Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another Quickie

My current inability to string too many sentences together means that I'm having to do some short-sharp blogging at the moment.

I was reading Maces' site just now, and after looking at one of his photos of a yellow bus, it reminded me that I'd not yet posted some of my pictures from Nova Scotia last year. So I've put them up here if you're REALLY interested. For a good laugh, have a read of Maces' blog too (Especially the Terror Alert Post).

I've been ultra social recently, despite claiming that I was going to give it a break until Boxing Day. Last Thursday, Andy and I had another session in Swansea. He was annoyed with me in the morning for 'making' him go out drinking... I didn't say a word. He just assumed that I'd want to.


Black Friday, was our works Christmas Lunch. If you've never experienced Black Friday before, it's usually the last Friday before Christmas where EVERYONE gives up work for the afternoon and goes out for a few cheeky drinks. We pitched ourselves in a bar on Swanseas notorious Wind Street at 1pm. We were steaming by 5pm, at 8pm I had managed to get home with a grass stain down the side of my jacket and mud all over my shoes. There isn't any grass on the way home from town.

I was extremely poorly. I got up, had a shower and got on a train to London. (doh). Clapham was the destination, old Uni mates Tash and Dan were waiting for me when I arrived - also accompanied by a double Sambucca. Ooh. We went to a bar called the 'Peoples Rubublic' in Clapham, and immediately took over the place. I was the only loud Welshman in there so I behaved like a total Superstar. The bouncer was extremely chuffed when I bought him a drink (it was cold outside) and shook my hand everytime he walked past!! I was on first name terms with the bar staff and the manger Jake was up for a chat too. Dan and myself were sick of yakking to rich kids in the bar (We noted that we didn't have to talk about ourselves at all as these people were all too happy to talk about themselves and how much they earnt) so I phoned a few friends that I knew in the area and soon enough, more people turned up including my old housemate Helen and my good friend Conor - Everyone else in the bar must have been thinking "Who IS this guy, why is everyone talking to him?"

We ended up in a club called Infernos, inside I bumped into more Cardiff folk - One particular girl, Lindsay, saw me first, grinned and just said "Bloody Hell" before walking off!



As I ended up staying near Tooting Bec I had to get back to Clapham to find my clothes from a bin outside Tashs' house (long story). For the rest of the day I just watched the Ospreys game. I was SO angry at the result, but it was good to see a niggly game on a Sunday. I missed the Scarlets match due to some small London game on instead. I'm glad I didn't see it in the end as Wasps absolutely slayed us 48-14. I caught the train back to Cardiff, on which I saw Lindsay again (Saying nothing again but shaking her head in "Oh my God, not again" fashion). I arrived in Cardiff at around 9pm. I then proceeded to head to Lloyds bar with Osian, where we stayed until 2:30am. Some of the George staff were inside too, so we all had a good laugh!

Dying a little bit.

Damn, I wrote more than I planned to. Nevermind.


At 6:16 pm, Anonymous chesswithdeath thought it was best to say...

ah, Tooting Bec, know her well!

This time of year is the pits for socialising, Swansea in itself is scarier than Bosnia on a bad day. Office parties, ooh dear. Yep, Black Friday - happy xmas = 15 stitches!

At 6:36 pm, Blogger Me Over Here thought it was best to say...

I want to know the story of you and Lindsay...

Oh, and P.S.--Just because you asked, if you really want a Christmas present from the Lone Star State, just let me know. (And, of course, this would mean you'd have to give up your mailing address to some strange girl, but dems da breaks!)

At 6:56 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Chess - Agree, Swansea isn't the best place this time of year. Luckily it was all over for me reasonably early! Saying that though, I've only been out in Llanelli (excluding beers on rugby days) twice and received a black eye on each occasion..!!

MOH - No story with Linds, she knows too well what I'm like when I'm out and I've seen her randomly numerous times recently. I did have her and four of her friends in bed with me once though.... there's a story for ya! A photo exists somewhere.

Don't worry about a pressie, I was only joking! Thanks very much for offering though, very kind of you!

At 9:23 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

Holy cow. I'm moving to Nova Scotia.

At 11:58 pm, Blogger mona thought it was best to say...

You know life is good when you're being ultra social and you keep bumping into people you know, kinda gives you a "homey" feeling- [as in you feel at home not "yo you're my homie!!!"]

At 9:37 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Cope - Nova Scotia isn't bad eh? I wasn't quite expecting to get sunburnt when I went!

Mona - I agree with you, but I would love to get the "Yo you're my homie feeling"!! ha ha!

At 5:54 pm, Blogger Cleavers thought it was best to say...

Infernos, man, I've done some stuff in there, mostly ugly. It was my local haunt for a couple of years as I could conveniently stagger home.

At 7:28 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

Ooooh, Infernos. I went there once. Bad loud music, a tenner for the pleasure of merely walking through the door, and scene of one of my most triumphant womanising episodes. Mixed feelings then...

At 7:29 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

Umm. It wasn't Cleavers I womanised by the way. Pretty sure.

At 1:19 pm, Blogger Astrid thought it was best to say...

Nevermind is not the game I would like to play right now. How about doing a game of Mastermind, Curly? And I guess Tash didn't know how to appreciate your knitted Reindeer-sweater, huh? I prefer snowmen too.

At 6:35 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It seems a couple of you have experienced Infernos' - I had heard it was fairly promiscuous place!! But a Tenner though?! Bloody Hell.

Astrid - You're right, I guess I'll have to buy some more white wool for next year to make the snowmen! A game of mastermind would be nice, although I have played too much Pictionary already this weekend!

At 10:18 pm, Blogger deanne thought it was best to say...

Oh man. I'm exhausted just from reading it!

I think I need a lie down.


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