Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Curly is...

Results from Googling "Curly is". Meme from Chris' Blog to fill in time while I think of something to blog about...

Curly is a smaller unregistered liver curly type dog in Australia that has been around since the turn of the century
Curly is moderately angulated front and rear
Curly is the rebel, the artist, the bohemian, the clown, the outsider, the mystic: God's Holy Fool
Curly is a brave dog not willingly to back down from fur or feather.
Curly is the only likeable one, a truly rare human model
Curly is an original folkfunkcountryrock Australian three piece band
Curly is located at the former site of La Cocina
Curly is both sturdy and elegant
Curly is also an outstanding upland
Curly is a rare breed, not many litters are whelped each year
Curly is potent and powerful; he is part of society and turned toward wholesome things


At 3:04 pm, Blogger mr. tomas ubik thought it was best to say...

i just tried to do the same thing but all i got for eano is was:

european association for neuro oncology


my blog profile.

*cancer whAT?

At 3:22 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Whack in the "" around Eano Is and you'll get some more results, but yeah - yours mainly comes up as Neuro Onocology.

Most of mine are about a type of Australian dog and a guy that seems to be a Holy fool? May have to look into that.


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