Thursday, March 30, 2006

Further Proof

I do not like to stand out.

I do not desire attention.

I do not love large parties.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've just done one of those personality test things to pass some time.

I apparently display the following traits:-

expressive, open, self revealing, loves large parties, loud, social, outgoing, does not like social isolation, assertive, social chameleon, positive, always busy, likes to fit in, likes to stand out, enjoys leadership, brutally honest, trusting, optimistic, desires attention, dominant, aggressive, attachment prone, wants to be understood, realistic

Most of it said - Talks a lot, and is generally loud. I like to fit in AND stand out? I'm attachment prone... I haven't been attached in... a while. I want to be understood, for the life of me I can't figure out why. Dominant and aggressive? Not really. Enjoys leadership? When I'm put in charge of people, they end up in the pub and chaos usually ensues.

So, most of it's balls really. The rest can be attributed to a large precentage of the worlds population.

At least it's killed 20 minutes.

Ho Hum.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've been busy not doing anything recently, apart from the usual not-staying-still-for-two-seconds and talking a lot.

The Six Nations finished a couple of weeks back, Wales finished a dismal 5th (of six). A rather spectacular fall from grace seeing as we ended up on top of the pile last year. A brief glimmer of the dazzling style of play appeared in the final game against the French, but it wasn't enough and we finally went down 21-16.

Paddys day was a good'un this year. I had planned to avoid Cardiff for the final day of the Six Nations, three rugby matches in a row is not healthy viewing. The Rugby part of it is fine, but it's the drinking marathon that’s part and parcel of it that's the killer. I headed to the big C despite this on the Friday to check out a band my brother had ordered me to see, Adequate 7. A few too many silky smooth pints of Guinness, a dance and a sing-song in Dempseys prevented me from actually making the gig. I'd dragged a few mates out but no-one else was especially keen to see the band, bar Oz, who will watch anything as long as there's alcohol served somewhere. The trouble with having such a varied appetite for music is that not many people will have the same tastes, making it hard to find company to gigs. The night was awesome all the same, the highlight was the large French contingent (in town for the rugby) feeling a little left out with all the Irish-themed celebrations, started to sing La Marseillaise. Up for a laugh, the Irish and Welsh joined in as best they could (humming rather than singing) and before long - everyone in the bar was on their feet singing (or humming) their hearts out. It was a special moment!! The night was over after I decided that I had stepped on enough peoples toes whilst 'dancing'.

I took a trip to Bournemouth with me Mam. My Nan had been admitted to hospital for a bypass operation in her leg, not especially nice to go through at her age (around the 84 mark I think). We turned up at visiting hours and sat listening to her complain for the entire time, then went home again. I was initially worried for her but I was put at ease by the fact that she complained for so long, she was still very active and had all her wits about her!

The long drive back combined with a crap sleep on my Nans sofa (and a lack of alcohol) brought on some sort of nasty illness which pretty much disabled me for the best part of a week. This weekend was a welcome break, a time to chill out and recuperate - something I haven't done for a long time. We visited the Surfs Up exhibition in Swansea museum, trying to kick-start our appetite for surfing ready for the summer. Next up, a new board...

We headed back to the house and settled down in front of the TV for the Scarlets game, they'd called it off because the pitch had turned in to a pond. Bang went Saturday evening.

Sunday, back to the folks house in the hills for Mothers Day. The day was spent mainly sleeping. Exhausted.

Yesterday included a trip to the dentists, and it was an all together odd affair. I sat down in the chair and was greeted by the dentist, who two minutes earlier, had pulled up in his car, opened up the surgery and rushed inside...

Dentist: Hi, Open wide
Curly: Aaaaaa
Dentist: Okay, Left upper 1 through 7 (or general dentist speak)
Curly: ... (thinking about badgers, or something)
Dentist: Ah, there's nothing wrong with you - get out.
Curly: What? That's it?
Dentist: Yeah.
Curly: Oh, okay. Bye.

