Sunday, February 13, 2005

The English should be kicking themselves, but they'd probably miss!

Not the best game of rugby I've seen recently - The subs did a good job for France and Yachvili had a very good kicking game, that's all that won it. I really thought that England had it with that drop goal attempt though. The French are there for the taking if they play like that again... methinks they'll try and keep it tight against us and play through the forwards, we've got to make sure that we keep the attacking up but have to be careful that we don't get so loose that it's unorganised like it was several times against Italy on Saturday. If we can get on top of our own kicks ahead then the French are more than likely to give away more of those penalties - less of a problem to score for Jones & Henson that Barkley & Hodgson! I'm really disappointed at the lack of a good game today though, but it is nice to see the 6N table with us 2nd and the English down with Scotland and Italy!

So I haven't done anything other than watch Rugby, rugby highlights and read about Rugby on the net this weekend. I did make the effort to go out for a walk around the hills behind my house before Scrum V this evening - a nice refreshing day, Cold and Wet outside! Great!

To anyone that I didn't send that e-mail to, here's the link to the story about the Welshman who cut off his testicles after the win on Feb 5th *Full Story* - I hadn't even heard about it, but it's the talk of the rugby community at University of British Columbia in Vancouver..?

Right, gotta go - full of steak butty and need a bath - we're having a new bathroom put in next week so it looks like I won't be able to wash for a few days - yummy!


At 6:40 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

MWhaha! We gonna beat the frogs?

At 4:05 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

Now we beat France, I'm gonna ask the same question again.

Can we win?

At 8:29 pm, Blogger Curly thought it was best to say...

Same answer, yes we can win. BUT......

Scotland on Sunday...

I'm too scared/excited to even say anything about it.


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