Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lazy Days

What a manic weekend!


The sun came out big-time on Friday, it was bloody roasting (by Welsh standards anyway). I received an e-mail from Andy at about 3pm in work that was titled 'Beach', a huge grin appeared on my face and I didn't do any work at all after that! I ran (almost skipped) out of the office at five and went back home to get changed. Andy appeared a bit later and we both drove down to Tescos to pick up some BBQ supplies - yum.

**Sidenote - The women around Swansea were stunning on Friday**

The Sun was still beating down, everyone looked happy and Andy was happily singing as we drove down to the Gower. We were approaching the village of Rhossili, the sun disappeared behind a HUGE bank of cloud and that's where it stayed until 24hrs later! We decided to have a barbecue anyway so we sat on top of Worms Head and started cooking some lovely burgers and sausages. Almost as soon as we'd lit the thing, a rather cold sea mist rolled in... this wasn't looking promising. On top of that, we'd forgotten essentials like knives and tongs so we replaced them with Store cards and my keys which ended up being covered in butter and very greasy respectively! Still, we had a bloody good time! Got back into Swansea and decided to go for a couple of drinks to round off the evening - no sea mist in town luckily. Town was a little quiet as most people were saving to go out on Sunday night instead.

Worms Head - It looks like a worm...


Today I had every intention of just going to the beach and staying there all day until I got sunburnt but, it was raining (bluddy typical). Just as I had resigned myself to staying in bed until after mid-day at least - I got a phonecall from Bleddyn:-

"Mate - we're going to the beer garden in St.Davids, the weather is lush!"
"Piss off" I replied, "It's raining"
"Not here it isn't" He said.

And before you could say "Chris, you can't afford it", I was on my way to Pembrokeshire! And sure enough, by the time I had arrived at Haverfordwest (only 57 miles away) the sun was out and there was only one solitary cloud in the sky! Amazing! I then got the bus to St.Davids where I discovered Greggers, Eirian and Bleddyn sat outside a cafe with nice cold pints in front of them. There was no hesitation in getting mine! So, we spent the afternoon drinking in various places. My Sister even appeared for a little while (as she works in the cafe on the beach at Whitesands near St.Davids occasionally). We all had the usual laughs, my sides ached all night from laughing so much! I did get punched by some bloke at one point though, suppose it was my fault really for trying it on with his girlfriend... It would have been nice if she had told me that she had one though!! No harm done though, blokey got thrown out and banned for a while and we all carried on having a good time.

A bit of an odd thing happened on the way back, we were taken home in a Yellow New-York style taxi which had a disco in the back... There was a glitterball, some flashing neon lights and a good little sound system. It was all a bit too much for us though, I'm sure the driver would have turned it off if she could hear me shouting! We got back to Bledds' house at about 2am and sat drinking brandy and listening to his Dad telling jokes until about 3am - funny!


We were all feeling extra special today, the weather was even more stunning than Saturday. We all got up to discover that Bledds' parents were organising an almighty BBQ! Bledds parents are tenants on a farm right at the end of Pembrokeshire which is owned by the National Trust. The farm has got some stunning features, the house is pretty big but the coastline and the general scenery is amazing, they've even got their own private beach! It took a couple of quad bikes and a car to carry all the food and all the people down to the spot which was overlooking the sound between the Mainland and Ramsey Island. We set up camp and started cooking, well, we just drank beer and went fishing while one of the 'adults' cooked. We spent the entire day there just eating, chatting and drinking - it was absolutely amazing! I managed to pick up my first sunburn of the year, on my feet rather than my nose which is usually the first place to get burnt.

