Friday, July 08, 2005


So, the Terrorists have successfully attacked London and the most vulnerable of targets, the underground. It was inevitable but no-one could have predicted when or where it was to happen.

Heaps of praise goes to the emergency services, they were reportedly on top of the situation before most commuters even knew what was going on. Despite over 30 people being killed and hundreds more injured, the Brits have been remarkably calm about the whole thing. Perhaps people have always been prepared for it, or it could just be put down to that traditional British resolve? It made me smile when one BBC reporter said:-
"..The streets have been cleared, the pubs are full..."

The pubs were actually full as people tried to use the payphones or to watch the TV to see what was going on but, I just like the idea of someone saying "Shit, Terrorists again - pint anyone?"

I think that that's a trait that British people can be very proud of, while obviously angry, worried and confused, they can remain calm and can still make light of any situation. One girl that was interviewed had blood coming from the glass wounds in her leg and had her face covered in soot, was describing the incident with a big smile on her face and sounded very up-beat! She almost cried when she mentioned others still in the tube but the smile came back at the end of the interview. It's re-assuring to see that.

The London bus in which thirteen people died

What fucks me off no end though is the fact that some of the hotels have been charging double rates for the night! That is just sick. there have been reports of someone paying £270 for a £65 room. Fucking pathetic.

Some Muslim communities were very quick to speak out against the attacks - which I think is a very wise move. After September 11th, racial attacks on Muslims (and infact many ethnic minorities that weren't white) increased significantly. Still, there are people fucking stupid enough to attack anyone that they preceive as a 'terrorist'. I hope to hell that no-one else is killed or injured as a result of these attacks.

Tony Blair echoes the thoughts of every British person, we will not be intimidated.


At 8:30 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

As someone pointed out on my blog, London is hard as nails. It was good to see that the underground (limited service, though) was already up and running Friday. All of the papers here showed pictures of people who were calm, whom you knew would carry on. It was very comforting to know that although the Brits have all the support in the world from us here in the States (me especially), they don't really need it.

At 12:54 pm, Anonymous Christopher thought it was best to say...

"Shit, Terrorists again - pint anyone?"



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