Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Australia Day!

You what? Yep, it is indeed Australia Day today, just a great day to celebrate all things Australian! Last year I spent the day in the company of the entire Aussie populations crammed in Walkabout - how Australian can you get? And before Big Kev could tell me how excited he was (Pic below), I was hammered and telling everyone that I knew where Australia was, or something along those lines anyway. This year however, I just went to work and didn't even mention the event for fear of people asking me what it was about (which I don't really know the answer to). I just sang what I knew of the Aus anthem quietly to myself and went about my day.

Aussie legend Big Kev, on the right - "I'm Excited!" Think his company has gone bust...

So, what happened on the weekend then? I hear you all ask..... To be honest I don't remember! I picked up Bleddyn and Greggers from Carmarthen in the morning as they'd caught the train from Haverfordwest. I had hoped to get into Cardiff relatively early so to avoid 'Tsunami' traffic. It turns out that town was infact quieter than normal everywhere.... nevermind, just meant that we got to the pub quicker! Greggers, Bledd and myself got to the George at about 2:30pm and sat down for our first jug of beer. Soon afterwards, we were joined by Glasgow Dave (from Glasgow funnily enough) and Scouse and Cat (bar staff). All had a very merry time chatting away and drinking as usual, but soon got bored of that and started a few drinking games. We obviously appeared to be having a lot of fun as the lads on the table next door decided to join in and soon enough we had a full table of piss-heads getting into a worse state. The details get a bit hazy from that point, Scouse and Cat had left but had been replaced by Swansea Andy (from Swansea) and James (barman) - not as pretty but they added more to the proceedings!

Next thing I remember, I was standing in the Students Union thinking "How the fuck did I get in here - and where is everyone else?" (Just like that film, Momento, where he can't make new memories and has to write everything down before he forgets it.... Andy soon appeared closely followed by Dave, panic over and so was the memory recovery. Next flashback was of me dancing with Cat for ages - glad I remembered that bit!! Okay, fast forward another 2hrs and I was outside the boys flat, locked out with Andy in the cold and wet! Great, rang Steve from the pub at 2:30am (poor guy was asleep in bed with his girlfriend) the conversation went something like

Chris "Steve, I'm drunk, got locked out of the flat - where are you?"
Steve : " Round my girlfriends' house"
C : "Louise?"
S : "Yes. Louise, what do you want"
C : "Need somewhere to stay - ooh, can I stay in Louises porch"
S : "No"
C : "Oh, your house then?"
S : "Yeah, no problem mate - the front doors open.."
C : "Thanks mate, that's really cool, I owe you one for this, I'm locked out you see..."
S : "...Yeah, I know - see you later"
C : "Cheers, Thanks Thanks, I'm locked out and now I can stay somewhere..."
S : "Bye..." *click*

5 Minutes later, Steve got another call...

"Steve, Where's your house?" - he wasn't impressed as he then had to give directions to a drunk Chris who didn't know where he was at all even though he's walked the street hundreds of times before. "Left! Left - no, Left - Green door" then more "Thanks mate" from me... poor bastard!

Good times anyway - the next day I woke up on a couch in Steve, James' and Charlies house with Andy on the other couch. I spent the entire day Sunday trying to remember what had happened to Dave, James, Greggers, Bledd and the rest! What a nightmare - Andy went off to the staion and txted me later - "Red aftershock through straws..What were we thinking?!" , I don't know is the answer. Found out that no-ones actually remembers a thing - Greggers didn't get into the union as he was too fucked, Bledd had to look after him. All in all a good night anyway.

It's Bleddyns birthday in St.Davids on Saturday, I'll try and find a camera for that one, more memory loss no-doubt. Kids these days eh?


At 10:40 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

LOL - i was young once too... such shenanegains!

At 11:38 pm, Blogger Art thought it was best to say...

That sounds like a great night out - havent been that drunk since...since I dont even remember. Invite me next time u go out!!!


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