Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Higher Ground

Okay, so we've just had four days off due to Bank Holidays on Friday and Monday - it makes for an easier working weekend. The psychological effects of only having to work 4 days in a week are tremendous! It certainly makes for a happier Chris! I spent most of Friday walking along the Brecon Beacons with me Dad. We drove up to the mountains separating Brynamman and LLangadog and just decided to walk to about 3 or 4 peaks before going back again - the sun came out for the second time in two weeks and it's so satisfying once you get the top of the hills. We sat and had lunch at one peak and you could see for miles - Caldy Island and Tenby were visible on the right, and you could see all the way along the coast, Llanelli, the Gower, a small part of Swansea and Port Talbot (That's about 60 miles of coastline!). We got back in the afternoon where Mam had prepared a lovely ham-salad pick'n'mix snack - lush! The walk inspired me to go for a run that night too (Not done that in a while...).

Me on the Brecon Beacons

So, I've started going for runs every other day in a vain attempt to recover some sort of fitness, it's nice getting outside all the time too. Until you get stuck in an office all week, you don't appreciate how amazing the outdoors is! I'm trying to give up tea too.... a bit of a wierd one I know. The girl I was staying with in Calgary, Kelly, had suggested that I might be addicted to tea, "Rubbish" I replied - but I think she may be right! Since I've stopped drinking tea (about a week ago) I've been having so much trouble getting out of bed and I've been groggy and bad-tempered all the time! I've been drinking water all the time instead but I'm getting annoyed with that as I have to keep dashing of to the toilet every 2 seconds (should see the doctor about that! ha!). I've also been eating loads of fruit and making sandwiches instead of buying crappy sandwiches from boots - sure that's a bit healthier too. But, despite all this 'better eating' business, I still love getting plastered at the weekend. Although, I didn't over the bank holidays because I was at home and didn't really think that my 12yo sister would be too much fun to get drunk with!

Watched the Ospreys beat Edinburgh 29-12 on Saturday night too, Henson scored all but 5 of the points for the Neath-Swansea outfit but the Scots gave everything they had and captain Chris Paterson did his Lions hopes no damage whatsoever. My mum (not a rugby fan at all) even made me record the game so she could watch Henson and Shane Williams play again! She didn't even care that it over-ran into the new series of Doctor Who!! The power of a Grand Slam I suppose!

Ospreys captain Barry Williams lifts the Celtic League Trophy after squashing Edinburgh 29-12

It was good to see a Welsh team lift the Celtic League trophy for the 2nd year in a row but it wasn't my beloved Scarlets - they'd continued their average form with a loss to Irish side Leinster 31-25. Not really a bad score considering that Leinster half the Irish international squad back playing after the 6N, the difference between the two sides proved to be 2 Holwell penalty kicks, nevermind. At least we're in the Heineken cup next year (sigh). Also signed Alix Popham from Leeds Tykes, the Welsh no.8 is coming in to replace the legend that is Scott Quinnell who retired earlier than expected due to a hand injury - sad to not see him play at Stradey Park since November.

Scott Quinnell. Lions v Australia 2001

Didn't do much else over the weekend, just played Colin Mcrae 2005 on the x-box and carried on reading a couple of books that I'm on at the moment - JPR's autobiography and a Psychology orientated book titled 'How the Brain works' quite interesting. It's taken me since early January to read them both though after being too tired in the evenings and too busy watching Rugby/getting drunk/visiting places at the weekends!!

Welsh 3 Time Grand Slam winner (back in the 70's...) JPR Williams

Ho hum, work pretty usual today - just been down the beach again. I like having a beach about 5mins walk away from the office - can't wait until the summer! I'll be skiving like a mutherfucker once the sun comes out!!


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Its sooo hot today too. The cars are full of topless men (which isnt a nice sight), and town had men in string vests (brings to mind Adrian Mathias in his one day in HBOS)..
Tea...its not the same, but you could do green tea, and thats good for you too, prevents cancer and clean ur system etc etc etc

At 2:57 pm, Blogger Laura thought it was best to say...

I am actually addicted to tea. Its a known fact. There is nothing on this green earth that would make me give it up. Ever. When I started driving I took to skiving school for half an hour in the afternoon so I could go home and have a cuppa, because 6 hours without it was torture. Now THATS addicted.

And where was your lovely camera on this walk? Eh?? Sounds very nice but obviously North Wales is nicer. Obviously.

At 5:11 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

I've been described a tea-monster, as well as a beer monster. Here's something to consider - tea can inhibit mineral & vitamin absorption...
I'm trying the fitness thing but am going on the wagon for a bit, but people keep trying to pull me off...

At 1:58 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Ah, not completely uncommon then. I have to admit though I still have a tea first thing in the morning occasionally. On Sunday I completely let go and consumed an entire pot on my own... I'm so weak!

That wagon is a tough one to stay on! I have problems with my own head trying to dissuade me - let alone other people..!


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