Wednesday, September 21, 2005

...with a bump

Well, I've reluctantly made it back to Wales - I will work through the back-(b)log of posts in the next couple of days I hope.

You gotta love the Irish jokes eh?

So much has happened in the last three weeks, it's ridiculous. It's frustrating that finally, after waiting too long in my opinion, I've been filling my life with some truly enjoyable experiences but I've been so busy doing that, that I haven't had the time to sit down and blog about it! The whole reason that I started blogging was to record the good times (and bad, just to balance everything) so I can look back and smile wherever I am in the future. Details are already a little sketchy - after three weeks of no real posts.

Beautiful Uppsala

The journey back was almost perfect, I left Uppsala at 11:10am (GMT) and arrived in Cardiff at 12:00am (GMT), with the only major waits were in Skavsta airport (1 1/2 hrs) and London Paddington (1hr). The tubes/trains/buses all departed within minutes of me boarding them, which was nice! I'm not sure about yourselves but I've always preferred to travel with as little planning as possible - flights can't be left too much to the last minute so I'll arrange them well in advance. It saves getting disappointed when the bus drives away before you get there or the train gets delayed. It's also a far more exciting I think - you never know what's going to come next. Will you get home tonight? Will it really impact on everything if you don't?

So, I was supposed to end up back in Swansea but as luck would have it, I received a phonecall as I was approaching Cardiff:-

Greggers: .......
Curly: Hello?
Greggers: ...Mate...I'm wrecked..
Curly: Okay
G: Where the fuck are you? Come to the pub yeah?
C: I'm a bit tired, it's midnight, I've just had a long journey and I've got work first thing in the morning
G: Loads of us are out.... it's fucking amazing....*something incomprehensible* come to the bar NOW!
C: Okay then, not staying too late though.

What a silly thing to say. I got to the bar shortly after midnight (complete with rucksack and smelly clothes) and finished a couple of pints with the boys.

"The boys" are a large group of lads that I spend my time with, there are too many of them to name and "The boys" can range in size from 2 of them, to near on 20. They're all from Pembrokeshire and frequently get drunk and cause mischief. Only last Tuesday they broke into someones' house and stole 9 tea bags from the kitchen - the Police were waiting for them as they walked outside. They all had to sign a form, admitting to the crime of stealing 9 tea bags...

This particular night, the Boys numbered about 8 and were all completely smashed after an evening in the pub going through the entire range of alcoholic drinks on sale. They dispersed shortly after my arrival but I stayed with one called Simon to finish off some more beers. 1am came around, and it was definitely time to go to bed. I got round to the boys flat to find that four more of them were inside, equally hammered as the other lot but not as rowdy. There was NO chance of getting to sleep it seemed. The clock told me that it was 3am and that I had to get up at 7am for work. The numbers back at the flat increased further, it seemed a full on party was rearing its ugly head - luckily Eirian wanted to leave and he had a spare bed at his house... so a mile up the road and 3:30am - I FINALLY got to bed!

I'm a little zombie-like today in work, luckily my co-workers think it's all down to a lot of traveling. I'm thinking of not mentioning a completely unplanned drug, music and alcohol fuelled session until 3am (well, just alcohol and music for me anyways).

It's nice to see the boys again but nothing has changed much - two weeks wasn't long enough away it seems!


At 9:18 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

The thing that stands out for me most here is that you go to bars that don't close at 11 p.m. Why in my day... (commence old folgey-type talk here)

At 9:33 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Well yes, this particular bar is open until 2am, even on weekdays it seems!

I'm also used to the 11pm type of bar but I'm slowly (ahem) coming round to the new idea of late-late drinking.

At 1:03 pm, Blogger Laura thought it was best to say...

smelly clothes - the present that every half decent traveller brings back for their mum.

and surely, at 2am, shouldn't it technically be called early-early drinking?

At 3:01 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

For my mother?! You're joking! She'd make me eat my smelly clothes if I asked her to wash them!

I spent all night last night doing my washing, when any normal person would have gone straight to bed!!

There is a fine line between early-early and late-late. E-E is for me 7am and onwards while L-L is 11pm-7am. Others may disagree though.

Nice to see you back around!

At 7:03 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Keep blogging! I wont be able to read for few days til am online at house, but look forward to LOTS to read!!

At 11:57 pm, Blogger Laura thought it was best to say...

AH. My mother washed my smelly clothes. Twice, in fact, as they were THAT smelly.

*hangs head in shame*

At 10:20 pm, Blogger Astrid thought it was best to say...

Haha .. so how did the word C O F F E E sound to you on this particular day? Like a refreshing plunge in the ocean with your favorite trunkers on?

At 11:47 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Coffee sounded great on that day! But I was far too tired to get out of my seat to make any!

I contemplated making a coffee bean sandwich for lunch, but couldn't find any coffee beans.


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