The whole check-up took under 20 seconds. He took the same amount of time with both of my sisters. We all walked out feeling a little bemused. It was great that there was nothing wrong at all but we felt as though he didn't really do a thorough job and he didn't inspire a great deal of trust in me. It brings into question whether we can really trust some healthcare professionals? Maybe he was fine, his approach was slightly different that I'm used to but it was refreshing to see all the same.

Oh yeah, while I'm here - Can you recommend a song/band for me to listen to? Anything will do, I'm feeling that I'm getting stagnant listening to the same CD's over and over again. It's a good time to expand my musical horizons I think.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Ah, I make myself laugh so hard sometimes.

Completely unrelated though:-

Why do you think people read your bl*g? I want answers, from everyone.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welsh Film Club

I've been rolling around laughing for the best part of the last two hours reading some of these Welsh-related films on the Scrum V message board. Plus, I'm too ill to think of anything else to post. I need a blydi pint.

Sorry, but you probably won't get most of these if you're either:-

a) Not Welsh
b) Don't have any knowledge of Wales
c) From Ammanford

Crocodile Tondu
Haverfordwest was Won
Look Back in Bangor
What lies Be-Neath?
My left Saundersfooot
The Cruel Swansea
Caernarfon East of Java
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dolgellau
The Hot Splott
9 1/2 Leeks
Trefforest Gump
The Lost Boyos
An American Werewolf in Powys
Huw Dares Gwyneth
Dai Hard
The Wizard of Oswestry
Sheepless in Seattle
The Eagle has Llandudno
The Magnificent Severn
Austin Powys
The Magic Rhonddabout
Seven Brides for Seven Sisters
Welsh Connection
The Bridge on the River Wye
A Beautiful Mind-you
The Welsh Patient
The King and Mair
The Sheepshag Redemption
Breakfast at Taffynys
Evans Can Wait
A Fishguard Called Rhondda
Where Eagles Aberdare
Dial M For Merthyr
Merthyr Rising
The perfect Stormydown
Gone With The Wind St.
To The Celtic Manor Born
Total (network solutions) Recall.
Barry-on Camping
The Hunt For Red's Rugby Coach by October
Debbie does Dowlais
Trethomas Crown Affair
Maesycymmer burning with Gene Hack......Mun
A Mun for all seasons
Twp Gun
Risca Business
Flat Holm Alone
llansantffraiday the 13th
My Fair llanidloes
Evans Horizon
Resolven dogs
The Good The Bad and Llanelli
The Day Of The Jack
Apocalypse Nantgarw
The Dai Hunter
A Few Good Menai.
Abergavenny Which Way but Loose.
Bedwas & Broomsticks
Pembrokeback Mountain
Dai Another Day
Men in Blackwood

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Visual Entertainment

I've whacked up a hell of a load more pictures. Because I can.

Here - The weekend just gone. (Warning: contains violence)

Here - Suds Swedish Sojourn, back in October. (Warning: Contains spilt beer and a hilarious taxi ride)

and finally here - Bournemouth Uni summer ball, updated from June 05. (Warning: contains some Welsh male nudity - not THAT much though, I wouldn't put you through that)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's just like the old adage

Sometimes I sits and I thinks. Sometimes I just sits and think why the hell is that old woman looking at me funny from across the street? Is it because she's spotted the hole in my jeans and can somehow see my boxers? Oh no, I hope I haven't put my boxers on upside down again, that was nasty. Oh my god, she's still looking - there's definitely no-one else around here to look at. Why can't she just bugger off and feed some pigeons or whatever else mad women her age should do. Shit, I think she's waving... what the hell? Do I wave back? No! Don't! There's some normal people over there, they might catch you waving to the mad old pigeon lady - imagine the repercussions of that one. Oh crap, why didn't I sit in a different place. There's a bench just over there that looks fine - perhaps I could make a dash for it. It's closer to the old woman though...quick, think you idiot... what escape routes do you have? There's a pub behind you - get up and go inside, you can use the other exit to get away. She's stopped waving now, I hope I haven't offended her - oh crap she's crossing the road. Look at your watch, pretend you haven't seen her... crap. I don't own a watch, just pretend you do... ah, it's pretend time to go. GO GO GO. Hmm, the pub's remarkably full for a Tuesday lunchtime. NO TIME TO THINK YOU IDIOT - RUN! Make it look as though you're looking for someone though, just head for the back door. Blimey, that was close - now, back to the office. I wish mad people would stop approaching me, it's been happening all week.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Where are YOU now?

