Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A night out in the Union...

The boys - Bledd, Simon, Alun, Greggers, Donkey and Andy. Me and Eirian were off somewhere else hassling people I expect

And the next morning...

Eirian and myslef on the day after Lash in the union and the morning of the Wales v Ireland rugby.

There once was a boy named Chris...

Right, not done much at all revently over the last couple of weeks I'm afraid. As I don't know anyone in Swansea just yet, I've been spending my evenings shopping in Tescos (endless fun! - seriously) and then cooking all the nice food that I've bought there!

I've been in Cardiff for the last two weekends, I've gone to the George and to the George and the students union mostly! Saw Ginger Rob and Turner last week in the George but didn't say anything as I was feeling completely disabled (hungover) and was in a bad mood anyway!

Have been watching all the rugby, Leeds beating Bath in the Powergen cup (I think) and then the two Heineken cup semis - which saw Stade Francais clinch a (very) late winner against Biarritz and Toulouse overpower Leicester. Watched the Toulouse v Leicester game in the pub but I became very miffed when they flicked over to the Kiss-ball on the other channel. No-one was interested in Man U beaeting someone AGAIN, suppose thats what you get for thinking that a pub in CARDIFF - THE CAPITAL BLEEDING CITY might show the national game. I got very miffed in fact and stormed out of the pub, suggesting that they make Aberystwyth the capital instead on the way. As it was a lovely day on Sunday I decided to look up some old mates, some of the guys I'd worked with in Black Horse in Cardiff about a year ago. I wasn't entirely sure of the house number but I located them by knocking on the door with the rather out-of-place brown smears all over it! They were all stoned but it was good having a catch up with them all the same - plus, they had Sky sports news on so at least I had half a chance of catching the rugby results!

Got back into the house on Sunday to find that the landlord has his daughter round to stay as her mum (they're seperated) has kicked her out. So, we've now got a 13 year old in our house all the time too - I've got a funny feeling that more is going to happen around this house, watch this space!

So, back into work again - all going swimmingly! We're not entirely busy but I've still got plenty to do so that's pretty good at the moment. Lots of trips to Cardiff coming up I think - oooh, I get a shiver just being close to the George..!

Oh yes, the weather is seemingly picking up - considering buying myslef a new surfboard to take to the water down on Rhossili Bay. Will have to see about that one, plus, I need a car to strap it to. hmmm.

Rhossili Beach - lush.

Cooked a luscious Curry last night, I had fully intended to keep some to give to Neil and Karl in work for their lunch but it was so nice, I decided to eat it all myself and promptly felt a little bit too full as a result. That'll teach me to share more in the future...

Onto Lauras stick thing....

1. You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451; which book do you want to be?
Not entirely sure about this one Laura - you obviously did more research on it than me. I'm taking it as "Which book would you like to burn?" In which case it's have to be a really big one as I'd probably be burning it to keep warm. But, common sense says that this isn't what the question asks.

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Nope - can't say I have. All cartoon type people are too slutty and the ones in books are completely up to your own imagination, and they change a little each time you read them. movies on the other hand.... or perhaps that's just actors. And they're real people really...

3. What are you currently reading?
No story books, just a Psychology orientated book titled "How the brain works" by a chap named Stephen Pinker. The book starts with the words "No-one knows how the brain works...." so there's a little bit of comedy in there too. Very interesting.

4. The last book you bought was?
Was actually the Lonely Planet guide to Australia and I bought that in 2000. I now just swap or borrow books, It's cheaper and more fun! The last story book I bought though was probably something called 'Sword Point' by someone I can't remember - a militay book about a load of people in a fictional war killing eachother - very enjoyable and well written. Think I talked about it for my GCSE English Oral.

5. The last book you read was?
JPR's autobiography - I love rugby, what more can I say?

6. Which Five books you would take to a desert island?

Ugh. umm.. er..

Ray Mears' extreme survival?
Something about how to build a boat... or how to kill a polar bear.

I don't know - I'm not into books at the moment really. I used to be when I was younger, now I just look on the Internet for any information I need. And listen to music to chill out, cheer up, whatever.

Actually, one I would definatelty take is Edward Lears complete book of nonsense! It's always made me laugh ever since I could read! I must for anyone I think - it's very much my sense of humour and the limericks, poems and ballads get the imagination going!

7. Who are you going to pass this stick to, and why?
Gonna have to Pass it to Owz and Aarti - Owz because he reads a lot and needs some extra content for his blog I'm sure (joke..) and Aarti because she hasn't actually written anything on her blog for yonks and I miss it..!


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Swansea then..

Righty, finally got round to updating this thing - think it's been about two weeks now since my last post. Loads of interesting things happened in the world of celebrity, the Pope died, Prince Charles got married, Tony Christie is still no.1 in the charts and Michael Jackson has been licking childrens heads... my life hasn't been quite so mad but seeing as I'm neither a religious icon, A royal, a singer or a paedophile, I think I've done quite well.

I left you my dear readers as I was about to go to the beach on the Gower with my mate Andy as it was nice and warm outside. We didn't make it, I'd left it too late and instead we trundled to the pub in Llangennech called 'The Joiners'. A nice little place, used to be a proper local pub but has since been taken over by the mighty Brains brewery and they've done it up a bit, making it look rather decent. We sat down to watch Leinster v Leicester in the quarter finals of the Heineken cup - went in fully supporting Leinster but went out waxing lyrical about how good Leicester were. I wasn't too happy that they'd won but I've got great respect for the club and fully expect them to get knocked out my Toulouse... nah, we'll see how it goes..

