Sunday, January 02, 2005

The New Year then...

Alongside Christmas, I think that NYE is usually one of the most over-rated events of the year. Pubs charge £10 to get in, clubs charge even more, and people get all excited at midnight - forgive me for thinking it but aren't these the same people that complain they're getting older each year on their birthdays? I know I'm being pretty negative about the whole 'start the new year off on the right foot' thing but hey, I like whinging! I'm just fed up with the whole commercialisation of all these 'special' days throughout the year. The days that I really don't look forward to in the year are New Years Eve, My Birthday, Valentines, and Christmas Day. Easter, Halloween, Mothers Day, Guy Fawkes are all fine because I just don't get involved so they don't affect me!

So, how did this New Years celebrations compare to the previous 21? Just as bad, but with more company! I traveled down to St.Davids again to see the usual lads, Greggers and Bleddyn etc, by the time I'd got down there (One and a half hours drive) They'd all got down to Haverfordwest (another 15 miles back the way I'd come) - which didn't exactly kick the night off with a bang if you know what I mean. So, drove back to H'West and eventually found them in the Castle Hotel - absolutely Steaming! Greggers and Bledd were in the company of about 4 other boys from St.Davids and they'd all been on the pop since 11am, It was 5pm by this time! Bledd was falling asleep on the table, Greggers had just had a fight with the toilet roll dispenser after going for a shit, managing to rip it off the wall. We knew this because a nice lad named Bubba had filmed the enitire thing over the top of the cubicle on his camera phone! (I later heard that Bubbas phone was wrecked while he was washing it after Greggers had wiped his dick on it...)

Greggers and Bledd stayed in town with me while the boys headed off somewhere else. Greggers, the gentleman he is, bought me a catch up drink as he felt sorry for me being sober. He felt so sorry for me infact, he bought me a glass with 6 straight gins in it for me to get rid of sharpish! I obliged of course! Off we went to a bar called Lauras, nailed a few drinks then left as it was empty. Then down to another pub called 'The Bristol Trader' for more drinks. Bledd was a bit worse for wear in the Castle and had asked me to sober him up a bit before he met his girlfriend, Caz, later. I bought him a Tomato Juice which he gratefully got rid off, I got him another in the Bristol Trader but by this time he'd forgotten that he'd asked me so sober him up and told me to fuck off as he 'Wasn't drinking that Shit'! Funny guy.

Back to Lauras to see if business had picked up, it hadn't but we had a pint anyway then left for 'Eddies' (A snooker hall but serving as a Night Club for NY) More drinks there, more people turned up too. Greggers brother Dave, his mates Charles and Simon, Brimmo and his girlfriend amongst others. More drinks (goes without saying really) then back to Lauras where we set up camp for NY. Bledds girlfriend (Caz - who is Greggers little sister of 17) turned up with two of her mates, Francesca and Bethan. Immediately Greggers (24 years old) made a b-line for Franscesca and manged to slime his way into snogging her at the chimes, Bledd had Caz and Chris was left with a bloke he'd almost had a fight with earlier or a 4 foot tall girl that I had made the mistake of talking to earlier in the evening... Not the best selection I have to admit!! Home by 12:20am as a result! What a fucking shit night! Passed out back at Greggers house.

New Years Day however was a different story...

I was angry at having another shit NYE so, after taking Bledd and Caz back down to St.Davids - Greggers and myself met up with Eirian and Paul Martin in the Farmers Arms. Had a few pints and managed to persuade Eirian to come down to H'West with us for a re-match of NYE. We ordered food in the Farmers, but as I was outside on my mobile when the food arrived, I came back to discover that Greggers has helped himself to half of my burger while the chips had been nailed by the others - Fuckers. I solved this small problem by throwing tomato sauce all over Greggers, revenge is sweet! Bowen drove us to H'West and we went back to Lauras to carry on with the drinking! Nothing in particular happened but the four of us just had a good craic this time round! Hammered again, obviously. Charles and Simon showed up again along with a chap named Bobby, don't remember much but it was definitely good fun!

I'm back home at the moment but tonight I'm heading down Swansea with my mate Andy, he's having girl trouble (don't we all) so he needs someone to go out and be blokey with - fuck, I wasn't doing anything anyways! But I'll tell you what, I've got a cracking hangover at the moment - it may be a bit of a struggle...


At 8:57 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

There's no point getting worked up about NYE's normally... Expecect nothing, and you won't get let down.


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