In the last week I've received seven e-mail invitations to join the Where Are You Now? network, the subject of each was a rather annoying "Hi :)" . I'd ignored the first six but upon receiving the seventh, I decided to see what the fuss was about.

I clicked the link which took me to the sign up page and the first thing I noticed was a message from my friend, Kelly, saying

Kelly wrote: "Join me on WAYN so we can share our contact links and keep track of each others whereabouts."

For starters, I know exactly where Kelly lives and her general whereabouts - and she's got a fairly good idea where I am through Hairy Tales and the occasional e-mail (which reminds me, I haven't sent her one for a while). Kelly probably didn't write that anyway, that's not the kind of language she would use. The rest of the page is filled up with boxes where I can enter all my personal details and quotes from a couple of guys named Carl and Raul.

"Hey Folks, Just wanna say this site is amazing and I didn't know you could meet so many people from around the world without walking out the door! It's Great!"
Carl, USA

"It's a masterpiece, just makes the world spin!"
Raul, NZ

A little enthusiastic but, fair enough. Although I have to say that I didn't quite agree with Raul, I have different theories about how the world spins.

After clicking the 'Join' button several times (someone had already taken the username Curly... imposters) I was then taken through a number pages where I could invite everyone in my address book (I'm sure they'd love that), upload the best photo of me I could find and to enter all my previous locations (I don't know why).

I'm then taken to my very own homepage. It's completely overdone, there are a million too many buttons to press and the constant movement of the advertisements is making me feel sick. I try my best to navigate around, I manage to fill in my (very limited) profile but it takes me a further five minutes to find the links to my friends profiles. Eventually I find Kelly, she's my only friend. I'd thought about adding some more but I've already taken twenty minutes out of my work day to get absolutely nowhere. So I log out.

What was the point? We already have endless memberships to on-line sites as it is; Newspapers, e-mail, online banking, Bl*gger... the list goes on. Then you get bombarded with invitations from other people to become their friend on Friendster, WAYN, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5... Surely we just haven't got the time to keep up with all these people and to remember all these passwords? Have we?

I am sticking firmly to Bl*gger. It does the job - I can keep an online journal of my activities and thoughts which everyone can read at their discretion. You don't have to trawl through endless pages of crap just to read this site, it's set up in an east-to-view layout, I don't lose sleep over who is my 'Friend' or 'Buddy' and there are absolutely NO advertisements to distract you. I write what I want and display it how the hell I like, you either read it because you're interested or you click 'next bl*g' because you're not. Easy.

I'm not going to become the Jehovas Witness' of the Bl*gger world and force my friends to join up because I think it's great. I'll tell them my address so they can have a look and if they want to come back again or even set up their own then that's wonderful.

Well, this is my WAYN homepage. Hans has also had myspace, bebo, friendster and hi5 accounts but they're never there for long.

Apologies to Kelly, it's not your fault - It's just that the seventh invitation made me snap.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is Charlie

He's probably the funniest guy I know. He made me laugh on more than one occasion last Sunday so he's earnt a place on Hairy Tales. Plus, he's been aching to get his face plastered on as many websites as possible...

He's started a bl*g - but has yet to live up to the mission statement.

All "Nice to meet you Charlie" comments in the usual place please.

There's a whole load of new pics up on spinningbirdiekick too. Clickedy Click on the picture frame in the sidebar - Only if you want to of course. It's mainly just a load of people pulling silly faces in a pub.

Monday, March 06, 2006

On a more positive note

The Scarlets beat Bath on the weekend - a cracking game it was too. Wasps also edged Leicester so we get the pleasure of playing them in the final after the Six Nations are done with.

