Thursday, May 12, 2005

A fine return to form.

It's been quite hectic recently, lots of exciting adventures to various places in South Wales! I went home for the weekend and chilled out for a bit. The weather was a bit shitty but it was nice without the noise of cars and various other city type sounds.


I spent Saturday watching Rugby, S4C had scheduled rugby non-stop throughout the afternoon which was nice. I watched the Konica Minolta Cup final between Llanelli and Pontypridd. It was a cracking match, not the best rugby but it went right down to the last whistle after Llanelli had staged an amazing comeback in the second half. It'll surely get more people interested in Welsh Premiership rugby for next Season.

The next program was 'Le Rygbi' S4C's weekly roundup of the game in France. That was shortly followed by the big one.. Scarlets v Ospreys in the Celtic Cup semi-final. But I didn't watch that as I'd hot footed it down to Stradey Park, home of the Scarlets. I loved every minute of being there, I haven't been to watch a Rugby game live for years. We started off pretty shaky, Shane made a couple of breaks and Matt Rees put 12 points on us. A try created by Dwayne Peel and scored by 200year old prop Jon Davies kept us within 5 points at half time but the game was won in the Second half in the form of the latest in the line of Quinnells, Gavin. He's about 6'7" and weighs 21 stone - he ran through several people to clinch the winner. Killer blow was dealt by the left boot of full back Barry Davies, who kicked a 52 metre penalty to put us out of reach of a spirited Ospreys team. They can't win everything eh? On to face Munster in the final this Saturday.

Ickle Shane. My Mam said "ooh is that the rapid runner boy?" yes, it is.

Line Out

The Final Score

During the game, ran into Owains brother Gwil who was collecting money for the Llanelli Warriors tour to New Zealand. I've never met Gwilym before but I recognised him from Owains blog - must be weird when someone comes up to you and claims to know you from the internet....?!

Afterwards, had a few drinks in Llanelli with Random Andy. Took a piss next to Gavin Quinnell - (the second famous rugby player I've had a piss next to after ex Wales Captain Stuart Davies). Swansea city Football club had also got promoted on Saturday so Andy was running round chanting all his Swans songs. One guy was stupid enough to shout "Cardiff Cardiff!" back - it got a bit heated but luckily a typical football-fuelled scrap was avoided by me dragging Andy away. One girl earlier on in the evening had said to me "I'll see you in La Luna", which I thought was a rather odd thing to say. La Luna could have been a club or a kebab shop for all I knew about Llanelli. And how did she know I was going? Turns out, La Luna was a nightclub and the ONLY one in Llanelli at that! No wonder she knew I'd be there. Still, as expected it was shit, so we left.


Went back home again and just relaxed all day. The weather had picked up nicely and there was quite a bit of sunshine around. Mam made top quality food once more and I happily gorged myself in the culinary delights.

Watched 'Scrum V', the weekly rugby highlights programme on the BBC and discovered that I had a whole 5 seconds of just me on the TV while I was at the game on Saturday!! Cool. I was looking a bit angry as we were losing 12-0 at that point!


Up nice and early to catch the bus back to Swansea. Went to work as usual for a Monday and had every intention of going back home and catching up on some sleep in the evening. Did it happen? No. It was Greggers birthday - the little blighter was 25 years old! As usual, pegged it down to the George to meet up with Greggers, Eirian,, Paddy, Alun, Bleddyn, Ryan and anyone else we could get our hands on. I was so drunk I'd lost everyone before last orders... it was all good fun. I was sat chatting to a couple of people when they just said "Where have all your mates gone?" Shit. I didn't have my phone so decided to walk back to the train station and go back to Swansea - on the way I happened to walk passed the Students union, bad idea... the tractor beam was locked and I was being drawn in! I had the usual banter with the Bouncer - he laughs at the way I turn up with amazing regularity on Fridays and Saturdays when I'm blatantly not a student. Found a couple of George girls in there, also ran into Gaz (Eirians brother) so not all was lost. Got to the train station eventually to discover that there were no trains - I asked someone "Where are all the trains? There's supposed to be one at 11:30?" he replied,
"Mate, it's half past three..." Oh dear. Stumbled back to the flat, to discover that all the boys had returned and were in the process of jumping around the place as they were all plastered. Great, I had work in the morning and finally got to sleep at about 4:30am.


Today was write off. See yesterdays shenanigans for the reason.
Got the train at 8am from Cardiff, had every intention of passing out until I got to Swansea but someone recognised me at the train station. Her name was Claire, a Kiwi girl that used to work in HBOS when I was there about a year and a half ago. She chatted all the way, I made a terrible effort at responding but it seemed to keep her happy. Any other day I would have been happy to chat but an almighty hangover was preventing me from saying much today. She finally got off at Bridgend and I passed out almost immediately. Went back to the house, had a shower then went to work. I turned up in work about 40mins late with a prawn baguette in my hands - the only thing that my boss was concerned about was that I hadn't bought him a baguette!! I love this job!!


Work as usual, spent a bit of time in Cardiff counting cars outside a school up by Roath Lake. Fine weather so I quite enjoyed that. In the evening I hooked up with Anday and we went to watch the Swans play Wrexham in the last game at their home ground, the Vetch, before moving to the new Stadium at Morfa. The Swans won 2-1, everyone was happy, Andy even got himself a piece of the turf which he plans to nurture for the rest of his life! We then had a few pints in the Orange House on the Kingsway. Got a little bit drunk, got back to the house and cooked an ultra hot curry - I was a little sweaty afterwards but that was nothing compared to the agony in my stomach today. Ugh.

After vowing never to go drinking on a school night ever again, I lasted about a year and went twice this week alone. It's James birthday in Cardiff on Saturday too. Another hangover on Monday then... Bring it on!


At 10:33 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Recognised off the the internet!! it happend to steve potter when Gav recognised him... He was on a works lunch when, a merry Gav stumbled over and said... 'Steve! I loved that picture of you cross-dressing on the internet!' Steve glanced accross to his boss, 'Um, I can explain...'

At 11:31 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Lol - it's a bit weird eh? Lots of potential for stalking though.

At 12:23 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Why havent I seen anyone then? My own cousin asked me which one I was in a photo which said underneath "me and blah blah..."

The only place I ever get random ppl come up to me is at HBOS Balls "you're the person on the pillars/canteen wall/ inbound wall"

At 9:25 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

I've had no less than 3 people recognise me from HBOS this week - I haven't worked there for about a year and a half! just like the buses I suppose.

At 5:12 pm, Anonymous gwilym thought it was best to say...

Ickle Shane- are you a gwlader as well Curly?


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