Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Into the mix

It's been a busy one folks. The highlights are mostly covered in my last post.

I went to Cardiff on Tuesday to see an old mate. Dan is from Leicester and we went to Uni together for a short while, before I left after virtually disabling myself with alcohol - I had a cold from December 2001 until March the following year. We had a good time catching up and exploring the new bars of Cardiff. Tiger Tiger has opened up recently - the new 'luxury' bar. Being the social chameleons that we are, we strutted up in our glad rags and minced around drinking cocktails with the rich and famous (some random rich woman and Lote Tuqiri). The Phaelon boys had all dressed up in Christmas jumpers (sweaters, for YOU lot) which went down a storm in the club later, magical is the only way I can describe it.

The next night I was moshing it up with the best of Cardiffs' Indie crowd in Clwb Ifor Bach. The Phaelon Four provided most of the entertainment for the evening, as did the boys from Attack & Defend. We had a run in with the Ninja, a local celebrity mentioned recently over on Copes' site, dressed in full on Egyptian garb and in full on 'Staring' mode (pics to come hopefully).

Thursday, Thursday. Hmmm. Thursday was beers in the house, and a drink in the George. But we were all dying on our feet so decided to go home and pass out.

Friday, back for round two in the George. We had much better success this time around, we had sufficient energy to have a good laugh. We headed into town and to the Lloyds bar. But, finally ran out of energy and Charles accidently blew into an ashtray which caused ash to fly everywhere and it poisoned our drinks as a result. We took some photos for good measure to make it look like we were having a good night!

Saturday, up bright and early for some lovely fried breakfast. This is where we discovered that Mr.Miyagi had passed away, we were all pretty gutted, what a legend. Back at the flat, six of us consumed in the region of 65 (large) cans of Carling, 24 bottles of Grolsh, a bottle of wine, half a bottle of vodka, 6 subways and one slice of pizza as we watched the Scottish and Welsh rugby games. Not only were we very drunk but our game was extremely entertaining, which made for excessive celebrations including the spraying of some gone-off squirty cream - my clothes still stink four days later. We headed into town again, the casualties mounted as the night drew on. We ended up in Barfly, which absolutely took off as there were so many people we knew in there (plus plenty of J├Ągermeister). I found myself a mile away typing a girls number into my phone at 3am, forgetting her name at 3:01am and at 3:15am I was playing guiter in the street with two random girls. That was pretty fun but it must have been a bit chilly, my Beer Coat was done up tightly though. 4am, I was in Osians flat trying to explain to the police that Osian had passed out (He thinks he was mugged, but probably just wrecked). 4:15am, I was blogging and e-mailing, after that I was tucked up in bed safe and sound.

2pm Sunday, I came back to life. Corrected all the spelling mistakes on my blog from the night before, check my e-mails and nodded to myself contently "Ah, so that's what happened last night"

Sunday, we had our un-official Dinner Club, at which some pretty tasty Fajitas were served as we watched Point Break, one of my fave films - cheesy, but I love it! I declined a golden oppertunity to see the Prodigy play an apparently blinding set in town that evening. But I was shagged out and could only just keep my eyes open. Still, I took advantage of the new drinking laws and went to a pub to meet Greggers and Myffanwy at midnight, I just sat there and listened to them rave about how good the Prodigy were. Then, over to Phaelon towers to watch Back to the Future II - I flaked in the middle and headed back to the flat.

A manic week over.

Oh yeah, and it snowed.

Lazy Snowman

Snow at home

Also, interestingly, in relation to a previous post, I had a fortune cookie on Friday which said:-

You mind is in a state of growing dissent, which only travel will satisfy


Sorry for making you read all that folks, I'll get the pics - they tell a better story I think.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

You remember the time...

..When licensing hours were finally extended in Wales, when George Best died along with Mr Miyagi and Richard Burns. (Not together, that would be something special, but around the same period)

Rest in Peace boys.

Remember the time when you thought you were talking to Kele from Bloc Party but it was infact Lote Tuqiri? You didn't notice he was built like a brick shithouse and had an Aussie accent did you? Was it something to do with the butt-naked drunk girls on the stage?

And what about the day we beat the Aussies?