**Update at 21:19**

I've REALLY cheered up since earlier - my bad moods don't come often but when they do, they disappear pretty quickly. My remedy? DJ Rap, The Prodigy and Vegemite Sandwiches.

Vocals for your heart, bass for your groin, beats for your feet and salty food paste for your, erm... digestive system.

Feel mega happy again.

Change of mood.

Okay, I'd just posted a nice post - but I've changed my mind and I'm going for something better.

I've been in a brilliant mood for the last few days as I've been down in Cardiff again. Today - The weather has changed drastically from last week, it's almost warm here! The sun has been out and even the clouds have been keeping a very low profile.

But I got back into the house in Swansea just now to discover an absolute bomb-site of a kitchen. I've lived in student houses before (haven't we all) in which you've been completely unable to find a clean plate and ended up eating out for the majority of the time, but I've moved on a little from that now.

So I came home to the damage done tonight, there is now only about six inches square of 'usable' work-top space and that's only because I've moved the kettle to the top of the fridge. The following items litter the kitchen:-

1 large cardboard box packet of Weetabix (Contents spread out for extra... annoyance)
3 empty 2 litre bottles of cider
2 packs of 6 sausage rolls, empty. Crumbs lie around the packets.
1 large bottle of ketchup (placed in a pool of ketchup on the side)
1 large packet of frozen chicken nuggets (on the floor)
2 open DVD's, covered in greasy fingerprints (WTF?)
2 empty cans of beans
1/2 donut
Enough pint glasses to quench the thirst of a five-a-side football team
Several (empty) packets of hot chocolate, choco-gunk surrounds them
ALL SEVEN large, sharp knives (covered in coffee)
Frrikin LOADS of Coffee granules on the surfaces (Who misses their mug THAT much)

The rest of the workspace is taken up with EVERY single effing saucepan, plate, bowl, item of cutlery (apart from the garlic crusher - person responsible can't use it), the frying pan, the (EXTREMELY greasy) baking trays and even my favourite wok. These items are not clean, in fact they effing MING. I don't know what half the shit is on the wok, but it didn't come off after poking it with a fork. There are screwed up paper towels everywhere (I'm far too scared to touch them - person responsible does enjoy his food, but hopefully not that much).

The sink is full of a brown/orange substance which varies in viscosity from "Yuk" on the sides to "Nasty bowel movement" in the middle. A couple of plates are dying slowly in there, put in to "soak" I presume - I can almost hear them slowly dissolving.

Add about a family circle box of biscuit crumbs scattered EVERYWHERE, and you've got an idea of how this kitchen looks.

There was no-one around when I came into the house so I let out a loud "For FUCKS sake" upon being greeted by the kitchen. I loudly went about cleaning up when I heard something shuffling outside the door, I stopped briefly and waited for it to shuffle again. I knew what it was though, Fatkid. He had obvisouly heard me throwing my weight about and thought he'd try and get away with creeping around. The sound that he makes when 'Creeping' though is akin to dragging a large wooden wardrobe containing an Oompa Loompas rave across a cobbled floor. He finally poked his head into the living room, he had left his archery kit on the sofa and hadn't counted on me being back before he left for Archery tonight.

Fatkid: Sorry about the mess
Mad Curly: That's okay. (I'm a nice guy, even when angry as hell)
FK: I was going to do it yesterday but I fell asleep (YESTERDAY?! It's been like this for more than 24 hours?)
MC: It's probably not just you anyway. (It couldn't be, that amount of junk food could feed three average people easily)
FK: Err, yeah it is. (His eyes are looking straight at the floor and he's starting to mumble)
MC: Fucking Hell! Are you serious? (I'm genuinely surprised by this, hence the swearing)
FK: Yes. Like I said though, I fell asleep and didn't get round to it
MC: You've been asleep since yesterday? It's six thirty - in the evening!!
FK: Yeah, I was knackered after going out on Saturday night. (Probably knackered after walking to the shop for more chips - and it's now MONDAY)
MC: Okay, don't worry. (I'd calmed myself down again)
FK: I'm going to archery now, but if you do clean the kitchen - I owe you one
MC: ....? (That's my rage building RIGHT up again)
FK: Bye (makes a surprisinly quick exit for a big fella)
MC: Tosser. (amongst other muttered insults)

