Sunday, October 03, 2004

Remember me?

After staying with Marc in South Burlington for a few days I went to meet my friend Ann. I had met Ann on Fraser Island (Oz) about 3 years ago and had kind of stayed in touch over that period. As I was on the same continent, I decided to give her a shout! It was quite handy that she lived in the same place as Marc but to be honest, I probably would have travelled anywhere in the States to see her just for a fun trip.

We met up on Wednesday after she had finished work and went for a trip to a local Tavern named the ‘Vermont Pub’ – Nice. Was expecting more “NEW ICE COLD” Beers but found to my surprise a load of local brews from a Micro-brewery close by – Genius! We had a great chat catching up and all, we were also joined by a chap that had some rather funny theories on life, for example:-

George W Bush didn’t go to war with Iraq for Oil, weapons of mass destruction, or to stop Terrorism but because Saddam Hussein had discovered a portal to the lost city of Atlantis and America wanted their hands on it….

Interesting guy. We didn’t stay out too late as Ann had to get up in the morning to go for a run (What’s that? I asked.). I had a nice little place on the sofa where I slept that night, one of the nicer sofas that I’d slept on – kind of like sleeping in Jelly, I said. The last couple of days have been spent meeting Ann for lunch and wandering around Burlington, sleeping in various locations (Don’t think I’ve been eating right) I don’t usually sleep that much.

I’ve met a guy called Jamie, a cat called Cider and a few others that are friends of Ann’s. All seem to be a nice bunch, a bit of a novelty having a Welshman around I’m sure though. Went for a walk up a little mountain to see a sunset the other night – well, it would have been a walk but we were a bit too late so we ended up driving to the top and opening a few beers! My kind of “Walk”. Vermont looks a lot like Wales actually (the rural parts, not Newport or anything – imagine that….eugh) but the valleys are bigger and there are far more trees. All the leaves are starting to turn lovely autumny colours, the colours here are world famous (apparently) and people come to visit Vermont for all over. The people that come to visit are called “Tree Peepers” Which I thought sounded kind of Pervy….?

I’ve had the use of Ann’s Big red Jeep to drive around as and when I need to. That’s been fun as I can listen to my CD’s that I’ve bought for the first time that I’ve been over here whilst seeing (and almost hitting) what Americans really do.

Friday night has been the only night that I’ve got really drunk, Ann and myself BBQ’d up some grub and quickly nailed half a bottle of whiskey (yum) before a guy called Bradey turned up and then we tucked into more beers. Off out to a place (don’t remember the name…) in the middle of town. Was an alright place, a band were playing and the beer flowed even more. I let one of the servers take my credit card to set up a tab but luckily I don’t remember signing any money away – I’ll have to wait for the statement to come through.

Today I felt really rough, had a tasty hangover (again) and decided to have a nice lie in. Ann however got up and went for a run (!) at about 9am. Idiot. Had an Irish breakfast first thing in a Irish pub with two pints of Guinness (felt 100% better). Introduced Black pudding to one of Anns mates and then told him exactly what it was soon after – he pulled a funny face not surprisingly! Went to see “Sky Captain” in la Cinema, not entirely enjoyable but nicely put together. Also my hangover prevented me from thinking properly so it was a nice easy film to follow! Afterwards we went to a guy called Ryans house and cooked some food, then ate it, then went to bed. Finally.


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