Thursday, November 18, 2004

The dust has been blown away

Over a month since my last blog entry, not for lack of trying I tell you. I've been back at home where I found that our computer was broken and t'net was not accessible. I've been in Cardiff every weekend since I've been back in the country as there seem to be a few games of rugby on! Brilliant!

My thanks go out to the Spanish lady in the Suger Shaker for serving me breakfast every Saturday moring and to all the George staff for looking after me for the rest of the weekend! Cardiff has been kicking as usual, I love it down there. All the boys are still around, Greggers, Bleddyn, the Bowens and half of St.Davids have provided the company.

I'm very annoyed that so many bloggers have evolved and are decorating their pages with photographs of them having fun. I need to get rid of the video camera (endless fun though it is) and get a digital camera instead - that'll fit into a trouser pocket when pubbing anyway.

I'm living back with the folks, quite good in the respect that I can open the fridge and stare in amazement at the diversity and volume of food inside. I'm now at the stage where I'm looking inside the fridge all the time, even when I'm full. Amazing. I'm working in Llandovery for a small welding fabricating firm, it's not great work but it's earning me money and keeping my relatively fit. I worked for the same guys when I left school to save money to get to Oz - A similar plan is in action this time around. Anyone that's ever been randomly to another country can sympathise with the 'Itchy Feet' syndrome - it's hit me really badly since getting back from North America. It's really F'ing depressing when you get back after such a good time and find that you have no finances to do anything other than get a job - which pretty much sucks. Still, my mood had improved slightly since Mam started lending me her car to get to Cardiff on the weekends. I'm planning on somwhere in Europe next, might Illegaly immigrate into Eastern Europe somwhere, just to get them back for them coming over here.... India is also another possibility, my Mam was born in Calcutta and my Grandad managed a copper mine in the North East somwhere. I wouldn't mind getting out there to see it all.

But, rugby first. New Zealand on Saturday, hooking up with a million people. Jec from NZ, Martin (ex-HBOS), The boys in the flat, James (in Sheffield), Andy from Llanelli amongst others. Really looking forward to it - if anyone else wants to join in, they're welcome! I'll be in the Walkabout on Fri night, around Town on Sat day, the Rugby at 5:30 and then making my way back to the George before 11pm no doubt! If we win, I doubt I'll be walking anywhere though!

C'mon Wales!

p.s Scott Johnson comments have made me laugh all day! Good stuff, why can't the English football team take a bit of banter as well as the Kiwi's have?


At 9:42 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

Jesus Curly! You're Back, you rumoured demise turned out to be false, that's listening to greggers for you!

At 9:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous thought it was best to say...

Hey!! Thats only a blog for photos (obviously Ive been out a lot, not)... sorry!
Go to India, I swear you will love it!! My friends came out for my wedding, and went back the following year. Its soo nice (apart from the slummy parts they always show on tv, really not that bad). I'd live there a few months a year if i could!!

At 8:35 pm, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

What a shit comeback!!! one post and thats it!! so dissapointed!


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