Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The usual for Bank Holiday.

Ugh, it's hot outside and just plain sweaty in work today. I would normally have the door open to let a breeze in but everyone else seems to spend there time yakking directly outside the door about "What a lovely day it is today" - "SHUT THE FUCK UP!".

Just having a little bout of the rage (not to be confused with le rage) - lost a little bit of sleep after my clock (CLOCK) was a little messed up after the extended weekends exploits.

I had every intention of staying in on the weekend and was just going to go shopping in Tesco a little more than I usually do, just to pass the time. But, it got to Friday evening and my weak will was exposed once more - I rushed home after work, cooked a lush bangers n'mash and ran to the train station. I only just caught the train, getting on it about 3mins before it left. Don't you hate it when you run down the platform like an idiot, jump onto the train and sit down, huffing, puffing and sweating - and then the train waits for another 10 minutes? I've only ever done that once, but now I take a more leisurely approach and take great pleasure in watching everyone else panicking as they run past me. I take great pleasure in watching other people, everyone's done it - just sitting on a park bench or in a bar, watching the world go by. It's a great pastime I think - my head just operates in a different world to everyone else so I usually just pretend I'm not there at all, it makes it more fun!

So, went straight to the George, it was bloody hot on Friday night and the pub was roasting - making the beer taste SO much better! Eirian, his brother Gaz, Paddy and Bobby came to the pub too. We just sat back, enjoyed our beers and slowly got hammered - perfect! On to the students union again - not much happening there. Some guy started giving Gaz lip, "not another fight" everyone groaned, before any fists were thrown though, this bloke, in all seriousness, had challenged Gaz to a dance off!! It was fucking hilarious, Gaz cleared a huge circle of people on the dancefloor and they both started throwing shapes in the middle of it! Most of the people in the club stopped what they were doing to watch the competition! Gaz ended up winning by a country mile and the other guy just skulked off! I almost died with laughter when I saw Gazs' winning move - it was a kind of One arm behind the head, the other on his foot, jumping, running, spinning move... Incredible!!!

Saturday, started the day with my infamous 'hour of power', I woke up first at about 10:30, then woke everyone else up by running round the house singing. Once they were all up, I just slumped on the sofa and drifted off to sleep again. In a (crap) attempt to avoid drinking, I went for a walk around the lake with Helen (old housemate) who'd appeared in the union the previous night. We both agreed that it was too hot to be going for a walk so we went to the pub instead (doh!). Felt mighty popular walking around today as loads of people were saying "Hi Chris" as they walked past, Helen asked "Who the fuck was that?" most of the time, "Just mates" I replied. Didn't let on that most of them were barmaids in the George... So, got rid of Helen, found a load of the boys in the Social bar. All were well on their way with the Demon juice, drinking games encouraging biblical volumes of drink to be consumed d were in full flow. I refused to join in and sat quietly on the sidelines, nursing a pint or two. Got fed up in the end and decided to go back to the George so I could find some sober people. Instead I found two of the staff, James and Steve - just getting started on an adventure into drunken unconsciousness. I wasn't going to miss this one, so I joined in the rounds. It was all very good fun I have to say! Wasn't too bad at closing time, Steve notice this and bought us 4 bottles of Orange Reef (Yuk!) each to get rid of before we left - I managed to stay Okay-ish until about 15mins later when we got back to the boys house and watched Spiderman 2 accompanied by more beers and a spliff. I was slumped in a chair for the duration of the film, which was moving awfully quickly - I couldn't keep up and had to keep looking away to stop me from throwing up! Charlie (yep, George staff) came back towards the end of the film and the poor lad had to put up with me talking crap until it was time to go home (as everyone else had passed out). I was coming out with 'Gems' such as when Kirsten Dunst put flowers by a grave, I shouted "Daffodils don't grow in Autumn! Silly mistake" - they probably weren't even daffodils but it would have been a good criticism of the film if they were.

Left Steves and James' house at about 12:30am to discover a lightning storm overhead - there was not rain, just lightning - it was so cool, I had to ring everyone and tell them to look out of their windows and the "Amazing flashes" - I don't usually smoke weed, and that is the reason for it, I turn into a retard.

Sunday was a slightly more constructive day, got back to Swansea relatively early in the afternoon and did washing, made nice food and generally cleaned up my room a bit. I watched Scrum V to catch up on all the weekends rugby. The Scarlets pulled off a good game (for perhaps the second time this season) and demolished the Dragons 49-19 at Rodney Parade. We now go on to play the Ospreys in the Semi finals of the Celtic Cup as a Henson-less team knocked out Ulster. Andy (from Llanelli) came over at about 8pm, and we descended into the chaos that was Swansea city centre on a Bank Holiday Sunday - it was BOUNCING! We had such good fun in the bars of wind street, thousands of people were out enjoying themselves - I LOVE SWANSEA!! It's just more of a raw type of fun rather than Cardiffs sophistication (strong word, but it is sophisticated compared to Swansea). We retired early to get a curry in, which was delicious.

Monday, as we had a day off, Andy and myself decided to get down to the Beach at Llangennith. It was quite warm, but a little rainy. Loads of surfers and windsurfers around - that beach is always busy with watersports folk whatever the weather! Had a nice walk, went exploring and almost got cut off by the tide but just about survived intact! After all that exercise (?) we went to the Kings head at the top of the hill and had beer and grub - lovely!!

The Kings Head, Llangennith - one of my favourite pubs in the world (that I've been to of course)

Knackered after all that though, but didn't sleep as I had got used to going to bed at 4am again. Will probably recover in time for next weekend!


At 10:57 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

I didnt even see the lightening, it was still going on at 2ish on Sat night. My brother kept pointing it out, but me and my friend Arti were too busy talking shite and kept missing it.

At 2:51 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

I had some real shoddy beer from Llangenith - other wise it's a nice place!
I think I know what you mean about Abertawe but , cardiff sophisticated? come off it!?

At 2:15 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

I did say that it was a bit of a strong word...! But you get what I mean?

The Kings does some nice beer in my experience - not anything special but they occasionally come up with a gem of a pint!

ARV - you're lucky I didn't have your phone no. otherwise you would've been on the dialing list...!! "Aarti - look at the sky, it's AMAZING - so bright..etc."

At 8:46 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Actually perhaps I should give you my no - Im so dizzy, even if i wasnt drunk that night, i'd have missed it!!


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