Thursday, April 14, 2005

Swansea then..

Righty, finally got round to updating this thing - think it's been about two weeks now since my last post. Loads of interesting things happened in the world of celebrity, the Pope died, Prince Charles got married, Tony Christie is still no.1 in the charts and Michael Jackson has been licking childrens heads... my life hasn't been quite so mad but seeing as I'm neither a religious icon, A royal, a singer or a paedophile, I think I've done quite well.

I left you my dear readers as I was about to go to the beach on the Gower with my mate Andy as it was nice and warm outside. We didn't make it, I'd left it too late and instead we trundled to the pub in Llangennech called 'The Joiners'. A nice little place, used to be a proper local pub but has since been taken over by the mighty Brains brewery and they've done it up a bit, making it look rather decent. We sat down to watch Leinster v Leicester in the quarter finals of the Heineken cup - went in fully supporting Leinster but went out waxing lyrical about how good Leicester were. I wasn't too happy that they'd won but I've got great respect for the club and fully expect them to get knocked out my Toulouse... nah, we'll see how it goes..

After that we just chillaxed (not used that word since last summer!) in front of the TV, got in a lush curry, some beers and watched the Ireland Wales grandslam game again. Was tense but it's so much easier watching it when you know you're going to win!! Went back home on the Sunday - mum had cooked a roast dinner - yum!! Was feeling fat after the curry the night before but wolfed the roast down no problem at all!

Then followed a week of work, but we won't go into that (Not that I can remember what happened anyway).

Friday night I jollied off to the big C - got there about 6:30 and went to my mate Charles' house so pick him up and off we went to the George. Not much happened in the pub really my Charles and myself amused ourselves by going up to girls and really messing up pick-up lines.

ie. Here's 10pm, go phone your mother and tell her there's a ladder in your tights.. no, wait, oh shit..!

Most of them luckily enough found it amusing but the good thing (for womankind) is that none of them fell for it! Bleddyn joined us and we went onto Lloyds bar - it was the first time I'd been to Lloyds in ages after spending most of my time in Cardiff in the George/Gassy Jacks/Students Union. Was okay there, Scouse and Helen turned up later for about 5mins - before wobbling off to Incognitos. The night was going downhill until I noticed two girls sat on their own, not talking at all. One looked a bit unhappy so being the (very pissed) gentleman I am, I went up to her to give her some life-advice!! I opened with pointing to the unhappy looking girl and saying

"YOU'VE just split up with your boyfriend and your mate is here to try and cheer you up"

"That's amazing - how did you know that?" She replied, I then said something about me being cool.. and took that as my cue to take a seat and yak to them about nothing in particular. I even offered to help her find a new boyfriend (What the fuck was I thinking?) - didn't at that stage know how I could help there but she turned down my offer "Do you do this to all the girls?" She said,
"Not all the time" I said "You just look like a nice girl.." (smooth) just then, Charles appeared at the table "No you don't, you look like David Walliams..." I couldn't help but laugh out loud, I ran off to the bar, stifling my laughter as I went. Charles continued to talk shit to the girls, so much that they moved tables at one point, we quickly followed though - just for entertainment in an otherwise boring bar. Left them to it after a while and started off home, ran into Cat (ex-George staff) in the Kebab place outside Gassy Jaks and we all went back to her house to eat our kebabs. yummy.

Friday night over with, I caught the train back home again. Had fully intended to catch an early train back but I was incapacitated by an ALMIGHTY hangover (not drunk in 3 weeks so not immune so much). Got back in the evening and went straight down the local pub, (I will try to find a nice pic soon), it's a nice little pub in my tiny little village (the main bar room is about the width of seven people shoulder to shoulder). Anyway, they serve local beer and people yak on about tractors, sheep and rugby all the time. All good fun, also it happened to be 'Curry Night' - wow!

Sunday I moved house! Yep I've secured a place in Swansea and now have a house on Mount Pleasant looking over Swansea bay onto the Mumbles!! Cool eh?! I have new housemates in the form of the landlord (a retired police officer), his son and a Chinese student called Yu-Yu (I think, apparently we have to call him Alan..). I would usually have reservations about having the landlord in the same house as me but this guy, Keith, is exceptionally nice and even cooked my a Chile Con Carne on my first night!! It's dead cheap but a nice house with a nice view, well chuffed with finding it! Plus, it's only 10mins walk to work - no more getting up at 6:50am, I can now leave it until 8:30!!! Hooray!

Had an urge last week to buy a Swedish rugby jersey as the Swedes apparently don't have much national pride so I thought I'd get the jersey to give them a bit of support. I had a root around the web but couldn't find any sites that sell them. Still, I wasn't going to give up, so I took the measure of e-mailing the Swedish rugby Union as a last ditch effort. I wasn't expecting a reply but on Wednesday I was delighted to see an e-mail from Torbjörn Johansson, the Secretary of the Swedish Rugby Union himself!! He sounded pleased that I'd made the enquiry about the jersey and directed me to their suppliers, a company called AddProfile based in Sweden. Was well chuffed, and have now e-mailed AddProfile, another step to achieving my goal for the week!! This also made me think that the Swedes are possibly the nicest people in the world - Think the Fijians are the no.1 nicest people. I'm going e-mail my friend Torbjörn, and the Swedish tourist board, and the Swedish government and inform them him how impressed I am with their countrymen.

Think I'll do that now actually, see you later!


At 7:01 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

I know its wrong, but the image of Michael Jackson licking a childs head, or any person licking a childs head makes me sort of almost giggle (if it werent so sick like). Why (little kids are so dirty too, yak).

You've been so busy.

At 8:06 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Ah my Bro was living there (town hill) before he headed back to the Betws, somewhere to crash in AAbertawe again... fab!

At 9:23 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

I'm very much on Mt.Pleasant I'm glad to say, none of those Town Hill thugs round here! More than welcome anytime Owz, as long as I'm not in Cardiff!

Aarti - your birthday soon?

At 12:04 am, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

May the 4th but we always got out Bank hol Saturday so come along. Have given Gavin strict instructions to bring Matt James etc.

My best friend lives in Abertawe. Bit of a trek like, I only go there like once a year (if she's lucky like)


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