Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mind Reading Blogs - the next step? Hopefully.


Think the blog chaps should come up with some kind of device that just trandsfers exactly what you want to write from your brain direct to your blog. Only for people like me that are way too exhausted to write anything at all!

The reason for my exhaustion has been my current job. I'm just knackered after working manually all day. "Pah!" Some people may say, "unfit bastard" but this is coming from someone that has not anything too strenuous in the last four or five years! The job involves lugging heavy bits of metal around, welding them together and drilling lots of holes mainly. Takes it out of me a bit!

The weekends have not been much better, just as exhausting but not in quite the same way if you know what I mean! Think the correct medical term is "Georgeitis Maximus". Every Friday since I've been back home, I've run out of work as quickly as possible then driven hell for leather down to Cardiff to get into the George! Usually down there at about 8pm where I proceed to get on with my usual business of 'entertaining' everyone else! I just love getting in there and being greeted warmly by the staff - "Fuck. Not him again. Carling is it?". Seriously though, after living in Cardiff for about a year and a half, I managed to meet a lot of people and I try to get in touch with them as much as possible - it's just plain good fun.

Best weekend by far was the NZ game - what a cracker! Started as usual in the George before heading into town to hook up with buddies from Home in the Square. I Was pretty bad by the time the game had started actually, a sign that the game was going to be good. KO was at 5:30, James from home and myself were singing out little hearts out joining the other 75000 people in a stirring rendition of 'Bread of Heaven' during the Haka! A bit cheeky but it seemed to do the trick! Don't remember much of the game, my head just recorded all the highlights really - a few tries, a few good tackles and meeting Andy Moore (ex-Wales. now a BBC presenter) whilst going for a piss at half-time "Stop pissing on my car he said!". Back to the George to be sick and to recover for a while before going on to the Students Union. I was generally be a little shit in the Union, the highlight being taking a lollipop out a girls mouth and rubbing all over face (no innuendo, really). Locked out of the house at 2am so wandered around looking for peoples houses to crash in, finally found one at 5:30am. The door was wide open so we walked in and crashed out!!! My mate Eirian found us in the morning "How the fuck did you two get in?", "I swear I'd locked the door last night" He had infact locked it but he had locked it while it was wide open! Nice to hear that everyone else was in just as badder state!

Weekend just gone was even better! Started off nicely with Japan losing badly, I wont mention the score as It shouldn't have really happened, a bit of a mis-match really. But hey, it was a Welsh win and a record breaking one at that! That put me in good stead for the the rest of the night! Students Union again I think it was. Saturday we watched the England / Australia match in the George with a few of the staff - an okay match which Aus won, just. But another boost for our Chris! All day in the George then, made it to the Woody (just for variation, ha ha!) then I think we all went to Barfly, More shenanigans entailed!

** Just a quick note, my adventures in Cardiff may sound uneventful really but I unfortunatly have to censor this article quite a lot as I feel that too many people may be offended - it's a conversation for the George if you're in there when I am! Thanks. **

Got to bed at about 3am, my mate Bleddyn let me into the house - he knew somthing was up as I was charging around the house with an Irish accent. I had just woken him up in the middle of the night and the only thing he could say to me was "Chris, why are you Irish?" This is somthing that I couldn't explain but the next thing I knew, I had gone out again to go drinking (It was 3:30am by this time - nowhere open) again. Managed to get into some random bar that stayed open until 4:30 or somthing - and was in the company of my Irish mate Conor and a few of his friends from Dublin (the reason for the accent? Probably). This bar was amazing, people drinking, smoking, passing out and the like, - all at 4 in the morning. So that place closed, off home? No. Conor knew ANOTHER place - stayed in this bar for another couple of hours - I had finished my last pint at about 6:15am - I knew that this was my last pint because Conor was fading away as was his mate and I was getting chatted up by a drag queen that thought I was from Dublin - and I was going along with it....fabricating an entire story about my life in Ireland.... it all became too much to make up so I just left. Home at 7am. Ooh.

Back to the George at 2pm to collect my belt (??) then drove to the Gower and to Llangennith to go and see the beach and to chill out. There was a beautiful sunset over Swansea bay so I decided to visit the Beach. I went down with Andy (from Llanelli) and had food in the Kings Head (possibly my favourite pub in the world as it's in such a brilliant setting on the Gower - overlooking the sand dunes, an amazing surf beach, Worms Head and a couple hills! Nice.)

As I wandered along the beach, I thought to myself - What an amazing Fucking country Wales is! I think that loads of people will agree!


At 9:24 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Glad to see the jibe provoked an update! Hell of a treck every week mon - will rent cost too much to work and live in the big 'C'?
BTW - whats up with your gmail address?

At 8:20 pm, Blogger Aarti thought it was best to say...

Shall I update you quickly...
Got new job. Again.
Going to geneva on Sunday. Yaay.
Moved to my flat on Whitchurch Rd.
Flat is nice and big.
But there is brothel next door. Everyone I know seems to know about it. I so naive, I blame it on over protective Indian parents and my sheltered life. Of course they exist, but not next door to a classy Sully/Indian chick like me. Urghhhh.


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