That's it, I'm enraged. He owes me about a years worth of "ones" as it is, he's been making increasingly lame excuses for not cleaning over that period too. "I fell asleep" "I got side-tracked" "Star Trek was on". This takes the biscuit (if there were any left)

Gotta go actually, I'm too angry to be writing things on here. Can't be arsed to change spelling errors either. Gonna talk to some mates instead, and I'm going out to get some food.

Have a nice day folks!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I can't believe it's Thursday already! I'm very tired today so it's going to be a post with more pictures than usual. Great.


Scotland recorded a famous rugby win over England, the pub where we watched the game had a 10:1 ratio of English to Scottish fans but the Scots were backed up in large numbers by the Irish and the Welsh - the place erupted with screams of joy when the final whistle went.

The general Englishmans reaction to our cheering

Oz points to the bar as he explains how he's going to celebrate

Later that night we headed to the students union, some where I haven't been for almost a year. We used to crash the union every weekend for some cheesy music cheap drinks but recently we've just not made the effort - which is a shame as it's a good laugh in there. After the union I felt extremely peckish, unfortunately the first food joint we came to was a paticularly nasty kebab house. The kebab I had was probably the worst I've EVER had in my life (apart from the one I had when I was sober once).



Wales v Ireland, the Irish trampled all over us. After a bright start, we seemed to give up after 20mins, it wasn't particulary nice and it put a damper on most peoples spirits for the night - Apart from the Paddys, they loved it. I didn't feel like having a good night but that all changed when some of the other boys started celebrating Manchester United winning the Carling Cup 4-0. I don't like football at all but hey, it's an excuse to celebrate right?

Chris, Simon and Dave in their old skool tops

Sweden won the Olympic gold in the hockey, beating Finland 3-2 - that was another thing to cheer! I was initially supporting Canada but seeing as they had been dumped out of the running in the earlier stages, my second favourite Hockey team were promoted. Unfortunately I only got to watch about half the game as it clashed with the Rugby.


Not much happened really, I was still miserable after the rugby yesterday.


Pancake day! I spent the day in a windy, snowy, sleety, rainy, sub zero Aberystwyth. I suffer badly from "Day after the Day after syndrome" - Generally I feel fine the day after a big night out, but it's not until the day after that that I actually feel the effects... Basically, Tuesday is my hangover day. I wasn't too happy to be getting up early to drive up to Aber and then staying up there for a day wandering around the town in crap weather.

NOT how I actually felt

How I actually felt

But luckily, my parents house in the hills is on the way back from Aber so I stopped there and spent the evening making Pancakes with Littlest Sister - and they were AMAZING thank you very much!

The dog waits silently for us to drop the mixture

Perfect method for making pancakes - put the spatula on your head

Up Up and Away

Whatever I can do, sisters can do better


Dydd Gwyl Dewi, St.Davids day. St.David is the patron saint of Wales, the kids usually dress up in traditional Welsh costumes and everyone wears leeks or daffodils to celebrate the day - unfortunately the daffodils weren't out in time this year and all the schools were closed because of the snow. I did take a bite out of a leek though.

Traditional Dress on St Davids Day

One of the advantages of living anywhere slightly remote in Wales is that you're probably going to get trapped at home a few days a year when the snow comes - that's exactly what happened today. Instead of heading back to work in Swansea - we built snowmen, had snowball fights and refuelled ourselves with hot drinks before heading out into the snow again for more fun!

The back garden

Still hassling me for food

The Road - cleared later on by a farmer with a tractor. Well annoyed.

Back in work today, the sun has come out and melted the snow in Swansea, but it's still too bloody cold*

*Braces himself for comments from Canadians, Scandinavians, Scots and South Pole residents. "You think YOU'RE cold?"