Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Funny weather

Well all that hot weather disappeared almost overnight, the storms rolled in and the rain lashed down last Thursday. A couple of houses nearby were stuck by lightning, causing significant damage. I was woken up at 5am by the thunderclaps so I just opened my curtains and lay on the bed watching the storm unfold (One of my favorite pastimes - watching storms) until I got back to sleep again.

I heard from my sister in Glastonbury, she'd just avoided the flooding luckily. They had a large pond outside of their tent on Friday morning. Her mates weren't so lucky in the tent next door, about two inches of water had gathered inside! I asked about some of the band playing on the John Peel stage to which she replied "I didn't go to that stage, we spend loads of time inhaling laughing gas from balloons instead" It's great to hear that my little sister is doing so well!

Saturday was the first Lions test, 21-3 to the Kiwis. A dire game from the Lions in dire weather conditions. Three words echoed around the Welsh valleys at 10am Saturday morning - "Told you so".

The Lions picked themselves up from that to destroy Manawatu (a 2nd Division team) 102-6. Ickle Shane, the diminutive dancer, ran in 5 tries, a record equalling amount for the Lions in New Zealand - brilliant. He also picked up another Man of the Match award for the Welsh, I think that brings it up to six on the tour so far, not bad! The second test is this coming Saturday, the main talking points being that Shane, Gavin, Ryan Jones and Simon Easterby are in the starting line up in a far more promising side than last week. Finally Woodward is starting to see sense, Jason Robinson still shouldn't be there though...

Shane goes airbourne for his third try of five

On Sunday I went with Andy to the beach at Llangennith, the sun had come out again! We sorted out a BBQ and headed down at around midday. It was a fantastic afternoon, chilling on the dunes, eating burgers & sausages and looking out over a lush beach. Brilliant. We went for a couple of cokes in Swansea in the evening - a generally good day I think!

This week has been pretty quiet itself, lots of work to do and no money to spend I'm afraid.

An empty wallet, like mine

There were more storms last night, not as much lightning and not as much rain but they were cool all the same. As I'm running out of material, here's a picture of some lightning -just in case you've never seen any before.....

Lightning shown may not resemble that in Swansea the other night


At 6:24 pm, Blogger Chris Cope thought it was best to say...

A Division II team? That's just cruel. Perhaps Division II is a higher level in New Zealand than it is in the U.S. For their sake I hope so. I played for a Division II team. I played flanker, and I can just imagine the fear I would have on kickoff, chasing the ball through the air and hoping to deliver the first tackle against the Lions. I think I've soiled myself just thinking about it.

At 8:18 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

NZ has rugby has 5 'Super 12' teams at the top, followed by The NPC (National Provincial Championship) and then Divison II I think. The Lions were sponsored by British Insurance Giants 'Zurich' while Manawatu had to make do with 'Tonys Tyre Service'... Says it all!! But yes, most people would brick it with that lot running at you I think!


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