Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Grand Slam!

Was I there? No, at this point I was in a pub in Cardiff - crying...

What more can you say about the weekend?

Quite a bit actually...

Finished work on Friday at 5:30pm and walked to Swansea train station to meet my mate Andy from Llanelli. We had a while to wait for the train so had a pint in the hotel opposite the station. Finished that up and then met Eirian and Greggers in the station again, they'd got the train from Haverfordwest and were nursing the remaining half of a slab of Fosters! The train to Cardiff was delayed by 70mins! So we all decided the best thing to do was to go back to the Hotel for more pints. The under 21's game was on, as was the Ospreys v Dragons game, which was handy.

Finally got onto a train to Cardiff, ran to the boys flat as soon as we got there. Can't remember if we went to the George or not (probably did) but we went to the students union pretty quickly after. Got inside to discover we had an absolute army of us in there, Me, Donkey (mate from Reading), Andy (Llanelli), Greggers, Eirian, Bleddyn, Ali Bowen, Ryan Bowen, Dave Greggers, Simon and Paul (All Haverfordwest / St.Davids), our numbers kept growing as we bumped into more and more people we knew! It's great when that happens, you just feel like you own the club!! Dancing was done, alongside drinking and then some pizza was eaten afterwards. Crashed out in the little available room back in the flat.

Woken up very early in the morning (9am) by the smell of hungover blokes. That smokey, drinky, alcohol, cheesy feet, farty smell. eugh. Just about made it off the sofa and then just about managed to pick a beer from the fridge to start the day off! Donkey was nowhere to be seen, Eirian said he last saw him at about 4am going outside for a cigarette! Andy had to run off to pick up his ticket and to get a place at a bar in town, the population of Cardiff was going to increase by 50% today (about 150'000 extra bods) and he didn't want to lose his mates at all. We were all extremely excited about the rugby, even Greggers, who doesn't even like rugby. All went to the Sugar Shaker for breakfast, I say all but only Eirian, Greggers, Ali, Bleddyn and myself had made it out so far. Bobby and Paddy met us in there, but we didn't stay for long as the Crwys had just opened! Off we went for more beer then, Glasgow Dave arrived to give us some extra support. Donkey turned up after about half an hour - he's only ever been to Cardiff a couple of times before so the girl he ended up with had drawn him a map off how to get to the George, nice of her I thought! The old pop wasn't going down too well, I had to down mine too as everyone left. Oh yes, the sun was out too!! Wasn't that pretty amazing!? I love being hungover when it's sunny, everything just seems to improve tenfold! Into the George where we set up camp to watch the game, the French game started after a little while.

Rather than stay in the pub all day, I decided to go and watch the French game down at 'Henson Hill' outside the Museum. It was already heaving with about 15'000 people sitting atop slabs of booze and generally enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Went into Incognitos with Donkey and a guy called Fergie but it was nigh on impossible to get near the bar, back outside I decided to ask some students if we could buy beer off them at £2 a can, they happily obliged! Think we were the lucky ones, heard that people were selling 4 packs for a tenner!! Sainsburys and Tesco had run out of beer, every single corner shop or newsagents had queues of people outside. Heard on the radio that they had to get "Emergency Beer" into some of the pubs, they simply didn't have enough! Enjoyed the game, finished our can of beer each and headed back to the George. Donkey had to get back home, something more important to do back in Reading than watch Wales win a Grand Slam... Howells and Osian had turned up though, two more St.Davids boys living in England. The match started, the pub wasn't packed but it was pretty busy - we were getting served quickly which was more than can be said for people in the town centre!

The rest, is history.

Before I knew it I was jumping up and down on the table, spilling beer everywhere and generally being loud! I did cry a little bit too, although it hadn't quite sunk in until Monday morning when I read the Western Mail - I cried loads on the train back to Swansea - people were laughing but they understood! What a belter, the game wasn't top quality but that was obscured by that Grand Slam thing that we won... the festivities continued well into the night, dunno what really happened. Think I stayed in the George all night (which closed at 10:30, probably a good thing as we were all pretty worse for wear). Went to another pub after with my Irish mate Conor, had a few more drinks with him and got back to the flat at about 4am, there were still people running around screaming then! One or two people passed out on the streets, still with a grin stuck on their faces. Got locked out of the flat again, a common theme for Saturday nights these days, so wandered round Cardiff until about 5am maybe and found Eirians house open. Crashed.

Heard a great quote somewhere on Sunday and laughed, about the celebrations all over Wales:-

"Every day when I wake up I thank the lord I'm Welsh, I was surprised to find that I'd woken up at all on Sunday morning!"

Summed it up nicely, everyone was half-dead but still smiling. Went for a drink on Sunday afternoon in the Walkabout, which was still reeling from the previous night. Went on to the Prince of Wales (who'd run out of mayonnaise, the fault of those Irish on Saturday no doubt..) and the Yard (Where the Welsh squad were watching the Scarlets game upstairs) - that did nicely for me too, the Scarlets beating Cardiff - it was nothing compared to Saturday but I was chuffed all the same!

After food we went back to the George but were just too tired/pissed to do anything so slumped in a seat for a while before going to Gassy Jacks and then back to the flat.

What a weekend. I can almost guarantee that Cardiff is not going to see another weekend like that for a LONG time. Still dying now.


At 11:25 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Just reading ur blog brings a huge smile to my face! But it seems like so long ago... bring on these offical celebrations the Welsh papers have been going on about this week...

'Every day I wake up and thank the lord I'm Welsh' Isnt that from a song Cerys (Catatonia) sang? I've heard/read it a 100 times too this week... So True tho!!! Afterall, imagine being English...

At 10:12 am, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

It's great isn't it?! Watched Y Clwb Rygbi last night, it showed more higlights from the game - again! Not sure about the official celebrations though (mainly because I'm too skint to get to Cardiff). Perhaps its better if they bring the Trophy aorund to each of the regional games over the next couple of weekends?

Yeah, that lyric is a Catatonia song but not originally their quote... Tom Jones maybe said it first? not sure.

Still, makes my hair stand on end!

At 10:33 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

I still haven't seen the game properly courtecy of living in Engalnd and no longer owning a VHS machine... got it on DVD anyone?

At 2:48 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

There are already DVD's of the games floating around - spect they'll bring out an offial one soon enough.


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