Thursday, October 13, 2005

I want to hear something I haven't heard before

Wow, almost didn't mention it today... that was a bit redundant seeing as this guy had such a large influence on my musical tastes.

It was John Peel day today, all day. Peel has been a friend of youth culture since ever since he took to the radiowaves with his trademark ability of discovering new musical talent ensuring that, whether you like it or not, you heard it. He played music as it actually is: an unholy mess, a mixture of old and new, some bands having sold millions and some who've never seen more than a four-track. It made a lot of sense.

Peel died last year and today marks the anniversary of his last broadcast on Radio 1.

He introduced me, and thousands of others, to a completely different world of music. It was on his show that I first heard punk rock, and I kind of liked it. While most other kids listened to Queen or New Kids on the Block at the age of 10, I was taking in the delights of the Buzzcocks, the Undertones and the Clash amongst others. Throughout the nineties, as I rather naively thought my musical horizons couldn't expand any further, I'd listen to his show and he'd produce a record that just refused to be categorised by anything I'd previously heard. A real talent.

John Peel - Sorely missed

Throughout the day, people payed tribute to the man by staging hundreds of gigs throughout the UK and beyond. The radio has been full of tributes and rightly so. I still miss his voice in the evening, a sure sign that no-one had a clue what he was going to play next, a great feeling!


At 6:32 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

I think its been amazing on the radio this week, just how much they have really paid tribute - was amazing.

I read in the paper this week about his memoirs, and how he'd been raped as a child in school, (been a horrid week as also had a 3hr child abuse lecture this week).

At 5:26 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It's not the nicest experience is it? Apparently the guy that raped him is still seen about the place, but his family won't release his identity.

Your child abuse lecture sounds interesting, was the aim to make you aware of it or to actively take steps towards stoppping it?

At 9:15 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Not allowed to stop it. Have to be able to recognise signs of different abuse, and then as soon as a child tells you something, explain that you need to pass it on, and let the School Child Protection Officer know.

Was really horrible, and he (the Gwent police detectiveman) used names so made it much more real. Talked about so many situations and was so sad, cried :-(

Why do people do it, whyyy


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