Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And still it continues....

Swansea is a place that I haven't been out in in over 2 years so I was looking forward to going back to the place where I was going out when I was 16-17-18 years old!

I drove to Andys' place in LLangennech near LLanelli at about 6pm, got changed into shirt and shoes (because you have to in Swansea) and his parents drove us into town. Swansea is a great place, Dylan Thomas famously described it as a 'Ugly, Lovely City' and it's exactly that! There's nothing particulary appealing about it visually but there's just an atmosphere about the place that I just love - I prefer visiting Swansea over Cardiff just for that atmosphere (with the emphasis on visiting). The two main drinking streets are Wind Street (where most of the pubs are) and The Kingsway (Mainly Clubs). We started at the bottom of Winds Street, hitting 'Yates' first for some food with our drink, then to the Walkabout, The Toad, The Square (where I found a load of guys from LLandeilo that I hadn't seen in ages - funny that), The pitcher and piano and some other bar that I forget the name of - think it was new. We then headed down to the Kingsway to get into a club as time was getting on, we then discovered that several of the big clubs were closed so everyone was trying to cram into the rest - they soon filled up and had closed their doors before we got anywhere near! I had remembered seeing that Yates' was open until 1am so we went back there to gorge ourselves on more beer.

Almost got myslef into trouble (again) when I saw someones wallet on the bar - now usually if that was one of my mates wallets I would steal the wallet and watch them panic while they run around trying to find it - and thought to myslef "Let's steal that wallet", in my state it turned out that I'd actually said it out loud and the big guy that owned the wallet turned round to kill me... No idea what I said to get out of it but after talking to him we seemed to be having a laugh about it, right until I asked him "Who's the girl with the nice tits" and he replied "My girlfriend" "Time to go" I said to Andy as I legged it out the front door!

Found ourselves a curry house and gorged ourselved until we felt sick! Brilliant! Then went to the taxi rank, this particular taxi office always provided me with a laugh in the past and this night it was living up to its usual standards! A Jack (Jack = Someone from Swansea for the uninitiated) couple were sitting inside tucking into a curry, which they explained to us that they had stolen from a takeaway from down the road but the way that they explained it was just hilarious! I can't put it into words but it was just like listening to Helen from Big Brother talking! I was hysterics when the girl said to us in her thick Swansea accent "We're going out next Saturday - wanna come Curry robbin' with us?" That ended the night nicely!

Today, we both went for a walk along the Bury Estuary to clear our heads - it was a nice rainy, cold and windy day so perfect for hangovers! Walked for about half an hour then I drove Andy home, then drove home myself - I was about to throw up after the curry last night so though it best if I got home to recover! Got home fine and collapsed on my bed for a nice sleep, well it was nice until I received a phonecall from Greggers, "Want to come to Cardiff tonight and Manchester tomorrow night?" How can one refuse?

Caught the train to Cardiff from Carmarthen with Greggers and Bledd, got in at midnight so am off straight to bed in a minute, still aching from the last three nights of drinking!


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Curry Crime Wave Sweeps Swansea! Jacks!


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