Friday, October 08, 2004

We will be shortly arriving in Cardiff central, sorry for the delay!

Woke up to see Ann and Jamie off to a Race they were running in later on today, then went back to sleep. Woke up again at about 1pm then packed all my stuff ready to go back home, as the bus wasn’t until 3pm I had a little dance around the flat (then got dressed – joke…). At 3pm I caught the Greyhound up to Montreal, I was shitting myself as I thought that I’d have the same trouble getting back into Canada as I did getting into the states. But no, the Canadian border patrol was fine – they were really nice and let me through with no problems at all. Great. On the bus were a Scottish girl and an American guy called Louis who provided the conversation all the way to Montreal and made the 2hrs 30mins fly by. Once I hit Montreal I was in a bit of a hurry as I had to get back to the hostel I was in to pick up a letter (Which wasn’t there in the end) then run back to the bus station (half hour walk) to catch a bus to Dorval airport and catch a plane to Gatwick at 11:20pm. This was all achieved luckily, I even had time to figure out which flight I was on (information I’d immediately forgotten after I booked it).

The flight to London was okay, everyone was British and it was kind of funny to hear the accents again. One extremely drunk guy (Sounded like Humprhey Bogart) had a go at the hostess because “We were 5 hours late” – don’t think anyone told about the time difference…. Nevermind. The pilot took great pleasure in telling us that the weather in Gatwick was “Grotty” several time during the flight. Was actually kind of looking forward to it!

Landed in London at about 10:30 GMT Monday morning in the drizzle. Legged it out of Gatwick, caught the stopping train (Ugh) to Reading then the lovely First Great Western from Reading up to Cardiff. Got off the train in Cardiff and decided to give my sister (In Haverfordwest) a call. Turned out she was also in Cardiff so we had a drink in Sams bar and I met her new boyfriend for the first time (I say new but she’s been with him since before Christmas last year). After that, went straight to the boys house off Richmond Road. Greggers, Jon, Bleddyn and Little Bowen were all in so off we went to the George…

I was a teeny bit exited about seeing the George again – all the changes that had been made, all the new staff and the new customers….! No, no changes, all the same people pretty much. But there were loads of new staff, will be fun getting to know them I’m sure! We landed on a table and quickly it had full up and there were about 15 of us piled round it – Good times. Just got drunk really, then onto the Students Union and to Bar Cuba for a few more – had one of the best nights I’ve had for ages!

Tues and Wed nights, just did the same thing. George – out somewhere else, dance, drink more and pass out. Steve (George employee) said to me “Oh yeah Chris, you havn’t met any of the new staff yet have you?” To which I replied “Well, you see that girl there? – I met her in Newquay 2 years ago, they had the tent opposite me for the entire summer” A small world indeed. Think I was in Jaks on Tues night and then in Lloyds on Wed. Had a few days of firsts, first Kebab in a while, first breakfast in the Sugar shaker on Thurs in a while and also first few days of getting up and drinking almost straight away in a while. My mother would be so proud!


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so where you based ? jobs etc now chris?


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