Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cardiff, the bane of my health.

So, my non-drinking had turned into before-noon-drinking after a feeble 12 days.

I'm surprised that I even managed to last that long really! Over the last (almost) couple of weeks I've still gone to pubs, but resisted quite well. I've declined parties, drank copious amounts of soft drinks/fruit juice, avoided friends that could easily tempt me onto the alcohol (most of them) and generally been a good boy. I've discovered some new pubs around Swansea with Andy - he's recently split up with his girlfriend and it's been great having him around again! Andy is the only one of my mates that lives near Swansea, he's actually based in Llangennech near Llanelli but that's not too far away. We've located a number of studenty pubs (for when term starts again in September/October) and also some nice REAL pubs - for sunny afternoons or rainy evenings!

But, it all fell apart as soon as I got off the train in Cardiff. I got round to the boys flat and found Bledd and Alun on their way out to the pub. We went to Royworld (Spin) to meet Jonny Focus (nickname courtesy of the car that he drives and probably loves more than his mother)

**Slightly interesting side-note : Just googled for the images of "Royworld" , a Cardiff bowling Alley/Bar on City Road, now called "Spin" - and was very surprised to see that the only link was to Owzy O's hyperdoopelator!**

Jonny was very drunk and wasn't the best company for three sober lads. Still, we had a few games of Table Football, Bledd won man of the tournament for being the only one that was any good. Onto the George for more refreshment, not many of the bar staff left as students disapear for the summer. Scouse and Aled were working but we didn't get much of a chance to chat as it got pretty busy later on. The Phaelon lads joined us along with Chris of the Martinis and a couple of lads from Attack and Defend. Good times were had by all but Bledd, Alun and myself had to head off to rest as we had to get up early (06:30) in the morning to guarantee a table in Varsity for the Lions game at 8:00!

Saturday was one of the most retarded days I've had for months - started drinking at 7am and just got really steaming. Watched the Lions, they lost but I didn't care as I really enjoyed watching NZ play such delightful football! We spent most of the day at Lewis' house in Canton drinking cans and eating gone-off crisps (yum). We ended up in Clwb Ifor Bach where we were on our very last legs, and we finally crumbled at about 2am.

Sunday, spent most of the day feeling sorry for ourselves. I just watched films all day in between trips to have conversations with the toilet bowl.

Monday, decided to take a trip home to Llandeilo in the evening to visit the folks. Mam cooked a lovely curry and I felt sufficiently fat. Yum!

The most popular view of Llandeilo, near where my folks live

Back to Swansea this morning, very tired but I'm looking forward to my weekly shopping trip to Tescos tonight! Hooray!


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