Thursday, December 30, 2004

December - Hangover Heaven!

What a hectic couple of days! It's all luckily picked up a little since the crapness of Christmas has now gone.

Boxing Day had to put up with all of those expected relatives turning up, pretending that I liked the presents etc! Didn't have to deal with that one for too long as a family from the village next door (Talley) turned up to take us into town for a few drinks. The Mostyn family has Five kids to our Four but Three of them are the same age as Me, my Sister and Brother so we've always done stuff with them while growing up around here. So, into Llandeilo. Went to the Salutation Inn - used to be crap but it seems to have been renovated since I last came drinking here (2yrs ago) and is the place to be in Town!! Then the gang moved onto the Angel where I knew far too many people. It was taking twenty or so minutes to cross the pub because I kept on bumping into old school buddies and a few enemies too..! It was all a good craic really but I'd quite happily not go back for another year!

The Next day I had to dispose of my Grandmother who has been visiting from Bournemouth so I drove to Cardiff to drop her off at the train station in the morning. Wanted to stay down there and go drinking in the George but I also had my Mam in the car with me and I don't think that she would have appreciated that to be honest. Driving home I received a phonecall from some guy calling himself Owain - couldn't remember one off hand so I told him to fuck off. Got home and arranged to meet him in Glanamman - now, I haven't ever stopped in Glanamman ever, in fact I've only driven through it twice..! Had to meet in the Half Moon in Garnant, found it eventually after a bit of driving around and a quick phonecall! Indeed O was inside with MC Hyperdoopelator himself, feel blessed to have met such a legend!! Ha. No, we had a good time watching the Dragons/Blues rugby match and having a catch up. Funny thing too, as well as discovering that O's brother has 'met' my sister, he is also mates with my other sisters form teacher in Tre-gib school! Funny. After a nice afternoon in Garnant then I hot-footed it down to St.Davids for more of the usual..

Picked up Greggers' bro and his mate Simon from Haverfordwest and then went on to the Farmers Arms in St.Davids. The Farmers has to be one of my favourite pubs as it just has one of those amazing atmospheres in there, you know the one....? No? Anyway, we walked inside and were met with the sight of a local guy with his pants round his neck (after a nasty wedgie) while setting fire to his pubes with a lighter!! People were in stitches whereas in Cardiff he would have been out a LONG time ago! THAT kind of atmosphere! You know what I'm on about now don't you?! Saw Greggers O, did give him a slap but later on in the evening! Gave him a few apparently - can't remember myself! The night was a cracker, catching up with all the boys and girls down there - most of whom live in Cardiff anyway. Ended up in the legendary rugby club, where the mis-behaving was rife! Love it.

Next morning, woke up in my mate Bleddyns house in Treginnis - his mum made me breakfast and off we went back to Haverfordwest. Picked up Greggers sister Caz (also Bleddyns' girlfriend - one of those towns..!) from the train station then went straight back to the Farmers in St.Davids. Only ended up staying for a few games of pool and about four pints in the end as we discovered that the Rugby club wasn't open tonight - no point getting nailed really. Went back to Bledd's house and watched a Man U footy game - B.O.R.I.N.G. Slept through some of it, don't understand why people like football.

Drove back home on Wednesday and just chilled, played guitar and made sandwiches. Also watched King Arthur - was a bit shit really in my professional opinion!

Today went up to Ystrad Meurig (Near Pontrhydyfendigaid, near Tregaron... still don't know where that is?....) for a walk on Tregaron bog (largest peat bog in Wales, probably Britain, of it's type apparently) That was nice, then went to see my Grandparents in the same place (not the bog, but the village next to it). Had a cup of tea then pegged it back home before more cousins turned up - can't handle more family!.

So, I'm here now - still trying to decide what to do for New Years. Doubt I'll do much at all. A party going on in Cardiff sounds like a go-er, will have to see tomorrow!


At 9:24 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Fuckwit! Nah was good to catch up - you should make it up to Manc motherfucker!


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