Thursday, August 25, 2005

A small dilemma

Andrew Gregory, aka The King, is a very good friend of mine who's well known for having lapses of reality every now and then. One of his outstanding moments was accidentally getting onto a TERMINATED train in Cardiff which went about a mile down the track and parked up for 4 hours!

He's got himself into a bit of a pickle this time round...

The King and I were due to travel up to Hartlepool (about 7 hours and 320 miles away) for one of our best mates, Jims, wedding on Saturday 3rd Sep. The King, Ginger Geordie Jim and myself all shared some great times in Cardiff and we are all looking forward to the wedding very much.

The King had also bought tickets for the extremely rare event of Wales v England football in the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff. These two countries have only met once in football in about 20 years despite being next door neighbours. £400 (US$720, 588 Euros) has been shelled out for a single ticket in Kings case. But as it's such a rare occasion, it's easy to see why the prices are so high on ebay.

Guess what's coming next? Yep, They're both on the same day yet 300 miles away from eachother...

This is a very tough decision to make for my foolish friend. It's possible to make both, if we leave Hartlepool as soon as the ceremony starts.... we MAY make Kick-off in Cardiff.

I'm unable to help him at all in his decision, as much as I want him to go to the wedding. I'm not a football fan but you can totally see his point of view, if you substite 'football' for 'your favourite sport'.

Poor lad.


At 2:07 am, Blogger mr. tomas ubik thought it was best to say...

futball futball futball

is this a question

At 9:46 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It is unfortunately!

It is one of our very good mates' wedding which isn't to be missed really.

You don't know anyone with cheap helicopter rentals in the UK?

At 12:45 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

As much as I'd love to be in Cardiff, surely it's got to be the wedding. Surely? Oh, I don't know.

I reckon if you wait till a few days before the match, you could offload them for a ton of cash...

At 2:46 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

I would have said wedding too, especially as he could make money on the ticket if he waited a little while as you say Huw. I had suggested this to him but his view is that he doesn't want to sell it!

Most blokes have said that football is the obvious choice but the fairer sex seem to think that the wedding is far more important.

It would have been okay if he'd stated that he couldn't make the wedding initially. It's a situation which I hope none of you are silly enough to get themselves into.

At 8:22 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

Well, considering national statistics, your friend is more likely to get married again before England and Wales meet again. So, it would seem that football is the more intelligent option.

But let's be honest, the only team that can fuck up a match worse than England is Wales. Most likely the match will be an exercise in hurt for Welsh fans.

The booze will be cheaper at the wedding and The King scores himself friendship points that he can use for life: "Can I borrow £100? No? Remember when I gave up Wales-England for you?"

At 4:31 pm, Blogger mr. tomas ubik thought it was best to say...

haha "considering national statistics, your friend is more likely to get married again before england/wales meet again". haha again.

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Those are very wise words Mr.Cope!

I think I've persuaded him to give up the football, mainly using the arguement that we're going to lose badly. At least he can see us play them in the Rugby next Feb when we stand half chance..,

I'm also putting forward the 'free booze at the wedding' - I think he's coming around to the idea!! I phoned him this evening (Monday 29th) to get a descision but he was in the middle of a Beer-filled water pistol fight...

I love my mates!!


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