BBQ spot indicated with huge red arrow

In the evening I went back into St.Davids with Greggers to go to the Farmers Arms again. A couple of Greggers cousins, Dai Price, and a guy called Mark were already in there so we joined in with them. It ended up being another really good night, everybody had a laugh winding up all the tourists who had come for a nice quiet pint in a 'quaint' Welsh pub. Greggers has a new toy in the form of a dog Whistle, so he enjoyed winding up the tourists dogs with that. We ended up in a party at the Twr-Y -Felin centre until whatever time in the morning. I was seated next to a rather large Alsatian for the majority of the time which was quite scary but it was a nice enough dog! Someone found a Hula ring so that was the cue for a Hula-competition which no-one cared who won it as we were all laughing so much! We were chucked out of that place so we decided to go to a campsite to see what was going on down there. People were still up sitting around a picnic table in the dark so the remainder of us (we'd lost Tom, Jimmy, Mark and Greggers somewhere - Greggers apparently fell asleep in the car park, he'd heard us go past in the dark but couldn't be bothered to get up!!) sat and joined in the chat until the wee hours.


Back to Gaz's house in the morning, where I found Greggers at last - I wasn't entirely worried but he hadn't disappeared for an entire night before!! Greggers and I caught the bus back to Haverfordwest where we chilled out back at his house with Bleddyn and Greggers sister, Caz. I got back into Swansea at about 7pm and made myself a lush Curry again (sorry Aarti, no Okra but just really hot Jhalfrezi!). I went to sleep on Monday night with a huge smile on my face after a brilliant weekend!

The OTHER days

This week (so far) in work has been pretty quiet, the boss is away on holiday so it's been relaxed to say the least!! It's raining too, that's always good when you have sunburn. I think I much prefer rain to the sun, mainly because you only have to share the entire beach with about 6 other nutters!

Rugby coming up this weekend and I'm getting a little too excited! I watched Le Rygbi last night and I was very happy to see both Stephen Jones and Gareth Thomas playing so well for Clermont and Toulouse resprctively. Steve is now in New Zealand with the Lions but Gareth is still stuck in Toulouse unfortunately - hopefully he'll get released soon as I'm sure he has a vital part to play over there.

Gareth Thomas of Toulouse (left), Stephen Jones of Clermont Auvergne (right)

As well as the Lions first game of the tour against Bay of Plenty, Wales play USA in Connecticut on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone performs!

I'll definitely be staying in my house all day Sat after getting my landlord to upgrade the Sky subscription to include sky sports just for the Lions tour. This also means loads of Aussie Rules too! Hooray!


At 4:15 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

Looking forward to how everyone performs? That's optimistic. A good 80 percent of the American game is kicking away. As soon as we get pushed into our 20 we kick away. We seem to be under the impression that we are better conditioned and can wear the other team down. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Unless Wales is coming here intent upon making us feel better about our poor state of play, I doubt it will be worth watching.

At 5:16 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Well,I was trying be to sportsmanlike about it! As much as I want to see the USA do well, I'm really keen to see the young Welsh guys doing better!

I love seeing rugby developing in lesser rugby nations though - USA have huge potential though, as do the Canucks. If they put their minds to it, they could be very successful!

Good luck though!!

At 11:44 am, Blogger Laura thought it was best to say...

That was all far too much for me to read (short attention span) so I just looked at the pictures. And very nice they were too! i also noticed that not only am i linked (!) but a bit of a re-jig has taken place! very nice!

At 12:54 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It was a bit too much for to type! I'll try to do a bit less/have less fun this weekend!

Yup, had a re-jig as I've been getting bored in work and have decided to mess around a little!

At 7:05 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Laura's right, you've written tonnes - who are you? Me??

The bit about using ur keys and store cards at the bbq? Yuk yuk yuk!!

At 11:52 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Just back from Catalunya - well it seems wales did open up the game, Canucks up next...

i haven't sen any of the rugby mind - has it been any good Wales or lions...?

At 12:28 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Alright Owz? Wales rugby brilliant - excellent display, looked a bit shaky for about 15mins while new caps found their feet but good all round.

Lions - very enjoyable match, BoP provided a great challenge while Lions played quality attacking rugby for first and last 20mins!!

Looking forward to hearing about the trip on the blog.


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