And remember the time when you met a great girl but forgot her name and you mis-typed her number in your phone?

Remember the time you amlost cried with disappointment, whilst laughing at the whole situation?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Negative, Sir.

Well, I've been far too positive recently.

To be perfectly honest with you, I haven't been positive at all - that's not the type of person I am - but I'd almost tricked MYSELF into thinking that all is well and that my life was just great at the moment.

But growing inside of me for the last four or five months, has been a big grey cloud of doubt. This happens to me every now and then. At first it's nothing, just a slight sensation that not quite everything is as rosy as it seems. Over a period of months it inflates into attacks of anxiety and I just HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!.

The last time this happened, I was living happily in Cardiff one second - The next I'd uprooted and hiked over to Canada. There was nothing particularly wrong with the situation I was in. I had a great social life, a regular job and there was always plenty to do in Cardiff.

The previous time was how I ended up in Cardiff in the first place, travelling up from Newquay in Cornwall.

Newquay was the result of an attack too. One day I just packed my bags, drove to Newquay for a weekend - and ended up surfing and partying for four months on the beach.

And I can keep tracing this trend back to when I was 16 and I had travelled to Germany for the second time with friends. Something inside of me must have twigged, "Hold on, there's a giant world out here and I need to see it - Now." Maybe it's due to the secluded upbringing I had. A farming community of less than 100 people didn't ever spring many surprises on me, and didn't give a huge range of experiences. I all but gave up on my schooling and concentrated on saving money to get out again.

So, here I am - 23 and still being driven by some feeling that I had when I was 16. As of tonight I've decided to finish my college course, what work will make of that I don't know (as they're paying for it). I'm not going to be too fussed if my current employers find that they no longer have a need for me, although I thoroughly enjoy working in that particular office.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see an old friend from Leicester (who happens to be in Cardiff and needing a drinking partner).

We'll have plenty to catch up on and to philosophise about.

Wish me luck, I met regret this later in the week.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get Up, Recover.

On the night of November 5th, throughout Britain, we commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with bonfires and fireworks, and by burning an effigy of Guy.

That's NOVEMBER THE F-I-F-T-H, not before, not after. So would the idiots in the Swansea area PLEASE stop setting off fireworks, nearly two weeks later - it spoils the occasion. It's akin to dragging out Christmas for 12 days.

Brief rant over, I'm a little tired so you'll have to excuse me for my short fuse and explosive temper regarding the matter - I'm that type of Guy. (Puntastic!)

I had a rare, relaxing weekend in Swansea on Saturday and Sunday. The rain of the last month or so has subsided and the clouds have disappeared, causing the temperature to drop considerably, finally! The clear skies and crisp air on Saturday night spurned me to go on a fantastic night-time walk along the beach. Despite one of the beaches being right next to the city, it's a rather nice walk. My destination was a small tourist town called 'Mumbles', about 5 miles away from city centre.

Mumbles, takes its name from the French word 'Mamilles', or 'Breasts' in English... which describes the shape of the rocks at the end of the bay. I only discoved this on a trip to the brand new Waterfront Museum on Saturday afternoon. I would hate to think what people on the street thought as I wandered along murmering 'breasts' and chuckling to myself like a ten year old boy.

One good thing about living in one of Europes most obese areas is that absolutely no-one else was on the beach at 7pm, brilliant! The stars were out, the Moon was bright - its reflection shimmering in the dark water of the sea and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore all made it rather romantic. Especially as I was treated to several (late) firework displays all around the bay. But I was on my own, so I just thought "Wow, this is a great night to have a fire and drink a couple of beers". I reached Mumbles about 1 1/2 hours after setting off, the pubs along the Mile were filling up with the usual crowds but I wasn't joining them tonight so I turned around and headed back - to the smokey, cheese-littered, militaria adorned flat (I can't be bothered to explain, and it's not a Chain-smoking Nazi Mouse, Huw and Cope).

Sunday, invigorated by last nights walk. I headed out again with Andy up Kilvey Hill, about 2 miles walk from my house. It was another fantastic day, it was a shame that I didn't have a camera really. We took a while finding the path up to the top of the hill but after a brief (but scary) detour through one of Swanseas rougher estates, Bon Y Maen, we found the path and headed straight up and perched ourselves on a rocky outcrop where we could take in the fantastic views of Swansea and the bay.

