Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well, I'm having a "What the hell am I doing in life" days today. I usually get a few on a 3 month anniversary - whether it's a job, a hobby, a house I'm in, a relationship or whatever. 3 months seems to be a line that I just hate crossing.

This time it's my no.1 reason, the job. I've got a great job which most people would kill for - okay, the money isn't amazing but it's a great job for the following reasons:-

I only live 10mins walk away (HUGE lie-ins)
There are only two other guys in the office, both are totally laid back
The workload isn't huge, but we've always got something to do
The hours are great 9:00-5:30 but VERY flexible - ie I can leave early/come in late for a valid reason (ie Doctors appointment or Lions match).
The work is quite interesting (Transport Engineering) and quite easy at the mo.
The prospects for promotion are very good due to the small size of the company (nationwide about 550 people)

But, despite all that - I feel as though I should be doing something else... but I can't put my finger on it. I love visiting new places, whether it's somewhere in the UK or abroad, but I am very crap at saving money. This is mainly due to my social habits - It's very easy to spend in excess of £150 in a normal weekend. I wish I wasn't so popular, damn! I usually re-assess things after a good weekend - I've just had a great one in Cardiff on Friday and St.Davids on Saturday and Sunday. Now it's back to reality with a bump -ugh.

Rugby has taken up most of my attention recently, it was great to see Gareth Thomas lift the Heineken Cup trophy with Toulouse on Sunday - the game was shit but it was nice to see all the same.

Gareth Thomas, the Welsh Captain

The Lions game wasn't much cop either, Argentina should have won that. All the media attention on Jonny 'Drop Goal' W. There were some amusing comments on the BBC website about that - at least not everyones obsessed with him. Geordan Murphy and Denis Hickie also played well, Shane did okay seeing as he had half the pitch to cover on his own at some times. They'll get better as the tour goes on no doubt. Scotland also beat a sorry Barbarians team last night, I didn't see the match but it sounds as though a new-look Scottish team did quite alright for themselves with a 38-7 score. Good luck to them in the future.

Shit, I'm not doing any work despite accidentally deleting bucketloads of it yesterday. - better get back to it.

If anyone hears of any good jobs going let me know!



At 8:47 am, Blogger Goldberg Nomascus thought it was best to say...

I'm into swinging... what about it?

At 3:48 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

cheer up brain... worse things happen at sea you know!

At 5:03 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Why do people say that? I wonder where it came from.

Much better today - the sun is out and I made an absolutely amazing Madras last night (I cheer myself up by making Curries!) which I'm gonna be finishing tonight!!

At 11:01 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Thats wot u need to change ur days a bit. A bit of culture. Madras, yuk. You dont get crap like that in India! Try something else, a proper Indian dish, the veggie stuff is deliciiiious!

Try reading - I think you'll like a book I just read called The book, the film, the t-shirt by Matt Beaumont- 1 of the characters is a blonde porn star, so maybe that'll convince you to read!

Try watching some "world cinema" films (or not)... and join a knitting club, watch Big Brother religiously, darn your socks, (do ppl do that happen in real life or just in Snow White/Beauty and the Beast?)

At 9:46 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Monty Python's Life Of Brian!
I'm being f~*#ing crucified!

The cruel sea eh!?


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