Sunday, September 19, 2004

Straight Vodka....Eugh!

Had a nightmare over the last couple of days, my Visa has been blocked as I've used it way to much over a small period of time "Dear Mr.James, we suspect that you card is being used fraudulently yarda yarda.." F'in Card companies! At least they're doing their job right I guess.

So, that's been a pain plus my Canadian account has completely F'd up and thinks that I have no money at all, which I do. I have no money whatsoever and I've had to rely on Sud to buy me all the essentials like Vodka, Fast food etc. We've been so skint that the only way to save money when we go out is to drink straight vodka (as we can't afford the mixer) before setting off to the bars! Why don't you stop drinking? - ed.

Last night we went to the Cambie downtown, has become one of my favorite places in Vancouver as it sells jugs of beer for $9.75 (about 4 quid - bargain) and has probably the most eclectic mix of punters I've ever seen in a pub. Five choppers parked outside with their hairy tattooed riders getting cheap beer inside, loads of international kids, Van locals and one or two classy looking people. I managed to insult a bunch of Europeans (Swiss or Swedish, we couldn't figure it out) by informing them where there were some empty seats so that they could sit down - they took this as a hint that they were standing too close to our table and shuffled away about 5 feet!! Went to Doolins again for our usual mischief. Met some Kiwi's, an Irish girl that came up to me (wasted) and kissed me on the cheek before walking off into the crowd.., a couple of Fijian rugby players (One of which was the nicest guy in the world and gave us his address to visit when we're in Fiji!) and a bunch of Canadians as usual. Good times.

Feeling rather rough today so we've just managed to get ourselves some bagels for breakfast (at 4pm) and some wine for a party tonight. It's a hard life!!

Think I'll spend a day doing nothing tomorrow, I'm flying to Montreal (Other side of the country) on Monday and I'd rather not have a beer-filled stomach on a long flight with toilets from which you can hear everything!!

I miss the George even more, on the Uni campus here you can't get a fried breakfast anywhere, not too happy. When I'm feeling crap I used to love going to the Sugar Shaker and getting served double breakfasts from the Spanish lady... I'll be home at some point though and the George has some new staff to befriend I've heard!

Still laughing about Owains shrapnel collecting!!


At 8:39 am, Blogger Owzyo! thought it was best to say...

that shrapnel thing was an honest mistake! Curly you want to watch the old liquid lunch... it means your a few stops down the line already!


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