Sunday, February 13, 2005

The English should be kicking themselves, but they'd probably miss!

Not the best game of rugby I've seen recently - The subs did a good job for France and Yachvili had a very good kicking game, that's all that won it. I really thought that England had it with that drop goal attempt though. The French are there for the taking if they play like that again... methinks they'll try and keep it tight against us and play through the forwards, we've got to make sure that we keep the attacking up but have to be careful that we don't get so loose that it's unorganised like it was several times against Italy on Saturday. If we can get on top of our own kicks ahead then the French are more than likely to give away more of those penalties - less of a problem to score for Jones & Henson that Barkley & Hodgson! I'm really disappointed at the lack of a good game today though, but it is nice to see the 6N table with us 2nd and the English down with Scotland and Italy!

So I haven't done anything other than watch Rugby, rugby highlights and read about Rugby on the net this weekend. I did make the effort to go out for a walk around the hills behind my house before Scrum V this evening - a nice refreshing day, Cold and Wet outside! Great!

To anyone that I didn't send that e-mail to, here's the link to the story about the Welshman who cut off his testicles after the win on Feb 5th *Full Story* - I hadn't even heard about it, but it's the talk of the rugby community at University of British Columbia in Vancouver..?

Right, gotta go - full of steak butty and need a bath - we're having a new bathroom put in next week so it looks like I won't be able to wash for a few days - yummy!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's been a cracker!

What a load of fun the last week has brought! The win against England last week and now a comprehensive routing of the Italians! Brilliant! I managed to get myself a ticket for the England game and I found myself perfectly placed to see the only try of the game by a certain Shane Williams (found in the Rugby dictionary under 'Welsh Wizard'). I had great fun in the match - although my poor throat was threatening to rip apart after all the singing before and during the match - I had an absolutely amazing time! As most of you know, we ended up winning 11-9 after a Henson penalty (Gavin Henson, v, One who is Arrogant enough to play for England). I was sat next to a guy from Swindon for the match and as disappointed as he was that he'd lost the match, he was more pissed off by the fact that I'd spilt beer over his jacket every time I jumped up out of my seat - which was quite a lot in 80 minutes!! A guy named Paddy on the other side of me probably had a few bruises on his shoulder the next morning as I was beating the shit out of him (with excitement) after we won! After the game I literally bounced out of the stadium, people were coming up to me and hugging me in the street - I obviously looked as a happy as I felt! I made it back to the George to meet up with everyone else (after ringing pretty much everyone on my mobile) and the place was just bouncing! I've seriously not been that happy for years!! My brother had come down for the Craic as well and I think he was a bit shocked that his elder brother could be so loud! Got very drunk - what else could I do?!

On the Sunday I was still grinning but there was no shouting whatsoever as my voice had completely gone - I could only manage a squeek whenever someone mentioned the previous afternoons result! Still not sure I'm over it... My voice didn't come back properly until Wednesday and even then it'd been over-used to the point that it had reached Owzy O deep-ness! Ireland stuck one over Italy and The Scots almost had France - my heart goes out to the unlucky bastards!

The last week I've been sitting round at home - I 've quit the job in the welders and am now waiting for the HR BS to be over and done with so I can start the new job in Swansea. It didn't help the boredom that we were playing Italy today - I've been thinking about it all week - I had another dream that I was playing in the team (It's the second Friday night in a row that I've woken up with my legs all sweaty after 'running in a few tries' in my sleep!! So the score today, 38-8, over the Azzuri - what a good game! The back were electric and the forwards, after early pressure, ended up getting the upper hand over the powerful Italian front five! Cockbain and Sidoli were outstanding (and rewarded with a try each), as were Martin and Shane Williams (Also a try a-piece). A few more errors though - The lineout needs to be sorted and we need to get Charvis back to get the ball out from those rucks even quicker - it's France next and we'll need to Iron out those creases from today. We'll see how the French do tomorrow - will they Croak (Geddit?) under the pressure of the English pack or will they actually turn up and play that amazing free-flowing game that we all know they can? A tough call but I'm going with England to win...just.