After that we just chillaxed (not used that word since last summer!) in front of the TV, got in a lush curry, some beers and watched the Ireland Wales grandslam game again. Was tense but it's so much easier watching it when you know you're going to win!! Went back home on the Sunday - mum had cooked a roast dinner - yum!! Was feeling fat after the curry the night before but wolfed the roast down no problem at all!

Then followed a week of work, but we won't go into that (Not that I can remember what happened anyway).

Friday night I jollied off to the big C - got there about 6:30 and went to my mate Charles' house so pick him up and off we went to the George. Not much happened in the pub really my Charles and myself amused ourselves by going up to girls and really messing up pick-up lines.

ie. Here's 10pm, go phone your mother and tell her there's a ladder in your tights.. no, wait, oh shit..!

Most of them luckily enough found it amusing but the good thing (for womankind) is that none of them fell for it! Bleddyn joined us and we went onto Lloyds bar - it was the first time I'd been to Lloyds in ages after spending most of my time in Cardiff in the George/Gassy Jacks/Students Union. Was okay there, Scouse and Helen turned up later for about 5mins - before wobbling off to Incognitos. The night was going downhill until I noticed two girls sat on their own, not talking at all. One looked a bit unhappy so being the (very pissed) gentleman I am, I went up to her to give her some life-advice!! I opened with pointing to the unhappy looking girl and saying

"YOU'VE just split up with your boyfriend and your mate is here to try and cheer you up"

"That's amazing - how did you know that?" She replied, I then said something about me being cool.. and took that as my cue to take a seat and yak to them about nothing in particular. I even offered to help her find a new boyfriend (What the fuck was I thinking?) - didn't at that stage know how I could help there but she turned down my offer "Do you do this to all the girls?" She said,
"Not all the time" I said "You just look like a nice girl.." (smooth) just then, Charles appeared at the table "No you don't, you look like David Walliams..." I couldn't help but laugh out loud, I ran off to the bar, stifling my laughter as I went. Charles continued to talk shit to the girls, so much that they moved tables at one point, we quickly followed though - just for entertainment in an otherwise boring bar. Left them to it after a while and started off home, ran into Cat (ex-George staff) in the Kebab place outside Gassy Jaks and we all went back to her house to eat our kebabs. yummy.

Friday night over with, I caught the train back home again. Had fully intended to catch an early train back but I was incapacitated by an ALMIGHTY hangover (not drunk in 3 weeks so not immune so much). Got back in the evening and went straight down the local pub, (I will try to find a nice pic soon), it's a nice little pub in my tiny little village (the main bar room is about the width of seven people shoulder to shoulder). Anyway, they serve local beer and people yak on about tractors, sheep and rugby all the time. All good fun, also it happened to be 'Curry Night' - wow!

Sunday I moved house! Yep I've secured a place in Swansea and now have a house on Mount Pleasant looking over Swansea bay onto the Mumbles!! Cool eh?! I have new housemates in the form of the landlord (a retired police officer), his son and a Chinese student called Yu-Yu (I think, apparently we have to call him Alan..). I would usually have reservations about having the landlord in the same house as me but this guy, Keith, is exceptionally nice and even cooked my a Chile Con Carne on my first night!! It's dead cheap but a nice house with a nice view, well chuffed with finding it! Plus, it's only 10mins walk to work - no more getting up at 6:50am, I can now leave it until 8:30!!! Hooray!

Had an urge last week to buy a Swedish rugby jersey as the Swedes apparently don't have much national pride so I thought I'd get the jersey to give them a bit of support. I had a root around the web but couldn't find any sites that sell them. Still, I wasn't going to give up, so I took the measure of e-mailing the Swedish rugby Union as a last ditch effort. I wasn't expecting a reply but on Wednesday I was delighted to see an e-mail from Torbjörn Johansson, the Secretary of the Swedish Rugby Union himself!! He sounded pleased that I'd made the enquiry about the jersey and directed me to their suppliers, a company called AddProfile based in Sweden. Was well chuffed, and have now e-mailed AddProfile, another step to achieving my goal for the week!! This also made me think that the Swedes are possibly the nicest people in the world - Think the Fijians are the no.1 nicest people. I'm going e-mail my friend Torbjörn, and the Swedish tourist board, and the Swedish government and inform them him how impressed I am with their countrymen.

Think I'll do that now actually, see you later!

Monday, April 04, 2005

The view from my bathroom... honest.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Village of the Dead

It is such a lush day today! Was going to go to the beach but just sat on the computer ripping all my brothers CD's while he's back from Uni! No topless men around here Aarti! One of the nice things about living in the middle of nowhere - only nice scenery and noise of a hundred chainsaws as the farmers go out chopping wood for stuff!!

Just discovered that my Mam has bought herself a digital camera. Hold on a sec whil I go and find it...

The view from my Bedroom window - Camera unable to pick up lush mountains in the background - Grr.

There we go, a nice pic from home looking out towards the Black Mountains. Must get myseef a camera rather than borrow everyone elses! Nice enough for you Laura?!!

Just decided to go down the beach now - Gonna take the Car and get to my mate Andy's in Llanelli. Try and get to the Gower this evening! Also catching Heineken Cup rugby Leinster v Leicester - Go the Irish! Northampton got spanked by Toulouse last night too he he.

Doh, Mam won't let me take camera to the beach. Have to draw you a picture. That's one thing that S.Wales has over the North - the best beaches in the UK!! N.Wales has lushest mountains though and most dramatic coastline - only downfall is Rhyl. Say no more! Ha Ha!