Thursday, August 11, 2005


Invigorated by the appearance of the sun and a rather tasty slice of home-made cake, he takes to the blog-waves again...

In a day a I probably average about 2km in trips to the water cooler at the end of the corridor, not only to quench my thirst but to break up any monotonous work and to meet some new and exciting people! I love chatting to people as I make my trip to the kitchen, I don't know anybodys name but they are all very nice I can assure you. I'm not sure if it's just me that does this or not but I'm quite happy giving people names that I deem appropriate, rather than finding out what they might be called. For example, the bar staff in our local pub had names such as Smiley Girl, Cutie, Kevin Bacon, Ed Fishguard, Sister no.1, Sister no.2, The Predator, Isle of Wight Girl (who just looked like she was from the Isle of Wight..) etc. Theses names are still in use today, despite me knowing them all really well after about 2 years!

I've started giving new names to people around the office, which I find very amusing. It's something to break up the day eh?

It could be related to the Welshness though. For those not in the know, in Wales there used to be many families with the last name Jones, Williams or Evans (amongst others). They are still popular names but they have been diluted in recent years. As there were so many people with the same names, it was hard to distinguish them so they were often named after their professions.

ie the Postman might have been called "Jones the Post", while the Bank manager would have been "Jones the Bank"

It's all very interesting but I wonder if this was just confined to Wales? Hmmm.

It'd be cool to find out if YOU have any cool names for people or whether you are sensible enough to ask them their real names. I know that some girls do this towards other girls who are generally prettier than them, but that's just horrible, isn't it?

**Ah yes, the title of the post. My bottle of water states on the side "Designed only for Volvic natural mineral water - DO NOT RE-FILL" I've refilled the bottle lots of times today, and not noticed any ill-effects? Perhaps a fairy dies every time I re-fill?**


At 2:15 pm, Blogger Huw thought it was best to say...

Me and my posse totally used to give names to all the people on our course who we hadn't spoken to or only knew a little about when I was at Uni. Eventually we got to know them, and it was a struggle to stop using the nicknames intially. We also discovered most of them had their own nickname systems going on too, so have a think about what these people you mention might be calling you...

At 2:43 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Yeah, I guess quite a few people have their own nicknames going.

I found out that 'Smiley girl' and the other bar staff had previously called me 'Smiley guy' - that was pretty cute - one of the nicer ones though I'm sure!


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