Wow, that beer has just gone straight to my head - I think I might have a bath to get rid of the tension in my shoulders after the game... can't imagine what I'd be like if I'd actually played - I would have seized up with nerves in the changing rooms no doubt! Wow. I'm so chuffed, again. Glad I watched the game at home with my dad - it inhibits my jumping around, drinking and screaming a little! It's far healthier anyways!

Phew, I need another drink.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

On the Mumbles, Down the Jacks.

Tell you what - the last week has gone flying past! It's Thursday again tomorrow - not for the first (or the last) time this year though. I finished my job in the welders last Friday after working two weeks of notice and celebrated by eating more than I usually do for dinner, then I had a beer to wash it down! Loverlee. Felt stuffed soon afterwards *note to self, don't eat like a fucking pig* so just plonked my tiny little arse down on the sofa a did sweet FA, couldn't even be bothered to pick up the TV remote - great! If ignorance is bliss, laziness is Heaven!

Saturday was Bleddyns' 21st birthday down in St.Davids so off I trundled at about mid-day for some afternoon drinking. Called into Greggers in Haverfordwest on the way - he was too ill to make it out, he's a sucker for those sore throats - nothing to do with drinking I'm sure. He hauled his ass out of bed later in the evening to join us for a couple of hours at least. Got into the Farmers arms at about 1pm I think, met up with Bleddyn, Eirian, Osian and his mate Neil from Bournemouth (was the poor lads first time in Wales and I don't think he got such a good impression of the country life). Shot some pool, drank some booze then went back into Haverford for more drinking and to watch the Man U v someone footy. I'm usually subjected to Man U games when Greggers is around but after about five minutes, the large screen in the pub flicked over to S4C and the Scarlets v Munster game! Much to everyone's disappointment apart from Osians and mine! We loved it! Scarlets put in one of their best performances of the season and carved out a 32-17 score at the end against a pretty much full-strength Munster team! I was so happy, I decided to have another drink...

Had a few slapping competitions whilst waiting for the taxi back to St.Davids, not fun but it passes the time quite quickly. They competition was cut short though when two tramps fancied their chances.... I just went to get some chicken to fill ma belly . Went back to..... Farmers i think, then onto the Rugby Club where I promptly went to sleep on the bench. Slept even more back at Bledds house before leaving early in the morning. Happy Birthday mate!

Sunday I went to visit my sister (who also lives in Haverfordwest), had planned on getting breakfast but I left it too late and she had to go to work in the gym. I turned up, used the gym shower, gave her some mail from home and drove back home again. Once home, I felt like clearing my head a bit so I went for a walk up onto the moor on top of the mountain behind the house - it was absolutely stunning! I hadn't had such a good walk in ages! Took about 2hrs I think, and I didn't even have to rush back for Scrum V afterwards!

Monday, went to Swansea to see the guys in the office about this new job, had a kind of informal interview and just left it at - "You'll hear from us soon". I'd better hear from them soon as I don't have a job at the moment - the money is okay at the mo but there's an entire 6 Nations coming up... the most expensive time of the year (Including Christmas)! I had about 3hrs to kill in Swansea so I took a walk up Constitution hill, then back down again onto the beach, I then walked all the way along the beach to Mumbles. I had remembered a really nice Chip shop in Mumbles but of course, after 1hrs walk there - it had closed for an 'Annual Holiday' Still, I remained upbeat and bought a prawn sandwich from Co-op! Yum.

The last two days have been spent being unemployed- playing computer games, playing guitar, typing random words into Google - you know the type. I'm expecting tomorrow to be the same - Friday though I'll head down to the Big C in preparation for the Rugby on Sat. Can't wait! I'm already tingling with excitement!

Ho Hum, doubt I'll update until after the weekend again. Maybe on Friday to tell you how excited I am....