded in agreement.

Finding booze after hours in Cardiff wasn't a problem, although £54 was a little bit steep for two slabs to be delivered. Ouch.

As well as all that, I've been doing things like this...

Chatting to two ex-miners in a town right up in the Welsh valleys. We talked for an hour in the sunshine about coal mining, politics, cars, coal mining, women, coal mining and the weather. They wanted a photo of their little garden which is going to have a road built through it within a few months. They gave me an Orange. Cheers boys.

Having a piss-up in a brewery, just me, my boss and the guy that owned it. Great.

Standing in the rain in Ebbw Vale. It was miserable. Nice little place though. Steel from Ebbw Vale built the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 44000 red engineering bricks from nearby Beaufort support the Empire State Building while Southampton docks stand on the crushed slag from Beaufort ironworks, and did you also know that a dodgy burger from Ebbw Vale made me feel sick? True story.

Stumbling out of the Students union in Cardiff.

Blaming my pounding headache on these boys, they're funny.

I've forgotten what else I was going to write.

Take me down to the paradise city...


At 1:51 am, Blogger Afe thought it was best to say...

...where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...

Vintage man, vintage. Am I getting old yet?

At 2:23 am, Blogger sarah thought it was best to say...

I don't really have anything to say about the post except it seems like you have a bad memory. :) I was reading your header and it made me think of something I had seen earlier today which you might be interested in: http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/?p=1282

At 4:35 am, Blogger Neal thought it was best to say...

It's never good to have a song stuck in your head, but there are certainly worse tunes to dwell on. I hope you recover well from the festivities.

At 11:10 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Afe - My little sister loves Guns N Roses, she's 13! Those songs are going to be around for a LONG time yet...

Sarah - Thanks for that, I'm always interested when it comes to Nelly!

Neal - It's a cracking tune yeah, but when you've only got one part of it looping around you're head, then you're in trouble. I've mainlu just been singing the drums.... doof dush doof dush

At 9:20 pm, Blogger Teri thought it was best to say...

Whenever I forget anything I blame it on either Mad Cow Disease or a brain tumor...

You've gotta find a scapegoat!


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