We descended as the sun was disappearing behind the hills, then decided that we needed a pint to put the calories back on. We headed to the 'Pub on the Pond' for A pint, which of course descended into a giant piss-up, being as we are, weak willed.

Tonight, it's the Welsh Club in Cardiff. The Martinis and Attack & Defend are playing. All of the boys are going, some of them are celebrating the music video they made for hotly-tipped local band, the Automatic, reaching the dizzy heights of MTV2. Check out a not-so-good-quality version of the vid here.

Phew. That was a long one. Right, I'm off to make some peanut butter sandwiches.

The view from my office

Friday, November 11, 2005

Holy Crap.

That was close. At least I had a gorgeous woman either side of me for the eighty minutes, the only talent around it seemed.

The Scarlets boys did well though.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Winter is on it's way

Well, it's been raining for the approximately the last two weeks. I've been soaked through about five times in that period :-

Three of those times I had forgotten my jacket.
Once the rain came down so hard, it almost pierced my coat.
The fifth time, I just decided to have a walk in the rain along the beach, which I enjoyed thoroughly but not as much as I enjoyed the hot chocolate afterwards.

Yesterday we had even more fun in the rain. We travelled out to visit some construction projects with college in West Wales and of course, it was the same day that the weather man said to watch out for floods. We visited a bridge over the river Towy that was currently being built, the designer looked a little panicked as he had designed the bridge to be 8.8 metres above the river - today the river was 5.5 metres higher than usual and was continuing to rise... Good thinking boys.

After the second site visit, we had great fun driving through a giant puddle that half-submerged the car. We made it halfway through the puddle when the car started sounding a little weak, we feared that we would have to swim the rest of the way (Well, I actually HOPED that we would have to swim as that would have been far more fun). After our trip through the puddle, we decided that we couldn't find all the other students and assumed that they had all got washed away so we decided to go home. I didn't fancy sitting in my room in Swansea watching all the cars splashing people on the side of the road, I did the sensible thing and went to the folks house where I could go for a long walk and get covered in mud!

In my last post, I was harping on about how I had such a great ticket... we received a walloping. The Kiwis absoulutely destroyed the Welsh 41-3, and it wasn't a very nice match to watch. Things started going wrong when they went to unfurl a GIANT Welsh flag from the roof of the stadium - it didn't unfurl, it remained tangled up throughout the Welsh national anthem and the Kiwis roaring laughter was almost louder than our singing. Oh dear. I did see Owzy O! though, albeit very briefly as the pub was too loud and too busy (at 12pm) so Eirian and myself re-located to a quieter bar until kick off.

Daniel Carter pushing aside the Welsh with apparent ease on his way to becoming the worlds best no.10

The weekend was an okay one with a couple of house parties, a rugby match, a ferret and me cooking a curry for some friends. The previous weekend was far better, I hadn't counted on that too much. Last Friday I watched The Crimea play in Barfly with my brother - they were absolutely amazing, I thoroughly recommend. A party followed. Saturday was a pub day, Sunday was a walking day and the Monday was a Subways gig in Cardiff Union - pretty good stuff but I was a little too tired to enjoy it which was a bit of a shame.

Up and coming is another rugby match - Wales play Fiji on Friday, we might win that one... Next Thursday, The Martinis and Attack & Defend are playing in The Welsh Club. I'm heading down for that to give them my support, and to have a bit of a drink and a bit of a dance of course... I may even ask them to dedicate a song to Huw.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hands up...

...Who has one of the hottest tickets in Wales this Autumn?

*Curly puts hand up in the air with great enthusiasm whilst grinning uncontrollably*

Saturday, 4pm - I'll be in the Millenium Stadium singing my little heart out along with 70'000 others. I'm not talking at all today to ensure my vocal chords remain intact for tomorrow.

Let's hope it's as good as last year.

The All Blacks perform the Haka

Brent Cockbain on the wrong end of a shoeing

The man with the never ending name, Joe Rokocoko, zips past everyone at top speed on his way to the try line

Stephen Jones evades McCaws' long reach